Thursday, 10 December 2009

Labours latest recruitment drive launches in Nigeria

Labours latest recruiting poster is proving to be VERY well received in its trial territory Nigeria Africa it will eventually be rolled out in a wide variety Third World Shit Holes .

In an effort to ensure their message reaches every shit bag in:-
All the west African States
Saudi Arabia
All these particular shit holes will all have their own native language variants (All other scum infested rat holes including Luton, Bedford, Birmingham, Leicester and Bradford, Southall ,Tottenham and Brixton use the English language version) just to be certain that not one
Noncing, Poncing, Criminal no mark, Sponger, slips through the recruitment net, remember all of these wankers are of course potential Labour voters.

We should point out that this is the early version of Labours recruiting poster the later UK version points out that each sponger will also receive FREE MONEY a HOUSE and an extensive list of Asians who will employ them on the "Black" as soon as they land and that is of course BEFORE they even have a chance to start dipping their AID's infested wicks in a rape fest!

So you you tax payers, just make sure you keep doing your returns, Labour cant keep giving the "needy" a free ride if wont give them the cash to pay for it!

Remember there is nothing the Nig Nogs like better than dat jiggy jiggy ting!

Catholic Church Inc Faces it s greatest challenge

Ireland's abortion laws endanger the "health and well-being" of women who have to travel abroad for the procedure, a court challenge will claim.

Forget the Eire parliament this is entirely down to the dominance of the church in Eire and Ulster.

and we are certain Catholic Church Inc (currently the worlds Number 1 god bothering brand) will NOT allow any change that will threaten the dominance of its CEO's "Our customers MUST keep the faith" message in the Eire and Ulster markets.

I think it is safe to say ALL Catholic Church Inc area sales managers will be stepping up the "Do as we tell you" and "Guilt" message at all global sales outlets and especially those in in Eire and Ulster over the Christmas period, along with demands for increased contributions necessitated by the need to pay off some of the claims made by parents of children abused by some of the businesses sales staff!

I find it hard to believe that in the year 2009 we still allow a business that is as openly misogynistic as Catholic Church Inc to continue to spread their message of hate.

Here at the Smugboard we are no lovers of the worlds number 2 religeous brand Islam Inc and have pointed out on more than one occasion the vile treatment it dishes out to its women customers but we feel Catholic Church Inc is fast becomming an equaly gross a stain on humanity.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Islam the religeon of peace

Muslims the world over tell us Infidels the non believers, that Islam is the religion of peace, and try to convert as many of us possible to their way of life. The pictures below confirm

You cant believe a word a Muslim tells you.

Next time the politicians tell you not all Muslims are terrorists remember these images and make up your own mind!