Monday, 15 December 2008

Smugboard 100% right yet again, Strictly Come Dancing IS A FAKE

We were stunned to see that people were stupid enough to ignore our warnings and continuing to WASTE their money by voting for competitors on the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

So we give you a final warning.

Don't bother voting Strictly Come Dancing is rigged, the result was chosen months ago, you MUGS are simply putting yet more money into the pockets of the shows rights owners.

The BBC is to review the scoring system for "Strictly Come Dancing" after Saturday's show became marred in confusion.(Yeah we bet they will!!)

Many people phoned the corporation to complain after producers took the decision to put all three remaining contestants through to next week's final.

The four judges on the popular programme had awarded the same points to Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowdon, meaning the other semi-finalist Tom Chambers could not be saved from a dance-off whatever the outcome of a public vote. (Ohh we will show the public who's boss!)

The BBC said the situation had been unprecedented and the show's producers were examining how they could avoid the situation happening again.

"Exactly what's going to happen is yet to be debated and agreed, but that process will begin soon," a spokesman said.

Millions of viewers had phoned in to save their favourite act. The BBC decided all the votes would be carried over to this Saturday's final.

The decision not to reimburse viewers for their calls made the front pages of a number of Monday's newspapers.

"Strictly no refund" said the Daily Mirror, while the Daily Mail called it another BBC phone-in "fiasco," in reference to the corporation's admission last year a number of its shows had misled the public through fake quizzes and competitions.

The voting confusion follows the controversy caused when former BBC political correspondent John Sergeant quit the show last month.

Sergeant's often inelegant dance steps earned him the derision of the judges but his sense of fun won him mass public popularity who voted to keep him on the show.

His decision to leave, amid mounting criticism from some of the ousted contestants, led to howls of protests from many of the programme's fans.