Thursday, 3 December 2009

Proof Membership of the €euro Comes at a heavy Price!

Greece finds out that membership of the € euro has cost them dearly, Greece is in deep financial SHIT!

"We need to save the country from bankruptcy."

Those were the words of Greece's new prime minister George Papandreou after announcing the draft budget on November 5.

Greece is the most indebted country in the Eurozone and has the misfortune to be heading deeper into recession as many countries appear to be heading out.
The budget deficit stands at almost 30bn euros a year - a staggering 12.7% of GDP.

Membership of the euro has its advantages but it also means that Greece does not have the ability to devalue its currency or print money.
Instead the 11 million people who live here are being asked to swallow a series of changes.
Most people believe, with good reason, that the worst is yet to come.

Journalist Alkman Granitas on the Greek economy
"There has already been an increase in mobile phone taxes, alcohol taxes, a new property tax and a pay freeze in the civil service," says Alkman Granitas, a journalist with Dow Jones, who lives in Athens. "Most people believe, with good reason, that the worst is yet to come."

Very few commentators believe that Greece is about to default on its debt, countries like Ukraine and Argentina are of much greater concern. But there is an anxiety about the prospects for the long term. Tourism - upon which the economy depends - is down sharply, so too are shipping revenues, another important source of funds for the government.
The government is planning to reform the public sector as it is over-staffed and regularly overspends, public pensions - the cost of supporting an ageing population - and tax evasion, as no one pays what they should. It is a radical agenda and is likely to encounter opposition.

Tourism is a major source of income This is the birthplace of democracy, people here love a good demonstration. Reform could well run into problems and, traditionally, when government has squared up to the unions it has ended up nursing a bloody nose.
The truth is that companies go bust, countries get bailed out.

If Greece does find itself in a position where it is no longer able to repay what it owes, someone will have to ride to the rescue. So who would it be? I spoke to Yannis Stournaras, a former government economic adviser. "We are a rich country with poor finances. The Greeks themselves can repay their debts. There is no plan B," he said.

The Greek economy had 16 years of impressive growth before this recession. Successive governments choose not to reduce the country's mountain of debt. They failed to fix the roof in a place where they say the sun always shines and, with hindsight, that was a big mistake.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ahh, That will be Islam, the religeon of Peace AGAIN!

Islam the religion of peace SIC!
(As demonstrated in Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Holland, Denmark, USA, Bahli and in fact just about every other place on the planet)

Was unsuprisingly behind the murder of 27 people and injured around 100 more passengers on the Nevsky Express, an upscale passenger train running from Moscow to St Petersburg last Friday. This operation was prepared and executed along with other acts of sabotage... against a set of strategically important sites in Russia, on the orders of Caucasus Emir Dokku Umarov," said a statement on

Umarov is the self-proclaimed leader of the "Caucasus Emirate".

The organisation has sought to unite various Islamist groups in Russia's North Caucasus and establish Islamic Sharia rule in the region.

It is good to know the sort of thing we can expect, once the Muslim hordes of Turkey are given unfettered access to the UK's wealth and territory through their entry into the EU. (For those of you who do not get it, WE the UK tax payers are NET contributors to the EU)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Lutons Muslims Riot again!

The claim that Muslims in Luton are not extremists, has yet again been proven to be as untrue as the claim that Islam is the religion of peace!

This time the anti western spongers pelted a Muslim Peer with eggs because she supports the killing of terrorists (who surprise surprise just happen to be Muslims!) in Afghanistan!

It seems Baroness Warsi was attacked by a group of Muslim men during a visit to Luton, the scene of race riots this year.

She was mobbed as she walked down Dunstable Road and a group started screaming abuse at her. “They were saying something about her not being a proper Muslim,” a spokesman said. “But rather than run off, she stood her ground and said ‘Let’s have a proper debate, let’s have an argument.’ They just carried on screaming and shouting.” (Typical of the filthy Muj)

One egg hit her and soiled her jacket but her spokesman said she was not shaken. She was taken to a nearby shop and the visit continued with police protection.

And then Warsi shows her true colours

Lady Warsi said afterwards: “These men are a bunch of idiots who do not represent the wider Muslim community. I stood up to them and challenged them to a proper debate, but they weren’t prepared to listen.”

These people DO represent the wider Muslim community otherwise there would be Muslim street marches distancing themselves from these fifth columnists.

The fact is it is the duty of every Muslim to convert ALL non Muslims to their faith and not one Muslim will ever turn on a fellow Muslim their Mullahs teach them from day one they mustn't so they ALL give tacit support to the active terrorists amongst them..

Monday, 30 November 2009

Obese air passenger in economy seat has picture taken

An image of an obese passenger squeezed into an economy airline seat has reopened a debate about how airlines deal with growing numbers of over-sized passengers.

Oh good we say perhaps we can start to debate some of the more irritating aspects of flight for normal sized passengers whilst we are at it!

Anyone who flys on a regular basis will know just how much total shit we have to put up with from litigation terrified airlines.

Lets start with those MUSLIM action enforced security checks.................The ones now being conducted by untrained Muslim agency staff! or some other illiterate retard who "always wanted to be a policeman" but was too stupid to get in (Unbelievable that anyone could be "that" stupid I know)

Then we have to endure Clueless Dolly's telling you to put a plastic carrier bag weighing 2 oz "under the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker" - Limp wristed stewards telling "Not to block the isle" - snotty cabin crew telling you to turn off your Walkman during takeoff or landing, I really do not get that one at all.
After all If the plane lands safely what harm have you caused? if you crash you will either be dead or realise it might be a good time to take the earphones out and listen for instructions. That is once of the female & gay staff have finished screaming of course I am convinced one days on the cheap training in a Luton swimming pool does NOT guarantee cabin staff who are experts in an air-crash situation.

Then we get to the REAL issue here

Firstly how does this bloke get a safety belt on? he cant, so why do we have to wear one?

How does he "Stop blocking the isle"? he cant, and my bag is much quicker to move when someone needs it moved and will do less damage than this fucking unrestrained elephant in a crash!"

Will the passengers on his right be compensated for putting up with a fat sweaty smelly dollop for how ever long their flight is?

This just proves all those so called safety rules are pure BULLSHIT designed to keep us quiet in our seats and let the cabin crew get back to the cockpit (Apt Name) and carry on sucking the pilot and co pilot off.

So what to do with fat dollops who insist on flying???? PUT THEM IN THE HOLD with the rest of the freight that should give the fat cunts plenty of incentive to diet!