Thursday, 27 September 2007

Councils shamed into welcoming troops home

Courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

By Brendan Carlin and Stephen Adams

Last Updated: 2:33am BST 27/09/2007

The Government has bowed to pressure and urged local councils to give troops a proper welcome home.

The move came after an investigation by The Daily Telegraph revealed that despite an appeal from the head of the Army, none of the thousands of soldiers returning this autumn would receive welcome home parades.

Nearly 13,000 troops are set to return from arduous six-month tours in Iraq and Afghanistan between now and November.

Not one local authority out of more than a dozen contacted by The Daily Telegraph was organising an event.

Well done The Daily Telegraph, We simply cannot wait to see how the scumbag councils in charge of East Ham (Newham) Bow Stepney and Whitechapel (Tower Hamlets) Southall (Ealing) To name but a few will handle this hot potato!!

We can hear the shrieks of indignation and the pots of black paint for the protest banners being opened by the locals as we write this

A lot of their residents seem to love living in the UK, but do not seem support its actions at all, how very strange,

After all the whole point of emigrating to a country is to embrace its values and aims isn’t it? or is there another more appealing reason?

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Sorry no room for the buggers

Once again the religious hypocrites actions are making a mockery of their preaching.

I was always led to believe there is room in gods house for all sinners, not apparently if they like it up the jacksie there isn’t!

“Liberal American bishops threw the Archbishop of Canterbury a lifeline in his efforts to avert Anglican schism by agreeing to halt appointments of gay bishops and same-sex blessings, at least temporarily”

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

PC brigade racists after all?

At last the PC brigade have got someone they can use as an example when looking at the problems they have been creating in the UK through uncontrolled immigration for decades.

It not acceptable for the PC brigade to criticise the actions of anyone with brown or black skin, but thankfully for them, most Eastern Europeans are white skinned so no danger of being branded a racist.

These spineless goons are now only too pleased to start “talking tough” on the subject of drug dealing, organised crime, uninsured drivers, unlicenced drivers, drunk drivers, people with a lack of spoken English, Benefit Fraudsters, Illegal imigration, lack of respect for the British way of life, and whole areas of the UK becoming ghettos inhabited by Eastern Europeans (have they never been to Bradford or Brixton) this list goes on and on,

It seems strange to us that these problems have all seemingly been created by our newest group of immigrants yet we have been suffering these declining standards and problems for many more years than Eastern Europeans have had the opportunity to escape from the communist net.

But its not all bad news for the Eastern Europeans it seems a lot of them are wait for it ………………………… Muslims so as soon as the dimwit PC’ers twig to that, they won’t have to put up with being a target for much longer.