Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Dont be stupid, your scaremongering!!!!!

Said George Gallaway (Talksport Radio) told a caller who claimed that "the UK's Muslim religeous hierachy were planning to turn the UK into a Muslim state through sheer numbers", and had instructed their followers in mosques all over the UK "to have as many children as possible thus creating an "Islamic baby boom" after all they were told the state here will fund your families for you"!

So George, still say the caller was stupid?

Courtesy of the Daily Telegraph and UK Gov

Mohammed is set to overtake Jack as the most popular boys' name in Britain as a result of the high birth rate in Muslim families, which is driving the British population to a record high.

A report from the Office of National Statistics says the highest birth rates are in the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities, both predominantly Muslim.

Jack was the most popular boys' name last year, chosen for 6,928 babies. Mohammed - taking into account all of its variant spellings - overtook Thomas to lie in second place with 5,991 babies named.

al Qaeda "It does exactly what it says on the tin"

The worlds No1 terror brand scored another victory whilst the west's security experts dismissed them!

When Algeria's militant GSPC group rebranded itself as the North African arm of al Qaeda, some Western security officials dismissed it as a PR stunt.

Less than a year later, it has built up a deadly track record that makes it the prime suspect in Tuesday's twin bomb blasts in the capital Algiers which killed at least 67 people.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Its revival in the oil- and gas-producing nation has forced a sharp reappraisal of the threat it might pose to the wider Maghreb region and even parts of Europe, as well as on home turf.

Save Lives..... Stop all Imigration to the UK now

If Gordon Brown had the best interests of Imigrants at heart he would notify ALL world nations that our borders are now closed to all for imigration including Assylum seekers, thus avoiding incidents like that below.

If and WHEN we need people we should advertise for them and investigate each applicant they should be interviewed for the job if sucessful and no UK worker can be found, Only then should they be
investigated to see IF they are SUITABLE candidates for an entry visa.

Around 40 West African migrants were feared dead, many from hunger and thirst, after their boat spent 12 days at sea in a failed bid to reach the Canary Islands, police said on Tuesday.