Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Good Clean Livin, home Lovin, God Fearin Folk

Oh and by the way the one on the right with the lovely big tits "Bristol" (How apt) well, she goes like the clappers. The problem is she is up the duff.
Which must be a bit of an embarrasment to her Republican mother Sarah Palin the govenor of Alaska and John McCains running mate.
Palin's anti-abortion and pro-gun record have excited conservatives and party activists, but given the fact most of their right wing extreme christian supporters actualy belive in burning fornicators, this should prove to be an interesting few weeks.
We at the Smugboad like nothing better than watching a greedy self serving hypocrites squirming (Thats Politicians to you and I) and this is going to be a beauty, how could the little harlot do it to mummy!
We cannot begin to imagine the shit the poor little cow is going to be getting from all those interested parties with all that money at stake.
Bristol Palin, one of John McCain's running mate's five children with husband, Todd, is five months pregnant and is going to going to keep the child and marry the father, the Palins said in a statement released today. (And given the fact mummy has nailed her anti abortion colours to the mast, she is going to have the bastard wether she wants it or not, and given her Boyfriend has already said he does NOT like or want Kids I dont think she is in for a great life somehow)

Senior McCain campaign officials said the presidential candidate knew of Bristol's pregnancy when he selected Mrs Palin last week and that he decided that it did not disqualify the 44-year-old governor in any way. (Yeah right, we bet he really went looking for a political liability as a running mate)

However, sceptics of Mr McCain's choice will raise questions of how thoroughly he vetted Mrs Palin before choosing her. Mr McCain has already admitted to having met Mrs Palin, who has only been a governor for 20 months, just once. (But he no doubt thought she looks like a bit of a goer!)

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

EU gets totaly "Owned" by the Russians

The EU has received another embarrassing lesson in international power broking.

The Russians said
Russia praised the European Union on Tuesday for taking a "responsible approach" to its conflict with Georgia by declining to impose sanctions on Moscow but said the EU had failed to understand its reasons for intervening.

Translated this means:

Good boy, glad you decided to see sense and keep your insignificant noses out of our business, in future don't mess in things you don't understand.

they also said

Ahead of a visit by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney to U.S. allies in the region, a Kremlin aide said he expected Washington would also opt against imposing sanctions.

Translated this means:

Just to show you how strong a hand we hold over all of you with all those energy supplies, we are prepared to let the yanks
(The only really big players on the world stage) know we wont be pushed around by them either.

In short this is nothing less than a declaration that the Russians are not going to take any notice at all of the EU showing the world what a totally insignificant sham it really is.

Our guess is the EU will
hang the UK out to dry with gormless Gordon carry on playing the international strongman , whilst they all pretend its all OK with the Russians and quietly forget all about those silly old sanctions.

Just wait and see.


This is Alistair Darling he is a clown in Gordon Browns "Circus Labour" as a joke, Gordon put him in charge of our economy.

This is what he says on Saturday

Saturday 29th August: Chancellor Alastair Darling said at the weekend that the economy faces is now facing its worst predicament in 60 years

And this is what he says just three days later

Tuesday 2nd September: Chancellor Alistair Darling said on Tuesday he was optimistic Britain would get through its current economic difficulties.

What Happened?

our national currency already weakened against the Euro crashed

This is what we say right now,

Tuesday 2nd September: Chancellor Alistair Darling, you are a clueless prick, resign immediately before you completely destroy our economy.

Monday, 1 September 2008

The French presidancy of the EU falls back on a strategy that worked so well for France and Germany in the past ...... Total Surrender

Compi├Ęgne the site of a previous French & German surrender.

Well we thought we might have to wait a little longer but you can always rely on the French not to hang about when it comes to a complete surrender, especially when they are egged on by the Germans.

"Gordon Brown failed in his mission to secure tough action against Russia after France and Germany persuaded other European Union leaders to give Moscow a second chance"

See, and you thought we were joking about the Russians giving the EU the finger

Still we suppose it is an area the French have some expertise in! As for Gormless Gordon and his "tough talking" your clown Darling has helped the pound on the international money markets no end with his little chat at the weekend hasnt he!

Please leave international matters alone Gordon, Your "Circus Labour" clearly know even less about that than attempting to run a national economy

This is how scared the Russians are of the European Union !!!!!!!

This is exactly what the Russians think of that corrupt gravy train known as the EU or EP! (We Translate)

UP Yours Arsehole.

Yep the Russian are planning to do exactly what they like with anyone who fucks with, what they still consider their own territory. And they are really not that bothered what the greedy self important wankers in Brussels think say or do!

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union countries faced a struggle to keep a united front on Russia at an emergency summit on Monday, with splits emerging over whether to punish Moscow for its intervention in Georgia.

Diplomats expect EU leaders to condemn Russia for its military campaign and subsequent recognition of two Georgian rebel regions as independent states under its protection.

and the Russian response?

Russia shrugged off the prospect of strong words from the EU, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov insisting the Georgia campaign had set a standard for how Moscow would defend its interests in future.

In Short they have the EU by the Bollocks and as usual they do not have a clue what to do about it!!

You can just imagine it cant you, some Euro Tzar discussing the Russians whilst eating a 6 course elevenses with champagne and caviar.

"we never have these problems with states like Rumania, Bulgaria etc when they wanted to join the EU they did exactly what we told them"

Of course they did you were just giving away the UK's contributions in that case! the Russians have so much wealth the EU should be going on its fucking knees begging them to let us join with them!

France, Germany and Italy have said any punitive action against the bloc's largest energy supplier would be premature, (We bet they did! the French will be the first to break ranks to ensure their on going energy supply)

but Britain called on the 27-nation EU to suspend talks on a wide-ranging new partnership agreement with Russia in protest. (Brown is just the sort of prick to come up with that one)

The fact is all Europe needs Russian energy supplies, But the Russians still like the old soviet way of doing foreign policy e.g our way or no way! so the great and the Good in the EU are faced with a bit of a dilemma are they not!

See the scroungers in
Brussels desperately need to convey the impression the great European experiment has some teeth and indeed commands the respect of world nations, which we all know is complete fantasy. But we at the Smugboard think the Russians may just be about to blow the whole stinking gaff wide open.

With each mainland Eurostate rushing to protect their own energy supply first, we shall bear witness to an undignified rush to set up national alliances with Moscow.

As for the UK, shall we be making a dignified solo stand? No of course not, it's just that Gormless Gordon and his socialist failures don't know what is going on, so they take longer to figure out what to do about it!

Nice try
Brussels better luck next time, we are watching with great interest!!!!