Thursday, 19 June 2008

"Browns Clowns" Still woefully off the mark

Ed Balls, one of Gordon Browns Clowns is following a well established Labour principal "Attempting to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted" yet again.

And this time only a mere 30 years after the problem first reared its head.

Children's Secretary Ed Balls has promised to tackle parents who refuse to allow teachers to discipline their children.

Some headteachers put pupils in detention only for parents to march into class and demand their children be allowed to leave, according to Mr Balls.

He has asked the Government's school behaviour adviser Sir Alan Steer to investigate how heads can work with parents who challenge their authority.

Speaking to heads at the National College for School Leadership conference in Birmingham, Mr Balls will say: "When I talk to heads they say behaviour is one of their main concerns.

"Some talk of giving detentions to pupils only for the parent to come in and demand their child is let off.

OK, Here it is in Nice SLOW EASY STEPS for any Labour politicos or their feeble minded supporters that are reading this site.

This can be solved over night:

  1. Bring Back Corporal Punishment to schools now.

  2. Repeal the Human rights act and change the law on assault for teachers

  3. Make all parents sign an agreement when their child joins a school agreeing to abide by and support the schools discipline policy. If they do not sign the child cannot attend the school.

  4. Any parent who's child is not is school due to that parents refusal to sign up to any schools disciplinary code will be forced to do community service.

Well that is how you actually solve the problem, now lets see what an unholy "Balls" up "Ed" makes of it.... You just know he will.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Credit crunch to up cost of 2012 Olympics (We did warn you this was comming!!)

As recently as the 2nd June! we warned you all that the 2012 Olympics would bankrupt London and would ultimately end up costing you the tax payer more and more money, in fact we say the final bill will not be less than £15 Billion.

Even we were surprised that Cost pressures have already had an adverse affect on the main venues, with the budget rising 106 million pounds since November.

The price of the main stadium has already increased by 29 million pounds to 525 million pounds.

This has been mainly offset by savings elsewhere, but one billion pounds of contingency funding will be spent, according to the new mayor of London’s report.

Ross also highlighted concerns about security, saying the public could be put in danger unless plans are speeded up.

"It is absolutely vital that significant progress is made quickly on security planning so that necessary facilities are identified early enough to be provided cost effectively," it said.

"Failure to catch up and complete this work satisfactorily will have serious implications for Londoners as they will be the people most exposed to disruption and security risks."

But the report praised the progress made on the site's preparation, which is two months ahead of schedule. Johnson called for a Legacy Board of Advisers which will ask questions about value "now and not in four years' time".

So we warn you all once again, this Olympics is going bankrupt London, and the politico’s will expect you the tax payer to make up the deficit,

the pre crunch warnings are starting and its only a matter of time before the first big sponsor pulls out and that money will come from your pocket! Keep and eye on the Smugboard and watch our predictions come true.

What Olympics? we hear you ask, "the one's you couldn’t get into because all the tickets had gone to those on the gravy train and the tout's"!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Send this Ugly Fat Evil Cowardly bastard Abu Qatada to Jordan NOW whether he or the British courts want him to go or NOT!

The courts in the UK show how ineffective they are by releasing yet another murderous Sand Wog on bail!

Of course “Brown the Clown” and fellow "wanker" tough talking Tony McNulty pledged at the time that the killer cleric Abu Qatada“would not be released” of course he was released, they really are fucking useless aren't they.

This "tough" statement of course meant that anyone with a half a functioning brain knew immediately the courts would of course be doing the absolute opposite! In fact Abu Qatada, who has been described as Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe, is to be released on bail within the next 24 hours. But just to reassure you all. He will be required to wear an electronic tag and remain in his home for 22 hours a day (Oh and who in their right mind believes he will comply with that? We certainly do not)

The eight-page bail order, released by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, specifies that Qatada is barred from associating with a range of people - including Osama bin Laden!! (Oh sure he is bound to bump into Osama bin Laden in EastHam or Southall isn't he, we are more concerned about the many other 5th columnists lurking within and hidden by the Muslim community in the UK we have no protection from them)

Even the Special Immigration Appeals Commission SIAC has previously labelled Qatada a "truly dangerous individual" (But clearly not dangerous enough for our courts to keep him away from the general public!)

This mass murderer has been convicted in his absence in Jordan of involvement with terror attacks in 1998.

So why does this evil creature not want to leave the UK apart from all his Social Security payments that is. Given his preaching on Non Muslim countries he is in direct contradiction of his own views!

One of Abu Qatada's books, Islamic Movements and Contemporary Alliances, argues essentially for no affiliation whatsoever between Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

Dozens of writings and a few audio recordings of Abu Qatada are stored on the Tawhed website, which is al-Qaeda's online library, run by the organization of Abu Qatada's fellow Jordanian Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi (who is the chief cleric of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In April, he defeated the efforts of the British Government to deport him back to Jordan. (Well that cannot have been too tricky, Circus Labour have not got a clue on anything else so why should we expect them to be able to get a dangerous terrorist gone from our shores by fair means or foul. And lets not forget these cretins get 24 hour a day guarding so they will be OK anyway!!!!!!!!)

It is about time we started just sending these fuckers where we want them gone too and fuck THEIR human rights and civil liberties only our human rights and liberties are of any value NOT those of criminals and murderers.

We say the courts should obey OUR will ,they are only interested in their own rights and our government should be letting them and every proponent of the Human rights act know who is boss, us the tax payer.

Lets just send this murderer to Jordan now whether he wants to go or not, that must be our right, why should we host someone so undeserving of our hospitality,at least we can be certain THEIR judiciary will dish out some real justice!