Friday, 16 January 2009

Zimbabwe to launch 100 trillion dollar note

Perhaps this will stop the Africans & the PC brigade blaming all Africa’s problems on the Europeans.

The FACT is the only time Africa was ever successful was when the whites ran it. Now it is all just a third world shithole, very much like Brixton Lewisham, Hackney and large parts of north London are now!

The common theme being …………..Well we don’t need to tell you do we! But we will give you a clue as to part of the problem, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, Socialists, gross dishonesty, educationally sub normal inhabitants and ?????!!!!!

We say toall the Afro dictators do the decent thing give Europeans Africa we CAN make it work .... YOU CANT!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I am NOT happy about Asisans being called "Sooty"

The original Sooty is one person NOT happy at Asians being call "Sooty" in a release from his agent Sooty said "I am not in the least happy for my name to be associated with Asians, many are Muslim's who in turn cause much suffering to innocent people the world over, with their maniacal intent to convert the world to Islam whatever the cost in human life"

Royals are NOT Racist ...... Yeah Right!

We never cease to be amazed how much money time and effort the “establishment” will put in to protect ponces Phillip Charles Harry and William etc.

Whenever they make remarks that would, at the very least, would without doubt find the person who made the same “slip of the tongue” being prosecuted with maximum prejudice by some highly PC Gay, Lesbian and coon friendly local authorities minority rights unit at the tax payers expense. And in most cases would have packs of slavering Muslims rioting on the streets of England demanding the beheading of every non muslim male child.

Yet despite all this they manage to find an Asian who states “I love being called Sooty” incredible what money and position can do for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 12 January 2009

IT Wog caught out

An angry IT worker (He's got a fucking cheek!!) who lost his job after lying about his qualifications, has been convicted of hacking into his former employer's network and deleting vital information.

Julius Oladiran, of South Norwood in London, was fired from his role as a database developer having lied about having a master's degree and that he had worked for the government. This fucker is a Nigerian, lying is the ONLY thing these lazy bastards ARE any good at

To make matters worse, Oladiran installed spyware on his ex-employer's network in an attempt to see what people were saying about him. He also deleted important emails and sabotaged a company project.

Send the no good piece of shit back to Nigeria, we have enough of our own criminals, PLUS Gormless Gorden and his band of Circus Labour queers are agreeing to take a huge number of very very dangerous criminals from Guantanamo Bay when it closes as they are in danger of being executed if they are sent home to their countries of origin. Sounds like THEY have the right idea of how to deal with them NOT Gordy.