Friday, 3 October 2008

Kill the Blasphemers Kill!!! BBC recives complaints from?? Take a Guess

BBC soap EastEnders has received more than a hundred complaints after a Muslim character was shown eating during Ramadan. (yes of course you all got it MUSLIMS)

The latest protests follow scenes showing Asian postman Masood Ahmed, played by Nitin Ganatra, being caught eating a secret snack during the holy month, where Muslims must not break fast between dawn and sunset.

The BBC claim the scene was meant to show Masood's "fallibility".

They have so far received 110 complaints, claiming the scene trivialised a very serious religious experience, while others said it was unrealistic.

What a lot of old flannel

Smiths anger at Boris's foresight

Ah so the clueless bint (Jaqui Smith Home Secretary (SIC) Foisted upon the unsuspecting British people by Gormless Gordon Brown Circus Labour) that alienated every single police officer in the UK by welching on an agreed pay deal! is “angry” that the first decent London mayor in the last 20 years saw commissioner Blair for the fool he so clearly is and refused to support him?

Then dare we suggest she show her solidarity with her, political correctness obsessed, socialist pet policeman (SIC) by resigning over the issue?


Thursday, 2 October 2008

"We are different", shriek the Poofs and Dykes

Yet we DEMAND to be treated exactly the same as you! ER?

Now we have looked at this from every angle and we just do not get it.

The Poofs and the Dykes want to be treated exactly the same as every one else regardless of their sexuality in matters such as tax, inheritance, marriage etc.

But woe betide anyone who does not stock a guide aimed exclusively at Homosexuals! people who's SEXUALITY is different!

What the fuck difference does sex make in a tourist guide?

Answer NONE it is just the reactionary pinks making a fuss again. But I really would have thought the Royals would be dead keen on having a gay guide on sale in their premises I mean ****** & ****** must be gutted.

Royal Palaces in homophobia row for not stocking a gay guide

Royal palaces, including Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace, have been accused of homophobia for not stocking a gay guide to London.

Time Out Gay and Lesbian London has been banned from bookshops at the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, the Banqueting House and Kew Palace, sources at Foyles bookshop have claimed.

Peter Tatchell, (Yawn) the gay rights campaigner, said: "It seems the only reason this entirely legitimate book was excluded was because of its gay and lesbian content, which is blatant homophobia. It's shocking, pure prejudice."

"The Queen should make it clear that any form of discrimination - whether racism, homophobia or misogyny - is unacceptable in royal palaces or by those who manage them.

"I thought we'd moved on from the bad old days in 1995 when Buckingham Palace staff were not allowed to bring same sex partners to the annual Christmas ball."

Our view for fucks sake grow up

You couldnt make it up!

A school is to BAN spelling tests!!!

The fact that UK children are barley able to write their own name in anything other than TEXT style talk is entirely due to two things, poor parents and teachers who indulge in this kind of NONSENSE!

Whitminster Endowed Church of England Primary School, near Stroud, has decided not to give pupils lists of words to learn by rote as homework.

Headmistress Debbie Marklove said there was a risk that children would feel a "sense of failure" if, having learned the words at home, they were unable to spell them at school the next day.

She wrote to all parents of the 105 children aged between four and 11 at the school to tell them about the change. "You will notice that the children will not be given spelling lists to learn over the week and then be tested in class," she wrote.

"We have taken the decision to stop spellings as homework as it is felt that although children may learn them perfectly at home they are often unable to use them in their daily written work.

"Also many children find this activity unnecessarily distressing.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Smugboard welcomes ALL Brave Gurkhas

It is a national disgrace that these brave allies of the UK were forced by a wastrel socialist government, a government that welcomes the idle, the infected, the indolent, the terrorist, and the criminal with open arms and an open purse.

This Labour government have forced proud brave men, each of whom have risked their lives to protect the freedoms of each and every citizen of the United Kingdom, to appeal to the British justice system before they are granted the right to reside in the country they have served so loyally.

We are over joyed that for once the British justice system has actually dispensed Justice

The words written of these brave men 'Never had we more faithful friends than you' have never rung with more truth than they do today

Monday, 29 September 2008

Excuse me Mr Brown, No doubt this is another of the benefits the UK derives from your Multiculturalism experiment?

A slavering pedophile looks forward to raping his child bride on his wedding night

It emerged today that girls from the UK as young as nine are being married off to men under the pretext of "Culture" & "tradition" in the Pakistani community!

We say this is nothing more than RAPE with parental consent and it must be stopped NOW and all those fund to have been involved jailed for life.

British children as young as nine
are being forced into marriage by their families, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

The disclosure comes as official figures show that nearly 60 children aged 15 or under have been rescued by the Government's Forced Marriage Unit in the past four years.

The cases are feared to be the tip of the iceberg. They will fuel concerns, first raised earlier this year, that large numbers of children are disappearing from British schools to be forced into wedlock overseas.

A charity which runs a national helpline on forced marriage and "honour"-based crimes, Karma Nirvana, revealed that in one incident a nine-year-old girl from a Pakistani family in the east Midlands was taken into council care after her parents told her she was to wed.

The problem is particularly prevalent in Pakistani communities, where betrothing offspring to their first cousins is common practice, said Ms Sanghera.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

At LAST some clear blue water between Tory's and Circus Labour

At last the Tory's have realised what gave them a 23% lead in the polls. CLEAR BLUE WATER between their policy's and those of the treacherous wastrels of Circus Labour.

Conservatives would ban sharia courts, says shadow minister
A Conservative government would ban sharia courts and impose a tough crackdown on Islamic extremism, the shadow security minister has said.

Pauline Neville-Jones, a former head of the Joint Intelligence Committee, said: "We are not going to have any status for sharia courts. Absolutely not."

Earlier this month it emerged that the Labour Government had quietly allowed rulings of five sharia courts across Britain to be enforceable through the county courts or High Court.

"We are not going to have any legal recognition of sharia judgments that would withstand appeal to a secular court," she said before the Tory conference in Birmingham

Speaking the day after Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, said Britain had "done something terrible to ourselves" by encouraging multiculturalism, Lady Neville-Jones said that the Conservatives would make the case for more "integration" among all British people, whatever their backgrounds.

She said: "We want unity and opportunity, despite difference, through integration."

She accused the Government of leading the country down the "blind alley of multiculturalism, which has deliberately gone down the road of separation for its own sake."

Lady Neville-Jones said there was also a clear divide between the Tories and Labour on the question of how to deal with the spread of extremism among some young Muslims.

"We will be tough. We will be really tough on the men of violence and those who lead them to violence," she told the Sunday Express. "That's the real gap between us and the Government at the moment."

She explained that a Conservative Government would move to extend the list of banned extremist groups - potentially including Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is regularly accused of anti-Semitism, and Tablighi Jamaat, which is behind plans to build a "mega mosque" (something the Labour govt denied was happening!) near the site of the London Olympics complex in East London.

She also said the Tories would seek to reform the European Convention on Human Rights in order to allow the deportation of preachers who incite violence against Britain.

Speaking in response to Lady Neville-Jones's comments, Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "Sharia courts operate with the blessing of UK law."

He added: "As for banning organisations, we believe in a democracy it is far better to allow all organisations to operate freely, and if individuals happen to break the law then they ought to be prosecuted."

This is good news, the UK has a system of justice and we do not want or need any other. BUT more importantly the UK needs to send a message to ALL those who see the UK as a safe place to expound extreme Islamic views and to ferment Anti Western terror.We will catch you , We will punish you, we will not support your vile family's, We will deport you, If you are convicted of Treason we WILL hang you if we see fit.

That will be the religeon of peace AGAIN

Martin Rynja, a publisher.
His company, Gibson Square, recently bought the rights to a novel which is considered by some to be more controversial than Salman Rushdie's book, The Satanic Verses. The new book, about the prophet Muhammad and his child bride, is entitled The Jewel of Medina. Those premises were firebombed.

Fortunately Three men have been arrested in north London on terrorism charges.
The men, aged 22, 30 and 40, were detained in the early hours of the morning in the Islington area. Two were stopped by armed officers in the street outside a property on Lonsdale Square, the third following an armed vehicle stop near Angel underground station.

Police are searching four addresses around north-east London - two in Walthamstow, one in Ilford and one in Forest Gate. (All Muslim strongholds in East London)

Lovely peaceful people these Muslims, Nice and tolerant NOT

How Stupid are the British?

Today we are forced to ask how stupid can the potential Labour voter get?
well after just one speech from an unelected politician with a proven track record of lying to the British electorate (Do not forget he PROMISED us a vote on Europe!) Yet Gormless Gordon Brown seems to have been able, acording to BPIX have halved the Torys lead over Labour to 12% from a 23% lead in August.

Do Labour voters have NO eyes and ears? or are they so seduced by Labour's "No losers" benefit funded, multicultural (SIC) 5 year plan for Britain they no longer care about the sovereignty, security, economy and culture of our nation?

All we can say is God help us!

British Schools are Racist

Apparently Rap, Hip Hop, Gang Culture and a culture of father less family's due to the fathers fathering multiple children by multiple mothers yet staying with none has nothing to do with the poor performance in school and society of Black Caribbean youth. (you will notice this does NOT seem to apply to Caribbeans of Asian origin!)

Apparently its all the fault of our Racist school system, this can be proven by the FACT that when you put Black Caribbean children in a school that is designed to cater exclusively to their "special requirements in classes with a ratio of just 5 to 1 teacher they apparently excel.

Quire frankly if you put the average half wit in the same environment they would excel, but well done on the researchers comming up with yet another excuse for the poor down trodden blacks to brandish when accused of under achieving!

Black Caribbean pupils are being held back by institutional racism in schools, according to a new study.

Children at Tabernacle School in West London

Children at Tabernacle School in west London

A report by Warwick University claims that teachers are making assumptions about behavioural problems and therefore compromising black pupils' education.

The Tabernacle School in West London has 45 pupils, the majority of whom are black. The school prides itself on being the kind of environment in which black pupils can excel.

Generally, parents choose to send their children here because they lack confidence in state school teaching standards. The report's author, Dr Steve Strand, claims they should also fear racism and discrimination.

The school has a warm yet disciplined atmosphere. A class consisting of a mere five pupils say poor performance can't solely be blamed on teachers.

Fifteen-year-old Cameron tells me: "There are some kids that just don't want to learn. It's their peer group that's stopping them. They just go around causing mayhem."

Tammy, 14, agrees: "You can't say that all teachers are racist. Some may be but not across the board. It's down to the individual and whether they really want to learn."

There were stereotypes that I have to battle against. There was an assumption that the 'big, black boys' would cause trouble.

Matthew Charlery-Smith on the stereotyping of black school children.

Matthew Charlery-Smith, a 24-year-old banker, is a former Tabernacle pupil. Before the age of 14 he attended a mainstream school.

"There were stereotypes that I have to battle against. There was an assumption that the 'big, black boys' would cause trouble.

"It was assumed that I smoked weed (which I didn't) and hung around with a particular group. It was hard for me to break away from that."

The Tabernacle school gave him the right environment in which to achieve. But are those young black Caribbeans in mainstream schools really the victims of institutional racism?

Educationalist Tony Sewell thinks not. He said: "I've yet to see research that doesn't ask pointed questions but instead goes into schools and says 'OK - what's wrong'.

"I've done that and the kids don't blame the teachers. They say it's about peer groups."