Friday, 29 August 2008

Smugboard 100% correct yet again!

Tragically we have been proven correct yet again.
Only yesterday we told you about the SCUM we had seen with our own eyes hovering just 21 miles across the channel in Calais just waiting to invade the UK and bring with it all that "wonderful multicultural diversity" found in a third world shit holes like Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Balkans.

You know the kind of thing GANG RAPE, AIDS, theft, fraud, deception, violent crime, blood feuds, vehicle crime, mysoginy, Islamic Terror, in fact these are the ONLY things those third world shit hole nations have to offer the rest of the world.

Tragicaly yesterday one naive young woman went to put the case for these maggots. She went alone into an area referred to by natives of Calais as the "Jungle"and got her self gang raped into the bargain.

French state prosecutor Philippe Muller said the rapist “could well have been” one of the human traffickers charging up to pounds £800 a time for a place in a truck or train making the 21 miles journey to Dover.

Mr Muller said: “There is a possibility that he could have been a people smuggler.

“The victim was raped and brutally attacked. She has very severe wounds around the mouth and scratch marks on her face.

“We have two photo-fit pictures based on her evidence, and on that of a third party who saw her with the rapist before the attack.”

The woman was taking photographs of a gang of immigrants outside one of the shelters around twilight, despite being warned by police not to approach the camp alone.

It should be remembered that these are just the "Dungbeetles" that have not yet made it into Britain! there can be no doubt their monsterous attitudes & behaviour is no different to the millions that came in before them

yet when they get here our Socialist leaders and local authorities say we need to, "understand their plight" "care for their needs" "provide for them"

NO they need to be forcibly deported back to where they came from or back to France if we cannot find their place of origin, we do not want them, we do not need them, They have no reason to come here, they have no right to come here and we certainly cannot afford them being here especially the damage they do to our nation in terms of their monstrous behaviour and their drain on our tax payers!

Calais got a right wing mayor, we need a right wing government that will deal with this foul pestulance just waiting to futher infect our nation.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

What to see the true state of England? just leave for a holiday

I have been on my annual holiday this year I chose France.

How refreshing to find a civilised country that places IT's traditional lifestyle culture and values ABOVE those of those who wish to settle there from outside.

No multilingual signage in Arabic, Hindi or Urdu pandering to poncing immigrants here, Just the good old French language and French values, they have a refreshing "do it our way or fuck off" approach to those who go there and expect them to bend to suit them, not like the UK where the immigrant is king In France, if you put nothing in? You get nothing out that's the way it should be here.

However returning through Calais was a depressing experience with dozens of Niggers, Wogs Kykes and other flotsam and scum, sneaking about probing the French and British defences to get to the land of Free Money, Houses & TV's England! and all so they can continue the work their predecessors have so successfully started, what is that you ask?

Turning the UK into yet another charachter less Third World Shit Hole.

I had to travel on a bus the day after my return I was the only white person on the bus for the entire journey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hasnt this joke has gone on long enough?

Big Brother the flagship "Trailer Trash TV" production for the "Oh My God" generation.
Is apparently "shocking its viewers" by providing them with precisely the kind of low IQ vicarious entertainment they crave!

But dear reader, before you take heart and start thinking the UK's patois grunting masses are finally waking up to the fact that "LCD TV" (Lowest Common Denominator TV) is nothing better than optical diarrhoea

It was only 1000 complaints, but this was sufficient for BB to use to raise the profile of this tawdrey waste of airtime.

anyway read this and mourn the passing of quality British broadcasting.

Viewers objected when Darnell Swallow and Rex Newmark urged Australian housemate Sara Folino to flash her boobs, before branding her a "s***" and an "ugly b****".

Ofcom, the independent TV watchdog, received a record 900-plus complaints about the Big Brother highlights show, which was screened on Channel Four on Tuesday night.

Sara, 27, was so upset she fled into the house diary room, where she burst into tears and told production staff she could not understand why Darnell was being "so horrible".

Yesterday Big Brother called Rex and Darnell into the diary room where they were each issued with an official warning.

Darnell, who started giving Sara grief after she rejected his advances, tried to defend his actions to Big Brother.

He said: "I feel like she represents basically how my life on the outside world goes with women.

"I got annoyed or whatever, obviously she knows that I don't think that she is an ugly b****.

"Everything I say to her goes in one ear and out the other, unless it's something like negative, then that has to be something that's set in stone. I think that's what I was miffed about."

A spokeswoman for Ofcom confirmed: "We have received just over 900 complaints about the Big Brother programme shown on Channel Four on Tuesday (Aug 26). We cannot divulge the details of the complaints at this stage.

The ninth season of Big Brother, which has been running for three months so far, has attracted a total of between 3,500 and 4,000 complaints.

A spokeswoman for Big Brother said: "Rex has apologised to Sara, and Darnell understands that his behaviour was not acceptable."

In Wednesday night's live show, Sara and fellow housemate Lisa Appleton, both up for eviction this week, each won £25,000 in a special game.

This joke has gone on long enough, get this rubbish OFF our airways NOW