Thursday, 19 May 2011

Fake Claims Mean UK Is 'Whiplash Capital'

Today Sky news ran a piece that did not supprise me in the slightest!

apparently "Insurers have called for a clampdown on fraudulent claims that have seen the UK  labelled"the "whiplash capital of Europe" 

 The Association of British Insurers (ABI) said one out of 140 people claimed for a whiplash injury every year.

It warned the activities of ambulance-chasing lawyers, as well as staged "cash-for-crash" accidents, were driving up the cost of cover for honest motorists.
Whiplash occurs when the soft tissue in the spine is stretched and strained following a sudden forceful movement, such as being hit from behind in a car.
But it is often difficult to diagnose – and easy for fraudsters to fake or exaggerate.


So why am I NOT surprised
The UK now has a huge population of people that have no loyalty to it, its customs or its traditional values of “Honesty” & "Fair Play".

Incidentally our traditions of “fair play and honesty” are two of THE  most quoted reasons for people wishing to come to the UK! Strange then that all many seem to want to do once they get on the "gravy train" is impose the third world standards they claim to be so desperate to escape from.

There have been a number of well publicised court cases recently, almost all involving gangs of Asians, faking accidents to claim "compo"! Indeed it appears to be seen in many communities as yet another benefit to which people are "entitled"

In the mean time the honest motorist is used by the insurance companies as a ”Cash Cow” to top up their losses caused by their shoddy cut price investigating of such offences and of course the huge proliferation of no win no fee Asian shyster lawyers.

I am very fed up.