Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Keep out of our business

These Christians are as mad as the Muslims,

We currently have freedom of choice in the UK on matters such as abortion we do NOT need or want religious crackpots sticking their misguided heads into our private business.

So we have a special message to ALL religious groups,

"God is your imaginary friend, not everyone else's!"

A pro-life charity is suing Google over the internet company’s refusal to display its anti-abortion advert.

The Christian Institute wanted to pay Google so that when the word “abortion” was typed into the search engine, a link to a web page on its views popped up on the right hand side of the screen.

We say there is nothing wrong far as we can see with NON Abortion adverts being displayed when you type in abortion, but not at the expenses of an equally balanced PRO Abortion message.

What is wrong is that these people are only doing this in response to words in a very old story book they portray as being something far more significant, and use that view to try to control others behaviour!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

This Clueless Bint! screws up again

The UK High Court has effectively over ridden the government in its attempt to protect the UK for immigration through the back door, HSMP Forum (A Ltd company no less!! set up to keep the in through the back door gravy train rolling for immigrants from the Indian sub continent! Like we need anyome fucking Indians and their extended families!!) had brought a test case against the govt challenging its right to say who come into the UK!!!! A good idea in theory

But as this is Circus Labour we are talking about “Clueless” better known as Jaqui Smith Home Secretary (SIC) the fool who was imposed upon a hapless nation by its unelected Scots Prime Minister, was warned in advance that her retrospective strategy would fail, the tax payer will now have to pick up the bill to allow the Indians to continue talking the piss immigration wise.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was ordered to pay the Forum's legal costs and refused permission to appeal,

HSMP claimed that up to 90% of the 49,000 migrants who came to work in the UK under the scheme faced being forced to leave because they would have to reapply under the stricter new points-based system. Which proves they had no right being here in the first place!


The real problem in Zimbabwe is clear for all to see.
The criminal Mugabe and his henchmen are getting the racist idiot veterans to remind people that he will give them the modern day equivilent of, the beads and mirrors they used to be so keen on, in exchange for them helping him to remain in power!

Mugabe is now trying a new propaganda line. He claims that unless he stays in power, white farmers will return and reclaim their property, evicting any blacks who were settled on their land.

Mugabe has urged Zimbabweans to "safeguard their land" and said: "The land is ours, it must not be allowed to slip back into the hands of whites.

Of course Rhodesia (to give the land its proper name) in the hands of the hard working whites, was once the bread bowl of Africa it is now just another nigger ruined shithole that struggles to provide enough bread to feed a village.

We say, evacuate all the white farmers to the UK & Holland right now and cut ALL aid. Then let the thieving fuckers try to run the farms themselves, we know these farms are capable of supporting the population of the country they did in the past!

The fact is Africans will still be starving in a 100 years time why? because they are too stupid to be able run the farms well enough to feed themselves.

chanting gangs of veterans of the war against white rule have occupied at least 27 farms since Saturday, with about 12 falling victim yesterday morning alone. Only about 200 white farmers are left in Zimbabwe - five per cent of the total eight years ago.

Trevor Gifford, president of the once powerful Commercial Farmers' Union (CFU), predicted that they would all be forced to leave their properties. "We are preparing for the worst," he said.

One white farmer, who declined to be named, was tipped off that squatters were about to overrun his property. He gathered his wife, their three children, aged seven, nine and 11, and his elderly parents and left immediately.

His homestead was duly invaded on Sunday. Trembling with emotion, the farmer said: "I have wondered what this day would be like, whether it would come after all these years. Now I am wondering if this is it, or if I will be able to get back

Monday, 7 April 2008

British Justice Hah!

A mother who kept her son in a wheelchair for five years and convinced him and doctors that he could not walk has been jailed for four years and banned for life from working with children on her release.

He was only three when the woman from Middlesbrough, Teesside, launched her plot to keep him dependent on her. He was referred seven times to paediatricians who also carried out blood tests, but they could find no explanation.

The "mother" (SIC) who cannot be named for legal reasons, told family members that he needed the wheelchair because he was in pain and he suffered from joint swelling and mobility problems.

She also lied to her GP that the youngster was having fits and chronic constipation, and he was given medication.

The boy finally suffered a fit after she gave him an overdose, and she was unmasked when an ambulance crew caught her trying to hide the medication.


She will be allowed to have her own child back how mental is that!