Thursday, 16 October 2008

Whilst those of us who have to WORK for a living tighten our belts......

Drug addicts are offered beauty treatment at £400,000 cost to taxpayer

The beauty treatments are being offered as an incentive for those dependent on drugs or alcohol to use the Evolve centre, in Blackburn, Lancs.

Yoga and Tai Chi classes are also available along with counselling and "life skills" training for those in need.

The scheme, launched while people are having to cut back on luxuries because of the economic downturn, has been branded a waste of money by the Taxpayers' Alliance.

It is housed in a former textile museum which was closed by the local council's ruling Labour group two years ago, despite protests, to save 323,000 pounds a year.

The Evolve centre, which does not provide medical treatment such as methadone, opened this week with 13 members of staff and aims to attract around 40 people a month.

It is funded by the Government through contributions from the Department for Work and Pensions and the local drug and alcohol reduction team.

Jerry Sutton, chief executive of voluntary agency Inward House, which is running Evolve, said: "If nobody comes through the door it's a waste of money. (No you are wrong it is a waste of money full stop)

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council has the fourth highest number of problematic drug users per head of population in the north-west England and 25,000 "hazardous" drinkers. (then shut the pubs and off licenses until they can all behave themselves up there)

Mark Wallace, of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "It is totally wrong that while taxpayers are cutting back their own luxuries, their money is being spent on massages for drug addicts." (Here Here)

Illicit drug use will not be tolerated at the centre which opens five evenings a week. It also has a computer suite, a "training kitchen" and interview rooms for agencies such as Jobcentre Plus. (Oooh big deal)

Kate Hollern, the council's Labour group leader, said: "My understanding was that they were trying to help people get off drugs but I' not sure whether offering them massages is the answer." (then why did the Circus Labour majority of Councellors allow it to happen then!)

We feel tax payer funded "Massacres" of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics would be a far more popular option the local busy bodies missed a trick there!

Petrol & Fashion hit new low

"Now petrol is getting cheaper, I could afford to buy this stylish hat" Vinay Punjab forecourt assistant 2nd class Southall

Hurray Petrol has finally come down to below £1 per litre!!!!!!

Please Note: This is of course no thanks to those grasping wastrels that call themselves a "government" who have steadfastly refused to reduce the amount of tax they add onto a gallon of petrol. They need every penny they can screw out of us, to give it to wasters, wogs & Wankers.

Amy Winehouse blames the devil for her drug addiction

Amy Winehouse

Orrible Amy was filmed ranting about music officials and she screamed that "The Devil" was giving her drugs.

This Devil is almost certainly the one that she sees after an evening in with her "Blake" Smoking Crack, Snorting Cocaine and mainlining Heroin.

Silly Cunt

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ah more benefits of Multiculturalism!

Kebab boss prepared food as worker lay dead nearby
The boss of a Wolverhampton catering company was caught making kebabs while a dead body lay on a sofa just a few yards away in the same room.

Last Updated: 3:16PM BST 14 Oct 2008
Jaswinder Singh carried on cooking in a fly-infested prep room at Pappu Sweet Centre & Catering despite the sudden death of one of his workers.
The 45-year-old was banned from working with food again at Wolverhampton Magistrates Court yesterday. (Like he will take any notice of that!)

District Judge Martin Brown said: "The facts in this case are extraordinarily serious, they are about as grave as one might get in such a case."
The catalogue of horrors at the Cannock Road business also included staff smoking and spitting on the floor; (This happen is all Asian run kitchens) a rodent infestation with a dead rat found under a pan in the kitchen; refrigerators running at more than 68F (20OC); mouldy food; and filthy conditions.
Singh, who lives in Prosser Street, Park Village, was banned from managing any food business in the future and ordered to pay £3,861 in fines and costs.

He was caught cooking next to the dead worker in August by a police officer investigating the employee's sudden death. The Pc was so disgusted, he immediately closed the premises.
Despite "extraordinarily serious" findings at Pappu Sweet Centre & Catering, Cannock Road, Wolverhampton, boss Jaswinder Singh told the city's magistrates court he should be get "one last chance".

Speaking through an interpreter, the 45-year-old said: "I am sorry for this, but I have spent £2,000 repairing it. I should be given one last chance, I would do whatever they told me to."
District Judge Martin Brown said: "This is extremely serious, the initial findings included dead vermin, rotting food, quite disgusting and horrendous conditions and the rather unpleasant details of the findings of the Pc in August. This all says to me unequivocally that you are not a fit person to be preparing food for business. I have effectively taken away your business."
Singh, unrepresented in court, has owned the business since 1996. He was also fined £2,000 for poor hygiene in 2001. He yesterday admitted 12 food hygiene charges – two of failing to have procedures to control pests.

Others were: intentionally obstructing environmental health officers, putting unsafe food on the market unfit for human consumption, failing to store high-risk food at correct temperature, three of failing to comply with hygiene improvement notices, two of contravening food hygiene regulations and two of contravention of provisions.
Singh got a Hygiene Prohibition Order, banning him from managing any food business.

And he will be back in business in days, what a fucking joke!

Labour helps bankers out but fails the truly valuable in Britain

The UK Govt has managed to find £50Billion to bail out Northern Rock and a further £37Billion for the bankers a total of £87 Billion!

Here is a very small list of the items Circus Labour apparently could NOT find the cash for:

Sticking to an agreed Police pay increase

Nurses Pay

Teachers Pay

Hospital Building Program

Refurbishing Schools

Books for Schools

Decent accommodation for our armed forces

Decent clothing for all our armed forces

The best body armour for all our armed forces

The Best armoured vehicles for our troops

Regular servicing for front line military aircraft

Free Dental Treatment for all UK Tax Payers

Free eye tests for all UK Tax Payers

Council Accommodation for those UK Born citizens who deserve it

A proper integrated Public Transport system

Regular weekly tax free rubbish collection

We think you should remind them of this when the come crawling for your votes next time.

These two jerks, Want you to belive they saved the British Economy

When in fact, they sat back and did NOTHING, whilst the City Bankers indulged in a foul orgy of self remuneration and gross bonuses.

The global self destruction of the banking industry could not have come at a better time for Brown, Darling and Circus Labour, they have seized upon this opportunity to pretend that they and Circus Labour are single handedly "Saving the British Economy"

So how are they planning to do it? BY GIVING OUR hard earned and already over taxed earnings to mega wealthy banks!

FAT cat bankers were last night forced to kiss goodbye to their “obscene” bonus ­culture as part of the Govern­ment’s £37billion bail-out package.
After asking the taxpayer for help, some of Britain’s biggest banks will be forced to overhaul the way they reward senior staff.Chancellor Alistair Darling announced that no bonuses would be paid this year at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB and HBOS, which were effectively nationalised in the unprecedented deal.

Its not the governments bailout package its the tax payers bail out package! And WE should be taking a much tougher line with the wankers who brought the whole house of cards down.

After all this is OUR money the govt has none! and the banks happily paid out £17 Billion in bonus last year, that is around 50% of the amount we are being asked to fork out. We say let them pay back their bonus's BEFORE we put in a penny!
After all Sir Fred Goodwin refused to appologise for his banks crash, he knows how an admission of failure would affect his chances of getting a new fat cat position in the future. And in any case most of those in the city do not see that he has done anything wrong!

Greed is not good its GREAT (But only for Bankers)

The greed of banks in the USA and Europe is and has always been colossal, their arrogance in demanding that they (Bankers) are the only people qualified to regulate themselves. Yet their desire for profit at any cost has driven the global banking system into a crisis of unprecedented proportions> How? Simple the bankers refused to accept less and started breaking their own checks and balances rules in order to make more profit!

These so called “Banks” (an institution for receiving, lending, exchanging, and safeguarding money) SIC, made profits so huge that individuals were able and encouraged to amass fortunes that resemble the GNP of small nations!

A good example is Dick Fuld of Leman Bros, how anyone on this planet deserves to take out $500m - which was made by putting someone else's capital to work and by taking very few personal risks - is beyond comprehension. No surprise then that everyone is sick of Wall Street.

Yet when they bring the whole house of cards crashing down around them what do they do? Re- invest their own massive fortunes in to the banks that made them for them?

Certainly not, (the first rule of banking is do not risk your own capital!) No they come running to the tax payer demanding protection from our inability to pay! Us the very people they have been extorting money from in the form of £25 a time letters advising us that we are overdrawn to the princely sum of £2, the very people they charged exorbitant interest charges, the small shop keepers they charge a huge fee for banking cash! The list of injustices goes on and on, But politicians are apparently left with no choice but to bail them out to the tune of £280 for every single person on the entire planet! That alone is testimony to banking’s incompetence and its inability and lack of intent to regulate its self.

So what now? Well we can look forward to the biggest insider dealing scam ever perpetrated, Bankers will know when the market is going to move, they will advise the politicians its a good time to sell (Well before the shares reach their best value of course) governments will sell and the bankers will make huge profits, as will no doubt many politicians in the pockets of Bankers. It is illegal it is criminal and it will happen and no one is ever going to be prosecuted yet they will be robbing every single person on the planet of a decent return on their £280 and why? because they are bankers and will come up with a plausible lie.

In summary the bankers made profits from you, they ruined their own markets and you paid off their debits, and now they will make huge profits from buying back their shares at the lowest price possible, and all because the best people to regulate banking are bankers? BOLLOCKS its just a boys club for a load of "Greedy Bankers".

God help anyone retiring in the next couple of years your pension funds will be worth sweet FA.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Who's is going to pay these Wide Boy's bonuses?

And do not ever forget it

What every other commentator seems to have missed, is the fact all this debt has been floating around in the system for at least 20 years or longer, with various traders restructuring & selling it on anything rather than modify their appalling record on following their own rules and controls on lending.

The fact is, that all this debt floating around in the system had to eventually be paid off by someone, and that could only ever be the public, now they have, in the form of government bail out plans. ITS ALL YOUR MONEY going into their pockets!!!!!!!!

However this tax payer funded “washing away” of the bad credit, will simply allow the banks to continue in the same way they always have done. And let us not forget it was their flaunting of their own rules and controls in the search of ever bigger profit that caused the who collapse in the first place,

In the same way Baring Bro’s top executives turned a blind eye to Nick Leason’s activities in the quest for bigger profits, Banks and their over paid traders and directors have ruined not just a bank, but an entire financial system, yet have any really high profile heads rolled? NO! they knew no politician could afford to see their nations banking system in ruins.

DO NOT be fooled by bankers speeches about how “Committed to Change” they are IT IS ALL A PCK OF LIES! Once they are off the hook and the economy starts to grow again they will start whinging that they have to remunerate their traders and top execs if they “want to be competitive” politicians will fool for it and the banks shares will climb in value and the govt will sell out far too early and it will be back to business as usual.

Remember Bankers * City Traders are just a “Wide Boys” in designer suits they have no conscience and they like PROFIT not accountability