Friday, 4 January 2008

Ohh did the nasty Germans upset you…… Didums

And three Guess's who the German Politico's have upset by saying their national culture and identity is more important and dared to speak out against imigrants?

Yep its the Fucking Muslims AGAIN

(Reuters) - German Muslim groups on Wednesday accused a senior politician in Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party of stirring up hostility against foreigners in a bid to win a regional election.

Roland Koch of the Christian Democrats (CDU) has focused his campaign for re-election as premier of the prosperous western state of Hesse on crime, in particular offences by foreigners.

He reacted to an assault on a German pensioner by two youths -- one Greek, one Turkish -- in a Munich railway station by saying Germany had too many young foreign criminals and urging an end to "multicultural" coddling of immigrants.

The assailants shouted "Shit German" at the man before kicking him in the head. The brutal attack, caught on a surveillance camera and played repeatedly on German television in recent days, prompted calls for tougher sentencing, boot camps and even the deportation of criminals of foreign origins.

"The debate is shameful and scandalous," head of the TGD Turkish Communities in Germany Kenan Kolat told Reuters on Wednesday, saying the deportation issue was "political arson".

"This is pure populism," he said, urging Merkel to speak out against it.

Germany is home to about 15 million people with an immigrant background -- about 18 percent of the population -- and Merkel has talked often about the need to integrate the country's 3.2 million Muslims, most of whom are of Turkish origin.

But she says immigrants must accept German culture and won rapturous applause at a conference of her mostly Roman Catholic party last month for saying mosques should not dwarf churches.

On Wednesday, Koch unveiled a programme to crack down on youth crime, which included plans to change the law to make it easier to deport young criminals.

"He needs to grab attention and is playing the foreigner card but it's damaging as he is reinforcing negative cliches," said Aiman Mazyek, of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany.

Ali Kizilkaya, head of the Muslim group Islamrat, (appropriate name that) called Koch irresponsible.

"You might be able to win elections with these slogans but it will damage the image of Germany," he told Reuters, saying he would like to have seen more criticism of Koch from other CDU members, many of whom have backed him, and from the media.

Social Democrat (SPD) Andrea Ypsilanti, Koch's opponent in the January 27 vote in Hesse, accused him of resorting to panic measures and waging a campaign based on fear.

Most polls indicate Koch will lose his absolute majority but that he will be able to hold onto power by forming a coalition with the liberal Free Democrats (FDP).

Critics have accused Koch of using "anti-foreigner" tactics before. In 1999, he won the Hesse vote with a petition against plans to give citizenship to half the country's foreigners.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Women and gay men are 'worst drivers'

Well that is not exactly earth shattering news, we have known this for about 30 years!!!!

By Sarah Radford and agencies

Last Updated: 5:47pm GMT 03/01/2008

Women and gay men are likely to be the worst drivers, a new study has shown. So be afraid: Women or gay men could be behind the wheel of any car!!!!

Research has revealed that both perform poorly in tasks involving navigation and spatial awareness when compared to heterosexual men.

Psychologists at Queen Mary, University of London, who conducted the study, believe the findings mean driving in a strange environment would be more difficult for gay men and women than for straight male motorists.

Both tend to rely on local landmarks to get around, and are also slower to take in spatial information.

The computer-based tests were carried out on 140 volunteers, and demonstrated that gay men, straight women and lesbians navigated in a similar way, sharing the same weaknesses.

The results back earlier studies supporting the stereotype that women are poor navigators. It also explains why gay men navigate their cocks into places they should not go.

We knew it, it wasn’t his fault at all!!!

It was NOT the fact Malaysia's disgraced former health minister committed adultery that ruined his career it was his 'enemies!!!!!

How fucking arrogant can politico’s get!

Malaysian sex tape minister blames 'enemies'

Malaysia's disgraced former health minister has suggested that his political "enemies" were responsible for secretly making and distributing a sex video showing him committing adultery.

Chua Soi Lek: The disgraced former health minister in Malaysia resigned after a sex video of him committing adultery emerged

Chua Soi Lek, 60, also blamed the press for highlighting his political ambitions, which he hinted led rivals to target him.

"There is a lot of speculation that I have a political agenda and that I am a very ambitious man ... I think that was my biggest mistake," (Notice he does NOT consider cheating on his wife and family to be a mistake !!!!!! WANKER) said Dr Chua, who is married with three children.