Tuesday, 5 August 2008

More Stupid White Trash

Will white girls ever realise Niggers (Especially Muslim Niggers) are ALL bad news? These stupid lazy fools are only any good at mugging lying and producing illegitimate children for the rest of us who pay tax to bring up.


Cara Marie Burke with Mohamed D'Ali Carvalho dos Santos

The remains of Cara Marie Burke, 17, were found in the town of Bonfinopolis in central Brazil

They were located near to where her Brazilian boyfriend, Mohammed D'Ali dos Santos, 20, said he had thrown them in a bag, police chief Carlos Raimundo Batista said. (What a fucking stupid name surely that should have given the daft tart some kind of warning)

Cara's torso was discovered last Tuesday in her suitcase near a river in the nearby city of Goiania, where Santos and she had shared an apartment for a couple of months before their break-up a few weeks ago.

On Sunday an unemployed man found Cara's left leg in a creek in Bonfinopolis, leading police to the spot where the other remains were recovered.

Santos, according to police, has confessed to the crime, saying he fatally stabbed Cara on July 26 because she was going to reveal his cocaine habit to his family and to police.

Mohammed D'Ali Carvalho Santos

Santos has apparently confessed

Detectives also suspect he acted in anger because he was unable to get Cara to marry him in order to get him a visa to live in Britain. His mother lives in London, as does Cara's.

Santos allegedly cut up Cara's body the day after her murder and disposed of the remains in two different locations. An initial search for the limbs and head on Friday failed to turn up anything.

Police said that immediately after his arrest, Santos confessed to the murder and mutilation, and tried to offer a bribe to be let go.

Santos changed his story several times while speaking to the press, at one point saying he "did not exactly" kill Cara.

However, Brazilian police said Santos officially signed a confession on Friday and that they had retrieved the knife and gloves used in the crime.

Santos's mobile phone also allegedly contained photographs of Cara's dismembered body.

Evil Dishonest Corrupt Lying Hypocrites and that is just the IOC!

With all the worlds biggest multinationals conveniently ignoring the fact that China is run by the biggest bunch of evil gangsters since the German Nazi party, in their haste to "Gain a foothold" in the worlds biggest market. The crooks on the IOC (International Olympic Committee) have NEVER been in a better position to use their high level contacts (In this case in Peking) to feather their own foul nests!

But here is the reality of life in China:

Human rights violations in the People's Republic of China (PRC) remain systematic and widespread. The Chinese government continues to suppress dissenting opinions and maintains political control over the legal system, resulting in an arbitrary and sometimes abusive judicial regime.
The lack of accountability of the government and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) means that abuses by officials often go unchecked.
The most common types of abuses, including arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment of prisoners, severe restrictions on freedom of expression and association and violations specific to women.

And in a further effort to distort the reality of life in China this is the latest foul distortion of the truth they have created.

LONDON (Reuters) - Whatever happened to the Mongolian prostitutes? Where have all the "money boys" gone?

Looking for a high-class hooker in the lobby of a five-star hotel? It could be a tough assignment.

Anyone hoping for some readily available sex-for-sale in Beijing during the Olympics may be in for a shock. China is clearly keen to portray a squeaky clean image at the Summer Games and picture postcard Beijing is a top priority.

Prostitution is illegal in China. Banished after the Communist revolution in 1949, it returned with a vengeance in the 1980s when the country embarked upon economic reforms and started opening to the outside world.

For prostitutes and pole dancers alike, pickings now are slim. They cannot wait for the Olympics to end.

Climbing down from her pole in a sparsely populated bar in Beijing's Sanlitun area, 22-year-old Yang Shuo sighed.

"Business is OK but it could be better," she said. "It's the Olympics, you know. Police are cracking down on places like this."

Looking out on a tacky bar filled with a handful of customers, she said: "I am looking forward to the Olympics finishing."

For the oldest profession in the world, drumming up clients at the Olympics is hard work.

"Business is terrible," confessed one prostitute as she strode up to a passing westerner in a downtown Beijing street offering "Sex, Sex, Sex".

"We have been thrown out of the hotels," said the woman in her mid-30s, wearing a low-strung orange top. "We have to do our business on the streets and cut our prices."


She normally charges 600 yuan (45 pounds) for three hours. The special Olympic price is now down to 500 yuan.

"I hate the Olympics. We can't wait for them to finish -- then business can return to normal."

The outlook was equally bleak at a bar once notorious as a haunt for picking up Mongolian prostitutes. The guard outside said: "It is closed for renovation. It will not be re-opening until September."

Trying to find out how business was for the money boys -- China's name for gay rent boys -- was not easy. None was prepared to talk unless you paid them first.

The Chinese government has told discos, karaoke bars and other entertainment venues to install windows in private rooms and ensure staff dress modestly in an effort to crack down on prostitution and drugs.

The Ministry of Public Security has decreed that entertainment venues must install transparent partitions between rooms that ensure "the whole environment of the consumer's entertainment area in the room can be seen".

Discos and karaoke bars in China frequently have private rooms for hire and are a favourite place for businessmen to entertain guests, sometimes with prostitutes.

Skimpy outfits were also officially discouraged. Staff members should "dress tastefully and not be too exposing".

And hey Presto Communist China is as virtuous as you like!!!! It is of course all complete BOLLOCKS!

We say "Do not go to the most corrupt Olympics in history" "Don't watch it on TV" "Don't listen to it on the radio" JUST IGNORE IT. They only want them to try to con us that they are a legitimate state and they are NOT they bought the IOC dont let them buy you!