Monday, 9 March 2009

Clueless and full of hot air!

SMITH the totally clueless Home Secretary foisted upon a hapless UK by Gormless Gordon our unelected Scotts Prime Minister.

Fresh from her recent successes such as :
How safe are the streets of London especially Lewisham!

Police Pay!

MP's Expenses!

Thought she was going to have a nice little initiative to launch that would take the public eye off her recent "difficulties" over her own expenses.

But surprise surprise she was outed for the useless pile of slogan bleating flesh she is.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was confronted by a campaigner at the launch of the Government's domestic violence action plan and accused of using "gimmicks" and "spin"

Sandra Holey, chief executive of Refuge, shocked officials at the round-table discussion in central London with a verbal assault on the Government's record.

She said Government action so far had been "piecemeal" and condemned plans reported today for a database of serial domestic abusers.

She said: "We have had enough talking - we need action. As for the perpetrators' register, it is a gimmick and doesn't address the root problem.

"The majority of violent men don't come to the attention of police and it won't keep women safe.

"Police can't be expected to monitor relationships and love lives of offenders."

She added: "The Government is hoping to get away with useless initiatives like this register and it is hypocritical to sound tough and do little."

She said the cases of Sabina Akhtar and Katie Summers showed not enough was being done.

Ms Smith tried to interrupt the tirade but was shouted down.

We can just imagine her sitting there with her silly mouth opening and closing with nothing meaningful coming out.... come to think of it that's exactly what she always does!

As we have said on numerous occasions we would love to see her trying to parallel park!

Something else Labour forgot about whilst making up slogans

The labour party has been so intent on its manipulation of the media since it election in 1997 that they have had their eye off the ball on a wide range of real issues and Ulster is just one of them!

Of course Gormless Gordon realises NOW that there is a great photo opportunity to be had so rushes off to Belfast quick as you like.

But we remember all those fine British service men and women lost in the service of politicians who could NEVER be worthy of them. We should never have given one single inch to Eire and its band of brigands the IRA.

When will the UK voters ever learn if you want your nations, education system, economy, society, immigration policy, police force, armed forces, national culture and identity: totally fucked up all you have to do is.