Friday, 27 June 2008

So what if Muslims do not like sniffer dogs being used on them!

Well we have news for Muslims,

We the non Islamic community do not like being blown apart by a bunch of backward looking misogynists. What is worse? Having to comply with the laws of the country you choose to live in?
Or being blown to bits for being a non beliver ? Its a no brain'er and those Muslims who do not agree should go and live somewhere were Islam is the dominant culture.

Today Circus Labour has surrendered the safety of the British public to Islam.

the very people who murdered innocent people on the transport system during the7/7 attacks have won,

How? They object to sniffer dogs being used upon them at railway stations

POLICE sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at railway stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers – after complaints that it is against the suspects’ religion, station security measures in the wake of the 2005 London suicide bomb attacks. In one trial, some female Muslims said the use of a body scanner was also unacceptable because it was tantamount to being forced to strip. (So what? why are they more entitled to privacy than western women? and lets not forget it is Muslims that are doing the killings here! so they should also have to suffer a little inconvenience)

We are sick and tired of Muslims and their lying whinging demands for special treatment in the UK, They want to use their so called religion to avoid the procedures put in place to stop them murdering us and our children.

Do not forget MUSLIMS DO NOT LIKE US or OUR WAY OF LIFE they want to turn the UK into an Islamic State and will happily kill as many of us as it takes to achive their aims, they are evil and untrustworthy.

Remember who did this?, Sniffer dogs would have stopped THEM, Now they will never be allowed to as it upsets the Muslim terrorists!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Of course it s all just posturing they are all in it together

After Nelson Mandela "finally" admitted Zimbabwe was suffering a failure of leadership ahead of a run-off presidential poll. (he clearly did not want to say anything until every white Rhodesian farmer had been robbed and beaten blind by his fellow black men)

The chief whip for Mr Mugabe's Zanu-PF party said Mr Mandela's comments were unacceptable and unfortunate for a man of his stature.

"I don't see the merit in that kind of statement," said Jerome MacDonald’s Gumbo (we kid you not! And what an appropriate name!), adding that the judgement was "totally unacceptable" (this boy is good Brown should have him in charge of his spin dept)

He vowed that Friday's presidential election would not be postponed, despite the withdrawal of Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. "There is no chance of that. There is no reason," he said.(especially as his tribal chief is going to be heading up the winning side again!)

The president has said he was open to negotiations with "anyone", but only after the vote.(We bet he will!)

We simply cant wait to see how the EU's so called resolve to ban this murderer from it territory falls apart when he wants to visit again, remember the Italians couldn't keep him out even though he was supposedly banned from entering Europe already!!!!!...... We will let you know the minute he sets foot in Europe next it wont be long.

This old stinker is shagged out

Clearly staggering on stage pissed, stumbling around whilst telling the audience your boyfriend will do the fucking lot of them before staggering off again after 5 mins is a good deal more taxing than we thought.

According to press reports even that, will be too much for Orrible Amy to manage for two days in quick succession leaving the old ratter unable to appear (Hooray) at either the Mandela spade aid gig or Glastonbury..

Is it us or does she look like she just fell out of a skip?

Africa loves Mugabe


Because all African leaders are as bad and corrupt as each other!!!

While a few African leaders are calling for President Robert Mugabe to postpone Zimbabwe's presidential run-off election tomorrow, many who are pointing the finger face similar allegations of electoral fraud and intimidation in their own countries. Nelson Mandela a supposed democrat and former leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe (The terrorist wing of the miss named "ANC") has also kept very quiet on the subject!!

Mugabe, president since independence from Britain, has presided over Zimbabwe's slide from one of the region's most prosperous nations to a basket case with inflation estimated to have hit at least 2 million percent!

He of course blames the crisis on sanctions by Britain and other Western countries, Yeah Right!

Lets get the facts straight, Africa ONLY WORKED when Whites ran it! Why do you think that is?

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

£1bn deal to build 2012 Olympic Village venue faces collapse over credit crunch

Well we reminded you all on Wednesday the 18th June just 7 days ago!!!!!

That the Olympics budget will inflate to a minimum of £15 Billion. Just in case you did not believe us, here comes the next bit of proof!

Read it and weep after all its your pocket they are picking!

A £1 billion deal to fund the biggest venue on the Olympic park in East London is in jeopardy as the developer struggles to raise capital because of the credit crunch.

It is almost certain that the taxpayer will have to bail out the project, which could collapse if the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) cannot agree new terms with the contractor.

Lend Lease, an Australian company, is having trouble raising its £450 million share of the investment because of the unwillingness of banks to lend in the current economic climate and the downturn in the housing market. (How come a British company did not get the contract? So that’s yet more of the tax payers cash being filtered OUT of the UK economy on a project we are all being told is “Good for Britain”!!)

David Higgins, chief executive of the ODA, admitted that a deal would not be completed before Christmas. However, Lend Lease issued a warning that it may walk away from the deal, leaving the Government to foot the entire bill for the Olympic village.

It will not be long before a big sponsor pulls out, Just wait and See!!!!

More Cynical Impotent Rubbish from New Labour

The UK’s unelected Scott’s PM is in so much of a political hole (of Circus Labours own making lets not forget) at present he has decided he and senior members of his circus need to play the international statesman (so they did learn one thing from Bliar)
Why? they know it requires far less real commitment, action or leadership and it looks so much better in the press than “Labour in fresh balls up”

So lets examine what these clueless cretins are “saying” instead of “doing” this week:

Foreign Secretary David Miliband On Iran:
Britain warned Iran on Wednesday it will suffer growing economic and political isolation if it makes the "wrong choice" and fails to comply with United Nations resolutions on curbing its nuclear programme.
"The diplomatic track has to work -- the alternatives are appalling," Foreign Secretary David Miliband wrote in a commentary in the International Herald Tribune newspaper.
Western powers suspect Iran, the world's fourth-largest oil exporter, of seeking to build nuclear arms. Tehran denies this, saying its nuclear programme is for peaceful power generation. The standoff between the West and Iran has sparked fears of a military confrontation that would disrupt oil supplies.
Miliband insisted the diplomatic "dual track" approach -- combining increasing sanctions with the prize of economic and political cooperation if Tehran complies -- can still succeed.

Why on earth is Britain doing getting involved in the whole Iran thing anyway? The Yanks WILL be going in there from our shores anyway Gordon Brown will have agreed to that without any question, and the spate of UFO sightings in the UK prove beyond any doubt the US are already flying their latest super secret spy kit from our bases; so we are already doing far more than we need to

Secondly due to Circus Labours criminal neglect of our armed services budget and recruitment plans, we no longer have any reserves of troops left to send in to Iran!
Bliar deployed most of them in Iraq to get Halliburton
some more Oil contracts and the rest he sent to Afghanistan to um do............... well something that will no doubt benefit his new mates in the good ole US of A.

Brown the Clown on Rhodesia (The correct name for Zimboibwa or what ever the current incumbent wog is calling it this week, the next tribal chief will change it again no doubt)
The government said on Wednesday it was preparing tougher sanctions against specific members of the Zimbabwean government and urged world leaders to work together to remove President Robert Mugabe from power.

"We are preparing intensified sanctions, financial and travel sanctions, against named members of the Mugabe regime," Prime Minister Gordon Brown told parliament.
He said the way forward for the country was United Nations and the African Union "working together for a change of regime."

Brown also said his government was speaking to the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) with a view to banning the Zimbabwean cricket team from touring England next year.

What on earth is this stupid man waffling about now?
Mugabe was supposed to be banned from travelling to Europe but he arrived in Italy to attend a “Food Summit” the excuse given as too why he was allowed to enter Italy ? The Summit was not organised by the EU!!
So we KNOW travel restrictions are complete bollocks.

As for "Financial Sanctions" Gordon you Muppet, the nigger Mugbe has already robbed his nations bank dry, what the fuck does he care if his people suffer your are hitting the wrong people as usual!

If his fellow Africans do not care about their own kind (lets not forget Tribal rivalries play a big part here,and no they have not moved on from mud huts and spears) why the hell should we?

Oh and cancelling the cricket will save thousands of lives wont it! Go Gordon Baby you are clearly on a roll.

IF world leaders wanted Mugabe out they would have used Special Forces to wipe him out long ago.

The fact is ALL politicians need a pariah state to be able to point to now and again to deflect voter’s attention when things get a bit tough on the home front.

Gordon, you and your clowns have just proved how cynical you all are, now please do us all a favour and:

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Circus Labour bollocking everyone except the guilty

Given tough talking “Brown the Clown’s” record on standing up to anyone bar the hapless tax payer, somehow I don’t think this lot will be shitting themselves too much!

Interestingly enough no mention of the energy source that impacts all of us most Petrol & Diesel prices.

But then it is the govt who is responsible for the crippling price of this energy, NOT the suppliers, A point the head wog from Saudi pointed out the other day and which “Brown the Clown” chose to ignore “WANKER”

The bosses of the UK's six biggest energy firms are facing a grilling from MPs amid growing public anger over rising bills.

The Business and Enterprise Select Committee will probe the chief executives of British Gas, EDF, npower, E.ON, Scottish Power, and Scottish & Southern Energy.

The average dual fuel customer is now paying nearly 15a% more - £1,048 - for gas and electricity after the latest round of increases.

This is nearly double five years ago - and the fear is bills could go up by another 40% later this year as firms tackle rising costs.

This would add a potential £400 to increasingly strained household budgets.

The chiefs of the "big six" are expected to argue the doubling of wholesale gas prices for the coming winter give them little option.

In Europe, wholesale gas costs are linked to oil prices, which have surged to near $140 a barrel.

Customers have also been hit by the cost of industry's efforts to tackle climate change.

The MPs launched their inquiry into the market in May after complaints energy firms were colluding on prices and over charging customers.