Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Financial crisis: Who is advising Alistair Darling?

The Daily Telegraph asked the above question this morning.

Well as usual we gave the correct answer as far back as Monday 18th February 2008

School Children! but of course he ignores their advice and does his own thing, so he gets everything wrong.

Monday, 6 October 2008

"Turn the other cheek" oooooooh that feels great lover

Homosexuals should carry warning tattoos, says chaplain

The chaplain to the London Stock Exchange has said that homosexuals should be tattooed with health warnings similar to those seen on cigarette packets.

Rev Dr Peter Mullen
Rev Dr Peter Mullen reportedly said in an internet blog homosexuality was "clearly unnatural" and was the "cause of fatal disease" Photo: JIM WINSLET

The Rev Dr Peter Mullen said in an blog that homosexuality was "clearly unnatural, a perversion and corruption of natural instincts and affections" and "a cause of fatal disease".

He recommended that homosexual practices be discouraged "after the style of warnings on cigarette packets".

He wrote: "Let us make it obligatory for homosexuals to have their backsides tattooed with the slogan SODOMY CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH and their chins with FELLATIO KILLS."

In an earlier posting, the Rev Mullen, who is also rector of St Michael's Cornhill and St Sepulchre without Newgate in the City, wrote a poem about the blessing of two gay priests by the Rev Martin Dudley.

The poem begins: "The Bishop of London is in a high huff, Because Dr Dudley has married a puff; And not just one puff - he's married another: Two priests, two puffs and either to other."

It concludes: "Of such Dr Dudley a goldmine has found, From shaven-head puftas the nuptial pink pound.

"The new Church of England embraces diversity, A fresh modulation on ancient perversity."

Peter Tatchell of gay rights group OutRage! (wanker) Demanded that the Rev Mullen resign.

He said: "As a chaplain, Rev Mullen ought to be a spiritual guide to all employees of the Stock Exchange.
"Given his quite outrageous homophobia, not only would lesbian and gay employees feel unable to approach him but even heterosexual staff would find what he said deeply offensive and off-putting.
"He should resign or be sacked. If he was mocking black or Jewish people in a similar vein, the Stock Exchange would instantly remove him and the Church would relieve him of his duties. He is not even fit to be a parish priest."
But the rector insisted that he meant to harm: "I wrote some satirical things on my blog and anybody with an ounce of sense of humour or any understanding of the tradition of English satire would immediately assume that they're light-hearted jokes. I certainly have nothing against homosexuals. Many of my dear friends have been and are of that persuasion. What I have got against them is the militant preaching of homosexuality."

Don't worry mate, if you get the chop the Muslims will welcome you with open arms, your almost talking their language (they would probably have suggested stoning the queers to death) but you will never have to worry about criticism of your views once you are part of their clan.

They don't give a monkeys about upsetting the likes of Tatchell and no one in authority in the UK will dare take on the Muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our opinion? you are a classic mate, and we have absolutely no doubt you will have 100% backing of your flock at the stock exchange they must be pissing themselves I can just imagine how upset the traders will be about pissing off
Tatchell and the rest of the more militant bum fanciers.

But more to the point is why does the Stock Exchange has a chaplain? the ONLY God worshiped down there is cold hard cash?

Buggers Broadcasting Collective

The Buggers Broadcasting Collective (BBC) in the UK has along running radio soap opera "The Archers" recently a "gay" couple (Ian and Adam) have been introduced into the plot.

Of course they have an "ally" in thoroughly modern and trendy aunt Lillian.

Anyway in a recent episode Aunt Lillian and Ian are chatting about cake making (Ian is a top chef, Adam is a lovely doe eyed gay farmer!) and the care of Adams grandmothers (Peggy Archer) partner who has developed Alzheimer's.

Any way Amongst the usual rubbish such as "Sorry dahhling" and "They Smell gorgeous dahhling" was the following "classic" line

Ian to Lillian: "I know Adam is really worried about her"

Lillian to Ian: "Is the chocolate wand for him"?

Arrrrggghh this is supposed to be an everyday tale of farming folk, Perhaps it should be changed to "everyday felching folk"

Only the BBC would allow this kind of gay hidden message!

European Unity Ahhhhhhhhhh

First Ireland, then Germany, now Denmark, Sweden and Austria. One by one, each country has taken steps to restore confidence in its embattled banking sector.

Whether the belt-and-braces guarantee handed to Irish savers, or the somewhat complex partial guarantee Chancellor Angela Merkel is offering to German banking customers, steps have been taken to stem the outflow of money from savers and corporate and institutional investors alike.

But in the UK, there remains largely silence. In spite of the Financial Services Authority moving on Friday to raise the guarantee on private savings from £35,000 per person to £50,000, the move was long awaited, and largely a token one.

As British savers see their cousins over the water in Ireland or in continental Europe moving protected, so the Government must move to reassure savers that the future of the British banking sector is assured.

The latest plan - to invest taxpayer's money in major banks so boosting their balance sheets so as to allow them to begin lending again - is an interesting one.

Not only does it offer a potential solution to the stagnation in the mortgage market, but it will also be viewed as an indirect guarantee of the British banking sector, one that is increasingly needed.

The devil will of course be in the detail, but when Chancellor Alistair Darling takes to his feet in the House of Commons this afternoon, he must do so with conviction.

Saying nothing is not an option. Vocal reassurance will not be enough. Darling must act, (The prat has been acting all along, now is time for him to resign and let someone who knows what they are doing to step in) and do so quickly, before British banks begin to go the way of their continental cousins.

We cant wait to see what inducements those foreign johnny's will be offering to temp British savers cash over to them! Great thing European Unity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!