Tuesday, 31 July 2007

"Flood defence chiefs 'should pay back bonuses'"

Well well well what a fucking surprise, the pigs (“Tony Cronies”) have had their noses in the trough again. So not only do we pay through the nose for useless leadership of the Environment Agency, we then pay the idiot in charge a huge bonus! Thank god someone had the good sence to make their greed public! now we all know they couldn’t arrange a bunk up in a brothel get them gone NOW.

The directors of the Environment Agency have come under growing pressure to repay huge bonuses they were awarded days before the worst floods of modern times.

Environment Agency chairman Baroness Young was paid £24,000 bonus

Baroness Young said water bills would have to rise to pay for additional flood defences

Details of the five-figure payouts were slipped out at the end of last week, on the last day of Parliament. This triggered accusations of a cover-up and exacerbated anger in the worst-hit areas of Britain where 340,000 people still have no running water.

The Labour peer Baroness Young, the agency's chairman, was paid a £24,000 bonus, 15 per cent of her £163,000 salary, the agency's annual report disclosed. Eight more executives, including the director of water management, received bonuses averaging 10 per cent.

On Saturday, in an interview in The Daily Telegraph, Lady Young said water bills would have to rise to pay for additional flood defences.

Last night she defended the agency's record and the payment of performance-related bonuses, saying that the organisation had done what it could in the face of an "extreme weather event".

"Catholics to harvest virtual souls in Second Life"

The shareholders of “The Vatican Inc” the worlds self professed “No1 Religious Brand” must be delighted to hear that the “Company” is not sitting idle and letting virtual souls slip through their fingers!

These people are not only greedy, misogynistic control freaks, they are barking fucking mad.

Courtesy of the UK Daily telegraph

Missionaries have been urged to scour the virtual world of online computer games in an attempt to convert cyber souls.

The instruction has been made by Father Antonio Spadaro, writing in the Vatican-approved journal La Civiltà Cattolica.

He wants Catholics to go online and take part in the simulation game Second Life in an effort to convert some of its eight million participants.

Second Life players create virtual versions of themselves, known as Avatars, and can buy, sell and interact with other users in a vast computer-generated world accessed by the internet.

Father Spadaro’s concern is that users find themselves free of the constraints of regular life and sin has flourished in the various towns which make up Second Life.

Gambling and prostitution are rife and millions of real dollars exchange hands between players every year.


In some countries, such as Germany, where virtual misdemeanors can constitute crimes, the authorities have already been called in to investigate claims of paedophilia in the online world.

“It is not possible to turn a blind eye to this phenomenon, or offhandedly pass judgement glorifying or condemning it,” said Father Spadaro. “Instead it must be understood...the best way to understand it is to enter it and live inside it to recognise its potential and dangers.”

John Lester, of Second Life producer Linden Lab, said: “I think it’s a cool idea for folks to want to make sure that their side of spirituality is being represented.”.

Second life claims to have more than 8 million "residents" and is home to companies from Adidas and Calvin Klein to BMW and Vodafone.