Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Serbs riot over gay pride march in Belgrade

And too think that there are some that would claim the Serb people are uncivilised!

We disagree:
The Serbian people have proved that unlike the soft socialist wankers that make up the EU THEY are not prepared to submit to Muslim domination at any price and did something about it in Srebrenica!

You will not find many Muslim's whinging and complaining about Serbian Christian culture. advertisments, Christmas celebrations etc in Serbia these days! Oh no the treacherous fuckers keep their mouths firmly shut nowadays!

Now they show the rest of us right minded thinkers that THEY are not prepared to accept the Politically Correct view peddled by the wankers in the UK and EU that HOMOSEXUALITY is acceptable either.

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Serbian riot police fought running battles with hundreds of far-right supporters who tried to disrupt a gay pride march in central Belgrade today.

The rioters also hurled Molotov cocktails at the headquarters of the ruling pro-Western Democratic Party, setting the garage of the building on fire.

Thousands of police officers sealed off the streets in the capital where the march took place, repeatedly clashing at several locations with rioters who were trying to burst through security cordons.

The protesters, chanting "death to homosexuals!" hurled bricks, stones, glass bottles and fireworks at riot police.

Hospital officials said a group of young men overnight attacked the headquarters of a women's human rights organisation, injuring one activist. The Women in Black organisation said the men were looking for gays.

We offer our support to these right thinking people and their struggle against the filthy benders and the treacherous Muslim.