Saturday, 21 July 2007

Rot in Hell you CUNTS

We were delighted to hear from the BBC (who else!) that they were alarmed to hear, that murderous bastard Dhiren Barot, who at his trial at Woolwich Crown Court Barot was described as a determined terrorist who prepared meticulous plans for al-Qaeda figures on a series of synchronised attacks in the UK.

These included exploding gas tankers hidden in limousines, flooding the tube network and a radioactive "dirty bomb".

He was jailed for life, with a recommendation that he serve a minimum of 40 years, but this was reduced to 30 years following an appeal.

has been the target of an assault by fellow prisoners. What is appalling is that we have to rely upon criminals rather than our judiciary to dispense proper justice.

We can only hope this is the first attack of many painful experiences they have in store for him, But more importantly it will send a clear message to these evil cowards, that they cannot expect to attack our civilised way of life, then rest easy in our prisons whilst waiting for the virgins, which they will never see.

How stupid can they get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Home Secretary in a bit of a mess

Well well well the hopeless bint, our unelected Scotts Prime Minister foisted upon us as Home Sec is in a bit of a pickle again.

“yes I took drugs at university, but it was wrong and I never really enjoyed it” oh and by the way dont any of you lot go around using them its illegal you know!

"I think in some ways I have learnt my lesson and I have a responsibility as home secretary now to make sure we put in place the laws and the support and information to make sure we carry on bringing cannabis use down, which we are doing," she told GMTV.

I cant see too many people taking her seriously from now on, especially when she has to reclassify cannabis back as class B.

As we said before we would love to see her try to park a car.

Nice one Gord!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Au Contraire!

Sky TV Wednesday 18th July
There is a "systemic failure" in the way TV broadcasters operate their premium rate phone services, an Ofcom inquiry has ruled.

What a load of nonsense the TV company's have been operating there lines exactly as they wanted them to work, maximise profit at all costs and stuff the mugs who fall for it!!!!!

Shock Horror! 14-year-olds 'use cannabis daily'

The buggers broadcasting cooperative today covered the following "story"
Teenagers as young as 14 are using cannabis every day, according to a study by Queen's University Belfast.

The researchers found about one in 10 cannabis-smoking teenagers they surveyed were using the drug daily.

Dr Patrick McCrystal said cannabis use at a young age could lead to mental illness and other problems.

"These young people are telling us that by the age of 15 they have moved beyond experimental or recreational use of an illegal drug to more sustained usage."

it is now 18-07-2007. We knew about this 20 years ago! so 20 years on and no doubt a couple of million quid given in research grants to professional students UK Gov Inc now is in possetion of the same knowledge.

START LISTENING to those who can see clearly and STOP WASTING OUR TAX POUNDS, start providing so many COMPULSORY to attend state funded out of school activities, that the slack jawed indolent mongrel youth of the UK simple has neither the time or the energy to get stoned

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

UK 'needs clear space strategy'

According to the “UK Gov Inc”

The Hook:
The UK government needs to develop a more coherent strategy on space, or risk falling behind other countries, a House of Commons committee has warned

The Truth:
Our MP’s are starting to feel a bit embarrassed when talking to their peers in the US and Europe when they find out how much kudos and reflected glory they are milking out of their respective “Space Programs”.

So they are going to invent a reason to spend millions and millions of UK tax payer’s pounds on a nice high profile project that will allow them to puff out their little chests at the next meeting of the great and good!

The only commonsense strategy:
There is only one strategy for”space” that will actually benefit those who create afore mentioned tax pounds.

Find some nice empty “space” near towns and spend some of the tax pounds on affordable hosing for key workers and some nice new efficient hospitals.

Then find some more “space” nowhere near a town and build some much needed prisons

How stupid do they think we are?

Monday, 16 July 2007

No Opposition here!

So against the advice of the party on the ground, Mr Cameron has foisted upon the conservatives of Ealing Southall a hand picked candidate who:

1.Was not even a member of the conservative party until days before being unveiled as their candidate

2.Donated £4,800 to Labour only last month at a high profile labour party fund raiser.

3.Was photographed with Tony Blair at the same Labour fund raiser.

Good to know the current Tory leadership are every bit as efficient as their forerunners, still in the comming 50 years it will take them to get their act together they will be able to continue to learn how to govern with little more than spin.

We alos wonder if the gentleman concerned will be sticking with Indian tradition and crossing the house as soon as a better option appears on the other side?

Lovely people these clerics

It seems some members of the church are unhappy that they can be investigated in the same way as other members of society! Well try putting yourselves in the place of children who have been abused! This is typical of all clerics “don’t do as we do, do as we tell you”

The worlds self proclaimed no 1 brand “The Vatican Inc” is just about to settled a $600 million claim against them for child abuse by members of its “sales staff” in the US and that’s just the customers who bothered to complain!

Courtesy Sky News

A "strong and vocal" lobby of priests who believe that the system for dealing with allegations against them leaves them "exposed" and "vulnerable" and is a breach of Canon Law and natural justice

If you do it in Gods name..........

You can do what you like,

When it comes to murdering people Saudi Arabia is in a leauge of its own yet we do little about it (We had no problem in getting rid of that awfull murderer Saddam Hussain though did we!) must be all the arms contracts and cheap oil the Saudis oblige us with!

But the righteous Al-Saud's justice system are abou to kil a young girl who was not even allowed a lawyer at her trial!!!!

"The workers commit big crimes against Saudis," said Suhaila Hammad of Saudi Arabia's National Society for Human Rights.

She said the number of executions had risen because crime had increased. She said that prisoners were treated humanely and that beheadings deterred crime.

"Allah, our creator, knows best what's good for his people," she said.

"Should we just think of and preserve the rights of the murderer and not think of the rights of others?"

Again they twig too late

We spotted the connection between Sattellite Dishes, take aways, off licences, illiterate unruly kids and council estates years ago. But it seems even our elected leaders think there may just be something in our view!

Sky News Reports

Children from poorer families have become "screen kids" - with nearly all having a television in their bedroom, a report has warned.
Poorer children watch more television

It said youngsters from deprived areas spent "substantially" more time in front of the box compared with their wealthier peers.

Some nine-year-olds quizzed picked out soaps, reality and horror shows as being among their favourites.

And there are fears TV and computer screens are used as "electronic babysitters".

The National Consumer Council found half of affluent children had televisions in their bedrooms, compared with 97% of the nine to 13-year-olds questioned from deprived areas.

Children from poorer areas were also six times more likely to watch TV during the weekly evening meal.

And around a quarter had the television on at lunchtime on Sundays, compared with one in 30 in better-off neighbourhoods.

The NCC's Watching, Wanting & Wellbeing report linked increased TV viewing hours with greater exposure to marketing and higher levels of materialism.

Chief executive Ed Mayo said: "Today's children are now 'screen kids'. In some streets, every bedroom has a television for children and many have a computer."

Children in more deprived areas were most likely to watch commercial television and TV shows made for an older audience.

And they also had greater levels of unsupervised access to television and the internet.

Gordon's upsetting "New Labour"

If you read our recent post about UK holidays, You can imagine how totaly fucked off the politico inhabitants of Islington must be, now it seems Tuscany is off limits,

God only knows how little all those little Jaccanda's and Marchello's will cope having to tell their little chums back at prep school they had to hoilday in "Britain"

Me thinks there may be a few lawyers going back to practise after the next election "God its bad enough having to serve an ungratefull public, but having to holiday with the tedious peasents as well, really is beyond the pail"

Anyway whilst we are pissing ourselves laughing,
Below is what Fat Gord has done to upset them all so much courtesy of "The Spectator"

Scarcely eleven days since he strode into Number 10, Gordon Brown's ministers are already feeling the cold winds of change. The Prime Minister has let it be known that he expects them to follow his example by taking their summer holidays in Britain.

"We have been made aware that Gordon would like us not to holiday abroad, as he wants us on tap during his first days in Number 10,

" one disgruntled member of the Government whispered to Mandrake at The Spectator summer party.

"Many of us booked our flights months ago and it will cost a fortune to cancel them now and organise new ones in this rain-sodden country, but it looks as if we shall have little choice in the matter."