Friday, 23 November 2007

Islam the religon of peace

Two sisters beheaded their own uncle and his wife in front of the couple's children because the man wore Western-style trousers, according to Iraqi police.

The suspected al-Qa'eda militants told investigators that Youssef al-Hayali was an infidel because he did not pray and wear appropriate clothing.

He was executed along with his wife Zeinab Kamel at the school in Diyala province northwest of Baghdad where Mr Hayali worked as a security guard.

Yet "Circus Labour" still want a multi cultural Britain, how much convincing do they need before they realise Islam is an all pervasive force for evil in the UK?

Brown's "contempt" for the Armed Forces

Gordon Brown was today forced to defend himself against damaging accusations from ex-service chiefs that his Government had "contempt" for the Armed Forces by saying he had "nothing but praise" for them.
The Prime Minister interrupted a visit a school in Uganda to say that rather than starving the services of cash he had increased budgets.

He was clearly angry that the ex-service chiefs used a House of Lords debate on Thursday night while he was travelling to Africa to attack him personally.

He said: "I have got nothing but praise for the Armed Forces.

"Every year of this Government we have been increasing budgets on defence and that's why a defence settlement this year gives almost a billion every year so we can fund defence properly.

Oh really Gordon, then how come our forces are poorly equipped, they do not have enough spares for helicopters, and they have run out of missiles for the helicopter gunships? Your words sound like yet more BOLLOCKS to us!!

The huge influx of foreign players to the Premier League has ruined the England football team, according to a Sky News survey of clubs.

According to Sky

More than half of those questioned cited the Premier League's foreign legion as the major cause for England getting dumped out of the European Championships.

Nice attempt at finding the answers, but of course not correct, England’s football worries are to be found in more than just one area.

  1. The FA board, THEY alone select and employ the England chief coach, a task they been proven to be woefully inept at.
    Looking at them yesterday I was struck with the thought they looked very much like the leaders of the Chinese communist party a row of old men to whom, the obedience of their charges is of far greater importance than their success.
    They are also guilty of NOT investing or taking a real interest in grass roots football in England.

  2. The British press, have set themselves up as both judge and jury on all things Football, this is fine when they focus on matters football, but they have widened the scope to personal matters to such an extent, that I feel sure Frank Lampard’s granny is careful what she says at the bingo!
    In addition they over hype the team in any competition to the point where they give the fan’s unrealistic ambitions & expectations. All of which combines to make the position of England manager unattractive to anyone other than a true patriot or lunatic.

  3. The Squad themselves, the players are the only 22 people on the field of play that can affect any result, it seems complacency is the order of the day in “Squad UK” at present. A culture of earning and keeping your national squad place should be fostered and developed.
    A recent piece by the female football correspondent of the Daily Telegraph criticising the commitment of the England squad a day before the disastrous result against Croatia, brought forth howls of indignation from a certain Manchester United defender,
    Who was daft enough to “forget” to take a drug test (That is the level of commitment he gives his job!) they must look inwards and decide why they choose to represent their country with the performances they give.

  4. Foreign Club Managers, are employed to provide their club owners with financial and league success (Quite rightly)and they do not care a jot if England win anything
    NOT to provide our national squad with quality resource for free, they of course want heir boys selcted as this raises their value in the transfer market but they don’t want them playing at their full potential as they may get hurt a point they make strongly to the England head coach! Dont blame them now, we fans want our clubs to be sucesssful, money has changed Football forever and the national squad demands burns clubs money, it does NOT create it for them.

  5. Foreign Club owners, do not want their stars injured on England duty and do not care a jot if England win anything or not. The football business needs to take a long hard look at its self, it makes its money being our national game yet it has mismanaged its collective finances to such an extent it deperatly needed these peoples money in many cases just to survive, yet the clubs & fans it seems, are quick to point the finger at"foreigners" ruining the demestic game.

  6. Foreign Players, they only affect England in as much as their presence in the Premiership means we have less English players to draw our national squad from, this in turn secures the positions of the current crop, but why do managers and chairmen want them anyway? Money! They are cheaper than our wonderful, if forgetful home grown talent.

Glib Cowards

Defence Secretary Des Browne has hit back at criticism by former defence chiefs, saying morale among serving soldiers is "as high as it could be".

Admiral Lord Boyce said Gordon Brown treated UK forces with "contempt" - and his decision to make Mr Browne Scottish Secretary as well was an "insult".

Mr Browne said he had not heard those criticisms from serving soldiers and he was happy to be judged on his record.

The arrogance of this tosser is beyond belief, his glib answer (highlighted above) is hiding behind the wall of protection these people give themselves by only ever speaking to officers who can see what critisising a political leader will do to their own careers in the future!!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Basket Case

It came to me last night like a bolt of lightning. A crystal clear vision of the here and now. After a day of government incompetence being reported in the news, and after my longest ever commute home through the worlds most terrible traffic, and the freezing rain running down my back, it was all perfectly clear. And then we had the most embarrassing international football performance I can remember.

So, it’s clear this country is fucked.

The government’s fucked
The weather is fucked
The traffic is fucked
The nation’s sporting ambitions are fucked

I’d leave the place tomorrow if the airport wasn’t fucked too.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

At "Circus Labour "The show goes on

Alistair Darling lead clown in Circus Labour applies his grease paint ready for the next performance.

Alistair told Smugboard "I cant tell you too much about my next routine I dont want to spoil the supprise, but watch out for something spectacular"

We bet Gordon Brown cant wait!

Ruthless McClaren set to axe Beckham

This will be the same "Ruthless McClaren" that axed Beckham, then reinstated him, then said " Big Games need Big Game Players" and went on to sing David's Praises as a "Big Game Player" and then sidelines him, then selects a keeper with little or no International "Big Game Experience" and we wonder why we are playing catch up to qualify.

As Steve McClaren rightly says "qualification is all about 12 games" but surely you dont have to make it this hard for ourselves?

Personaly I am pleased to see SR Phillips play I love his speed and passion (we need him at the Hammers)

I think "Ruthless McClaren" may well pay the ultimate price for his decisions and become "Jobless McClaren" sooner rather than later

Kelly says it takes too long to get to the airport, WE KNOW you daft BINT!!!!!!!!!

We strongly suspect Ms Kelly mave had a bad trip enroute to the first class lounge and thrown a hissy fit, hence a costly investigation as to why she was inconvenienced!!!!!

We dread to think how much tax payer’s money was wasted on this pointless exercise?

“Circus Labour" performer Kelly should have just phoned us we could have told her exactly what the problem is and how to solve it for nothing in less than 5 minutes and at NO cost to the public purse (yep we would have refunded the cost of the call)

SHITE public transport, and severe road over crowding all caused by a lack of proper investment and no integrated public transport system, some thing we believe 2 jags Prescott was supposed to be working on when “Circus Labour” were elected to make the UK an international laughing stock 10 years ago, the one thing they have excelled at.

LONDON (Reuters) - Travellers deserve faster journeys to and through airports, Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly said on Wednesday, vowing to tackle delays for users of Heathrow and other busy hubs.

She said a new study entitled "Improving the Air Passenger Experience" examined where delays occur for fliers, including on the way to and from airports

Gordon says sorry to the Nation

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologised on Wednesday for the tax authority losing the personal details of nearly half the population in an error which has dealt a new blow to his government.

What is even more amazing is the fact that people in the department concerned have been told NOT to send mail by “Special Delivery” as it is “too expensive”!!! Far better to send it unrecorded and save the tax payers money, and if it goes missing, well it’s only the public and we are civil servants so cant get voted out anyway, and they have plenty of time to sort the problem out don’t they?

The loss in the mail of two computer discs containing data on 25 million people exposed victims to the risk of fraud and is potentially Britain's biggest data security lapse.

"I profoundly regret and apologise for the inconvenience and worries that have been caused to millions of families...," Brown told parliament when questioned about the data loss

The Tories have never had a better election agency than the clowns of "Circus Labour" working for them, they must be pissing themselves.

As for Gordon Brown, he must dread waking up in the morning for fear of what new calamity his second rate acts have foisted upon the nation.

Bernie Ecclestone: UK Tax Payer should pay for GP upgrades

well he actualy said the Government but as governments do not have any money of their own only ours he is telling us to pay for improvements to the Silverstone circuit.

Silverstone recently spent a huge sum of money making the improvements Bernie demanded, and guess where all that money went? "The Paddock Area" home of Bernie and his celeb guests! now he realises he should have spent money on the "common peoples" areas!

This guy is worth millions and millions let him reinvest his own cash in his championship! and stop trying to sponge off the back of the tax payer.

Supidity is clearly no defence

Words cannot express our delight at the guilty verdict handed down to these two halfwits, it may just reinforce the stay away from Drugs message that is clearly NOT getting through to some of our less intelligent yooth.

A verdict is expected today in the case of two British teenagers accused of trying to smuggle drugs from Ghana to the UK.

The trial of Yasemin Vatansever and Yatunde Diya, both 16 and from north London, began in July after the two girls were arrested at an airport in Accra on July 2.

They stand accused of drug smuggling and under Ghanaian law will face up to three years in prison if found guilty.

The two teenagers were allegedly found with £300,000 worth of cocaine, but insist they were set up.

On July 12 they were provisionally charged with illegal possession of drugs and attempting to smuggle more than 6kg (13lb) of cocaine into the UK.

The girls, who deny the charges, are being tried under Ghana's progressive Juvenile Justice Act, meaning their trial must be completed within six months.

Miss Vatansever is the London-born daughter of immigrants from Cyprus, while Miss Diya, is a British citizen of Nigerian descent.

An wat realy vexin dem, is dey aint never gonna see al dem sweet trainer and massive bling dat guy promise dem fwa back in da hood innit

Translation in the Queens English below

Apparently what is really annoying them is the fact that they will now never see the lovely training shoes, Jewelery and trinkets the nice gentleman promised they would be able to treat themselves to when they arrived back in London with the drugs.

We could not resist this story

A man has married a female dog to make up for stoning two other animals to death.

The 33-year-old Indian married the sari-draped dog after an astrologer said it was the only way to cure him of a disability.

Here comes the bride...
Here comes the bride...

Selvakumar told the Hindustan Times he had been suffering since he stoned two dogs to death and strung them up in a tree 15 years ago.

"After that my legs and hands got paralysed and I lost hearing in one ear," he told the paper.

Ah those good folks of the Christian faith are at it again

We do hope he is given full access to the other inmates, so he will have ample chance to spread the word of the lord whilst on the inside, after all what better souls to save than those of the transgressor!!!!!!!!!!

Warren Jeffs, the polygamous sect leader, yesterday received the maximum sentence of five years to life in prison for forcing a teenage girl to marry her cousin.

The so-called “prophet” of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) was convicted in September of two counts of rape as an accomplice for presiding over the arranged marriage of 14-year-old Elissa Wall to Allen Steed, 19.

Christian Extremists are as bad a Islamic Fundamentalists

If not worse as so called Christians they should know better!

According to the bible coveting your neighbour’s livestock is a definite no no,

However, for the spiritual leaders of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Atlanta, Georgia, shagging the arse off your sister in law is not only LOVELY JUBLEY it is to be encouraged.

No wonder even the dimmest of yanks can see that these people are fucking liars, hypocrites and down right dangerous.

'Archbishop' fathered child with brother's wife

By Tom Leonard in New York

Last Updated: 8:57am GMT 21/11/2007

The 80-year-old patriarch of an American “mega-church” has scandalised his flock by admitting that he has fathered a child with his brother’s wife.

The family of Earl Paulk, the self-styled “archbishop” of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, made the startling revelation from the pulpit of the independent church outside Atlanta, Georgia.

The news – established by a court-ordered paternity test – that it wasn’t Don Paulk but brother Earl who begat D.E. Paulk, 34, the church’s current head pastor, is not the first sexual scandal to engulf the church and its founder.

The archbishop, his brother and the church are being sued by Mona Brewer, a former church employee, who claims Earl manipulated her into having a 14-year affair by telling her it was her only path to salvation.

Seven other women in the church have also claimed they were pressured into having sex with Earl Paulk or other members of the administration.

The Paulks sued them but later dropped the action.

Earl Paulk came clean about the Brewer affair to his church members in January.

However, a judge ordered a paternity test on D.E. Paulk after the archbishop claimed under oath that Miss Brewer was the only woman with whom he had had sex outside marriage.

D.E. Paulk said he had no idea that Uncle Earl was actually his father until the results arrived from the paternity test.

He said: “I was disappointed and I was surprised.

"I am so very sorry for the collateral damage it’s caused our family and the families hurt by the removing of the veil that hid our humanity and our sinfulness.”

He described the paternity test as a “necessary evil to bring us back to a God consciousness”.

The flashy mega-church was created in 1960 and grew from just a few dozen members to around 10,000 at its peak in early 1990s.

The church earned a reputation as socially progressive, admitting blacks in the 1960s and ordaining women.

By collecting tithes of 10 per cent from each member’s income, the church was able to build a Bible college, two schools, a worldwide television ministry and an enormous £6 million sanctuary.

The elder Paulks’ alleged sexual transgressions have been blamed for a downturn in the church’s fortunes and a membership that has shrunk to 1,500.

I wonder why that might be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Oh by the way, you lot had better check you bank details, and NO IT IS NOT a resignation issue!!!

First our chancellor bails out a privatly owned bank (Northern Rock) to the tune of £25 billion with our money and by the way it's on an unsecured basis.

This guy is a total fool, we have no confidence in him, The city has no confidence in him (even Fat Gordon had the city's confidence when he was chancellor and no one seems to be able to tell us how the money will be repaid,

This is a green light for other banks to lend irresponsibly, they can now take all the profits with absolutely zero risk, the UK tax payers will bail them out

as for Darling no offer of his resignation,

Just when you think surely this moron cant do any more damage, his department loses the banking details of 25 million individuals,

This is the chain of events leading to the announcement by Chancellor Alistair Darling of the loss of Child Benefit details relating to 25 million individuals:

March 2007: A junior official at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) provides the National Audit Office (NAO) with a full copy of HMRC's child benefit data, in breach of security procedures. The information is later safely returned.

September: Records of around 15,000 people's details are lost after being sent by HMRC to Standard Life. In the same month, an HMRC laptop containing around 400 ISA customers' details is stolen.

October 18: A junior official again sends child benefit data to the NAO via the courier TNT, which operates the HMRC's post system. The package, containing two CDs with details relating to 25 million individuals, is not recorded or registered and fails to arrive.

October: A second copy of the data is sent by HMRC to the NAO, again in breach of procedures. This time the package is sent by registered post and arrives safely.

November 8: Senior management at HMRC is informed that the October 18 package is missing.

November 10: Mr Darling is told about the missing data and immediately informs Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The Chancellor orders an immediate investigation, searches of all premises where the package might be found and action to prevent a repeat of the incident.

November 12: HMRC report that evidence has been found which might lead to the retrieval of the missing package.

November 14: Mr Darling instructs Revenue and Customs chairman Paul Gray to call in the Metropolitan Police, having decided that the HMRC searches have failed. Police searches of HMRC and NAO premises, along with interviews of staff, continue.

November 15: Mr Darling discusses the incident with Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, who agrees that remedial action must be taken before a public statement is made.

Week of November 12-18: Mr Gray informs Mr Darling "on his own initiative" that he feels he should resign.

Mr Darling seeks the advice of the Financial Services Authority and Serious Organised Crime Agency. Banks and other financial institutions are alerted by HMRC.

November 20: News that Mr Darling is to make a statement to the House of Commons on HMRC is followed by the announcement of Mr Gray's resignation.

Mr Darling tells MPs details of the security lapse and announces an investigation of HMRC's security procedures by PricewaterhouseCoopers chairman Kieran Poynter, in consultation with the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Paul Gray resigns (as indeed he should) as for Alistair Darling? Still No offer to resign,

This clown is not only incompetent worse still he is as arrogant as they come, and guess who appointed him??
fat “GORDY” our Unelected Prime Minister. The same fool who appointed that hopeless bint Jacqueline "fibber" Smith as Home secretary.

Gordon you had better cling to power for as long as you can, because when you do eventually have to call an election you and your band of merry morons will be gone for ever and good riddance. because no one in this country is every going to be stupid enough to elect you, Smith, Darling, Blears or any of the other clowns in your circus you call a government, for anything other than prosecution for dereliction of duty.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Gordon Brown's personal ratings are falling

Gordon Brown's personal ratings are falling dramatically and Labour is slipping further behind the Conservatives, a poll has showed.

Hardley suprising really, considering he was NOT elected to the office of Prime Minister by the British public, he was merely foisted upon us by Tony Bliar as part of a cosy deal they had cooked up between each other years ago, Well FATSO, we prefer to elect our own leaders, a task we are more than capable of performing, albeit miss guidedly on occassion, but then, how else would have "Circus Labour" have risen to power.

Our unelected PM talks tough, yet, suprise suprise has not the backbone to back it up!

"Remember what he was going to do about "deporting" foriegn criminals" yet that murderous bastard Chindamo will be allowed to remain at large in the UK when he has finished his oh so short sentence, as it might "infringe his human rights" if we deport him back to Italy! What about the human rights of his victims family?

and as for his choice of Home Secretary she is already demonstrating the fact she suffers from "Delusions of adequacy" and seems to have some difficulty in distinguishing right from wrong.

Your yesterdays man Gordon, you are holding us back, go now and be remembered for now lets see.............. ah yes knicking our pension money, so your cronie phoney Tony and the rest of the NL wasters, could squander it on your favourite special interest group, The foolish, feckless & Ferral..............