Thursday, 11 October 2007

Don’t mention the Genocide

Oh dear it sounds like Basil Faulty, but sadley the truth is not what the Turks or Mr Bush want coming out into the open... at any cost

Turkey has denounced a vote by a US congressional committee recognising as genocide the 1915-17 mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks.

President Abdullah Gul said “the decision was unacceptable and had no validity for Turkey, which has always denied any genocide, took place

President Bush had argued against a vote in favour of the bill, saying "its passage would do great harm to our relations with a key ally in Nato and in the global war on terror"

Now we know why these lovely people are suddenly going to become part of Europe, the yanks want it!

Dangerous thing rewriting history, now who was the other mad man who started doing it between 1939 and 1945

Religious tolerance Lovely!

We see in the press today A Roman Catholic airport worker was suspended from work after hanging an image of Jesus on a staffroom wall. Apparently it annoyed a Muslim co Worker to the extent he made a complaint to the management who suspended the worker who put it up.

This just proves our point that religion has no place at work, all places of employment should become completely secular and that includes removing prayer rooms.

In fairness you cannot have one rule for some and not for another now can you.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

ASBO for throwing dogs, intimidating the public and trying to cause car accidents!

Criminals and yobs all over the UK can rest easy tonight , in Gordon Brown's "get tough on crime" Britain. It seems you can endanger the lives of motorists, wander about drunk threatening law abiding members of the public, carry an offensive weapon, and mistreat animals, safe in the knowledge that the worst some clown sitting on the bench will give you is ................................................................................................ an ASBO.

The terms of the ASBO prevent this character from threatening residents, walking down the middle of the road, possessing drugs, obstructing traffic, urinating in public, drinking alcohol in public, carrying a wooden pole or stick and owning a dog.

Working on the basis that this cretin was unemployed (he cannot surely have held down a job at the same time as committing all this mayhem) then we (the tax payers) are paying his wages, if I am paying his wages, then I want this fucker working, NOT getting pissed on my tax payments, so give this waste of skin something to do PENAL SERVITUDE would be a good start.

I don't know about getting tough Gordy you fat dollop, GETTING REAL might be a better option, THE PUBLIC WANT WANT THESE ASSHOLES OUT OF THEIR WAY!

Poorly thought out, unneeded “Gay” legislation will cause hilarity and chaos

Oh! we just cant wait to see how many spotty school kids will be dragged off to court in the cause of this latest “PC” waste of money Jack Staw has come up with! Of course the media are missing the point as usual, the question they should be asking is “Why on earth do we need this expensive waste of tax payers money legislation anyway”

People get called names every day I cannot begin to tell you how many times a week I get called “Fatso” if people are “glad to be gay” and have such events as “Pride” surely they are comfortable enough with themselves NOT to need a policeman taking people off for calling them “Nasty Names”?

This is yet another example of people being told how they need to think how “gay” is that!!!

Courtesy The Daily Telegraph

Charity: Pupils risk prosecution for 'gay' slur

By Stephen Adams

Last Updated: 8:17am BST 10/10/2007

Children who call their classmates “gay” risk being arrested for committing a hate crime even if they do not know what the word means, a leading charity warned last night.

Under new proposals issued by Justice Secretary Jack Straw, it will be illegal to use threatening words or behaviour on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Those convicted would face up to seven years in jail.

But the charity Kidscape warned many youngsters who used “gay” as an insult did not even know what it meant.

Claude Knights, the charity’s training manager, said to many children the word now meant only “the opposite of cool”.

Children say things like, 'Your trainers are gay.’ “It is almost in youth culture now. You get kids in primary school using it and they don’t have any idea what the word means

However, there have already been cases where children have been arrested for using the word “gay” in the playground.

In April four policemen were sent to deal with 11-year-old George Rawlinson from Widnes, Cheshire, after he called one of his schoolfriends “gay”. Two were sent to his primary school and two to his home.

Cheshire police only dropped the matter when the boy explained he meant his friend was “stupid” rather than as a homophobic insult. Schools have also been told to clampdown on use of the word as a playground slur amid fears it legitimises homophobia.

Seems UK kids no longer think "Gay" = Cool

So thats bad news for Scout Masters and Vaseline Inc then.

Just as long as they save your soul eh!!

We have said on more than one occassion that in our humble opinion, religon has killed more people than it has ever saved, well the worlds self proclaimed number one religous brand (The Catholic Church). has just found out the awefull truth about yet another one of its earthly salesmen.

Still just as long as he met his sales target, and made sure his flock attended mass and of course donated to an already very wealthy business, I am sure they wont be too bothered,
After all they dont seem to mind how many women in Africa they condem to death from Aids by ordering them not to use condoms! and they have plenty of "sales teams" (missionarys) making sure they replace those who die!! as long as you have converted to the "one true faith" your soul is safe, what happens to you and your dependents whist you are on earth matters little it seems.

Just make sure you keep those donations rolling in.

You can read a cut down version of the details of this particular "Man of God" below
Courtesy of the Daily Telegraph.

By Graeme Baker
Last Updated: 11:30am BST 10/10/2007

A Roman Catholic priest has been jailed for life in Argentina for collaborating with the military junta to torture and murder its enemies.

Christian Von Wernich, 69, was accused of passing on information heard in confessions and being present at several torture sessions during the country's "Dirty War" of 1976-83.

He was convicted of involvement in seven murders, 42 abductions and 31 cases of torture.

Several former prisoners of the junta told the trial that Von Wernich used his office to win their trust, then passed information to police torturers.

They gave evidence that he personally attended several torture sessions, telling police that they were doing "God's work".

Von Wernich claimed he was forced to visit detention centres as part of his duties and that those giving evidence were possessed by the devil.

However, it added: "If any member of the Church ... by recommendation or complicity, endorsed the violent repression, he did so under his own responsibility, straying from and sinning gravely against God, humanity and his own conscience."

Up to 30,000 people were killed or disappeared during the Dirty War, before Argentina returned to civilian rule with the election of Raul Alfonsin as president in October 1983.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Democracy Sees Red Over Brown

So, our unelected prime minister has rejected the opportunity to get elected, but instead wants to continue in Britain's top job without the consent of the people. No shit! Why give yourself the chance of being chucked out of office when it's far easier to just rule as an unelected dictator?

The only thing that surprises me is that so many people have refrained from storming the houses of parliment.

UK Gov acts to protect feelings of Homo's

Well Well Well The Government is to create a new law which will outlaw inciting hatred against gay people - and homophobic rappers look set to be in the firing line.

Once again they are completely missing the issue that actualy needs addressing

Of course Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay rights group Stonewall, said: "We're delighted. A new offence will help deter extremists who stir up hatred against lesbian and gay people.

"We refuse to accept any longer that there's no connection between extreme rap lyrics calling for gay people to be attacked or fundamentalist claims that all gay people are paedophiles, and the epidemic of anti-gay violence disfiguring Britain's streets.

Well he would say that wouldnt he thats what he is being paid for, but its this musics impact on the wider majority that interests us.

So lets get this right, the fact that these self same scumbags have been gloryfying violence against women, gun crime and a general view that kicking back and not being part of a mainstream society is NOT seen a good enough reason to ban this type of music!

So we at the Smugboard say the following

"We refuse to accept any longer that there's no connection between extreme rap lyrics calling for women to be seen as possessions or fundamentalist claims that all white people and police officers are racists, and the epidemic of gun and knife crime disfiguring Britain's streets.

I bet the buggers and rug munchers will have more luck than us though!!

Sainsbury’s finally show they don’t care about customer service only profit

This is the first of what (we predict) will become a steady stream of reports stating that benefits of employing immigrant workers in preference to the indigenous UK population.

Let’s examine the “flexibility” of the workers discussed in the article below.

  1. Many immigrant workers come from countries where working conditions are so draconian they will accept any “terms and conditions” of employment companies like Sainsbury’s offer them without question.

  2. Unsurprisingly most British people will always want a better deal and be less likely to allow themselves to be exploited!

  3. Many immigrant workers are so happy to get a job they do not question the pay rates they are offered.

  4. Interestingly Sainsbury’s said “more could be done to help migrant workers with advice on housing, banking, language and cross-cultural awareness” in other words they want UK tax payers to invest in the bits these people are not that good at!

So the fact is “Flexibility” means willingness not to open their mouths in protest or to ask for too much cash!!!

This is the thin end of the wedge Sainsburys are merely the first to start extolling the benefits of cheap imported labour now they have started the ball rolling we shall see the rest follow. This is the begining of the end for rights hard won by British people over hundreds of years, all so our semi monopoly food industry can increase their profts further.

See the article below

Article from The Daily Telegraph

Sainsbury's says 'immigrants better workers'

By Gary Cleland
Last Updated: 2:30am BST 09/10/2007

Immigrant workers have a "superior" work ethic to British employees, according to the supermarket giant Sainsbury's.

The company said it found immigrants to be more flexible and happier with their terms and conditions in employment.

It added that employing migrant workers in its stores often had a positive impact on the domestic staff. Sainsbury's was giving evidence to a House of Lords inquiry into the impact of immigration.

In a written submission, it said that it had greatly increased the number of immigrants it employed over the past two years and would likely continue to do so in future.

It said: "We have found migrant workers to have a very satisfactory work ethic, in many cases superior to domestic workers.

"We believe this results from their differing motivations — they want to learn English, or send money home to their families.

"They tend to be more willing to work flexibly, and be satisfied with their duties, terms and conditions and productivity requirements.

"In the long term, this could have a positive effect on their domestic colleagues. In some areas we have definitely seen a positive shift in culture where migrant workers have been introduced, which has led to a more diverse workforce fostering a more engaged group of workers."

The company, which employs 150,000 people, said it did not specifically recruit migrant workers and looked for the "highest calibre recruit" for any vacancy.

Sainsbury's said hiring migrant workers had forced it to be flexible in its working patterns and language barriers posed potential problems regarding health and safety. It said: "Where we have engaged skilled workers (HGV drivers from Poland, for example) we have had to be creative with their working patterns to allow them to return to their homeland regularly.

"This has encouraged us to consider the use of flexibility among the whole workforce."

It added: "Language barriers are a disadvantage, and migrants' understanding of health and safety requirements are naturally a major concern. Here again we have had to take a very flexible approach by adapting our communications and signage.

"Placing migrant workers among English-speaking colleagues and using fellow workers as interpreters has proven useful."

Sainsbury's said it had not met with trade union resistance to employing migrant workers and said, as the UK population decreased and aged, migrant worker use would likely increase.

The company said more could be done to help migrant workers with advice on housing, banking, language and cross-cultural awareness.

Prof David Blanchflower, who sits on the Bank of England's monetary policy committee, told the peers that immigration had increased "fear of unemployment" in the UK and that increased competition for jobs was likely to "have a downward impact on pay".

The Commission for Racial Equality said it was important to recognise that the economic impact of migrants was wider than often thought. It said: "On the surface, the economic contribution of a low-paid migrant working as a cleaner or security guard, for instance, may seem small, but it is important to recognise that their work may support that of more highly-paid workers."

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research said that 382,000 eastern Europeans had moved to the UK since their countries joined the European Union in 2004.

On Saturday figures from the House of Commons library disclosed that 54 per cent of new jobs in Britain were taken by foreigners between 1997 and 2006.

A survey also revealed that housebuyers believed that immigrants were one of the main causes for high house prices in Britain. More than one in five told that the best way to tackle soaring house prices would be to control immigration.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Gordon Brown 'not swayed by election polls'

The Daily Telegraph
By Andrew Porter, Robert Winnett and Natalie Paris
Last Updated: 1:56pm BST 08/10/2007

Gordon Brown today insisted that he did not back down from holding an autumn election because of unfavourable opinion polls, during an extended grilling from journalists in Downing Street.

The Prime Minister said he believed Labour would have won a snap election, but that he wanted more time to present his "vision for the future" before going to the country.

OK Gordon we belive you NOT!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

No Election? The real reason!

Gordon Brown our unelected Scott's Prime Minister has now decided he will not be calling an early election why?

Courtesy The Daily Telegraph
By Patrick Hennessy and Melissa Kite
Last Updated: 10:40am BST 07/10/2007

Gordon Brown ruled out a snap general election last night after a fightback by the Conservatives saw support for David Cameron's party surging in marginal constituencies.

Mr Brown set out his reasons for not going to the country, claiming that he wanted to be judged on his "vision" for changing Britain and not his "competence" at dealing with crises.

This bloke is heading for a very short tenancy in no 10 if he thinks we are stupid enough to actualy believe that!

The Truth?
Gordon knows he will lose the election the tories are offering things people actually want,
their tax money in THEIR POCKET
NOT in that of some scumbag loser who has never contributed to the system they are being encouraged by Labour to milk dry!!!!!!!!!,

So that's why Gordon is not holding an election! If he had the balls to admit it he might just have won himself some credibility with the voters,Lets not forget he is no different to any other Labour politico our money enables all of them to live in a state sponsored dreamland.