Thursday, 24 January 2008

Now some "Circus Labour" "newspeak"

First the "newspeak" Bullshit

Peter Hain has quit the cabinet saying he wanted to "clear his name" after his Labour deputy leadership campaign donations were referred to the police.

Now the plain truth

Peter Hain was told by our unelected scotts Prime Minister

"Resign now or I will have to sack you for the good of the party name, we are in enough shit as it is what with Darling and Smith's cockups"

funny how different the truth sounds!

Bank "Newspeak"

Like all banks Soc Gen is never straight to the point (there is allways the danger straight speaking could leave you responsible for something) but this is a classic example of 1984 style "newspeak"

Societe Generale has uncovered a fraud by one of its traders which will have a 4.9-billion-euro (3.7 billion pound) negative impact on the group, France's second-largest listed bank said on Thursday.

Its a LOSS you muppets! and somebody wasnt doing the job they are no doubt well paid to do "Keeping an eye on the wide boy traders"! Now what was the name of that other bank whose security dept let their eye stay on their personal bonus's rather than the traders? ahh got it Baring Bros

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Massingbirds Finest Hour?

John Hogan has been found NOT guilty of murder!

He said: "I do not feel guilty because I did not do it.

"This person you see before you is not the person who jumped from the balcony, from the fourth floor. I already have my son's forgiveness and I have God's forgiveness."

Hogan denied the murder of his six-year-old son Liam and the attempted murder of his two-year-old daughter Mia, who survived the fall with a broken arm.

A serious question:

If you are an officer worker do you get an award for a particularly nice report?

If you are a builder do you get an award for laying a really straight wall?

If you are a plumber to you gets an award for stopping a tap leaking?

I bet I am 100% correct when I say NO

So why do people in the Film, TV, Radio, Music & entertainment industry need awards for simply doing their jobs? Answer to dont they just need their ego's constantly massaged to prove to them they are as wonderful as they belive themselves to be.

I for one am delighted that we shall all be spared the charade’s of the Golden Globes and hopefully the Oscars this year, long may they disappear from our screens

Muslim Charities Breaking the Law

The Charity Commission has rapped a dozen Muslim charities for supporting Ken Livingstone's bid to be re-elected as Mayor of London

The Commission received several complaints that the letter broke the law, which forbids charities from supporting political candidates or parties

But having read their crawling letter I think they realised that

1. No one would dare to take any real action against Muslins.

2. The prize they were aiming for (A tame mayor) is worth a bit of bad press

The letter read as follows, as you will see it contains a number of blatant lies

Since June 2000, Ken Livingstone has been an outstanding mayor of London. He has stood out in support of a multicultural society and has supported the Muslim communities of the city against racism and Islamophobia as well as all other minorities against all types of prejudice.

His stands and policies have constantly championed justice in the Middle East and around the world, freedom for the Palestinians and withdrawal of occupying troops from Iraq; a rare trait of modern-day public figures.

He has enhanced London's standing in the world and helped improve the lives of all of the city's communities.

For those and many more traits continuously and consistently demonstrated by the Ken Livingstone, we the undersigned believe that it is in the best interest of the Muslim communities of London, and indeed all Londoners, to back Mr Livingstone in this year's mayoral elections.

We pledge to continue our support for the mayor on all levels possible in order to secure his staying in office for a third term.

What a joke!

Well the british do gooders got their wish a year each for smuggling drugs! This just ensures we shall have plenty of other London street urchins willing to do a year for "Nuf bling and trainer init"

Two British girls convicted of trying to smuggle cocaine from Ghana to the UK have been jailed for one year each.

Yasemin Vatansever and Yatunde Diya, both 16 and from north London, were arrested at Accra international airport on 2 July 2007.
They denied trying to smuggle 6kg (13lbs) of the drug to London.
It is unlikely they will serve all or part of their sentence in the UK as there is no transfer agreement between the UK and the west African country.
They had told the court they were set up, but the prosecution said they were involved from the start in a plot to smuggle drugs.

This should be good!

John Hogan is on trial in Greece for the premeditated murder of his son Liam, six, and the attempted murder of daughter Mia, then two, who survived when he leapt from the fourth-floor balcony at a holiday resort 18 months ago.

Today he will be invited to either give evidence or have a statement read by his lawyer to explain his version of events.

I am really looking forward to hearing this, as he claims “He did not try to kill his children” he seems very confident so I am certain he has engaged Massingbird the lawyer referred to in “Blackadder” to conduct his defence

I remember Massingbird's most famous case - the Case of the Bloody Knife. A man was found next to a murdered body. He had the knife in his hand, thirteen witnesses had seen him stab the victim and when the police arrived he said 'I'm glad I killed the bastard.' Massingbird not only got him off, he got him knighted in the New Year's Honours list, and the relatives of the victim had to pay to get the blood washed out of his jacket.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

How to reclaim Britain from the thugs

The Sun has asked its readers to give some views on how we can reclaim the streets from thugs, so here is a plan

This problem cannot be fixed over night so a long term plan is required

1. Introduce a licence to have children (its a privilige NOT a right) not bright enough no Kids. On dole no more Kids until you have been working for 24 months minimum. Persistent crimnal offender No Kids or No More Kids (clearly a bad gene pool)
2. Enforce school attendance if children do not attend inform the local CPO, (*let them do the job of the old truant officers as they seem to do nothing much else).
3. If kids keep bunking off MUM & or DAD are prosecuted with possible custodial sentancing, and they then have to take good parenting classes until they can pass an examination (double time for re-offending kids parents)
4. 8pm curfews for kids under 16
5. 10pm Curfews for kids over 16 but under 18
6. Teach in English only and make obedience and manners compulsory after-school lessons 1 day a week.
7. More compulsory after-school sports for all.
8. Make all juvenile & Adult offenders do hard labour 12 hours a day, no play stations, laptops, TV's in cells etc (they will not want to come back inside)
9. Make drug offences a 10 year hard labour minimum (no early release in any circumstance)
10. Bring back compulsory national service (No Exceptions on any grounds releigious or consience people can serve in the medical corps)
11. Council housing should only be provided on short term lets say 6 monthly reviews (you cause problems or let the home fall into disrepair out you go!)
12. Bring back restricted licensing hours.
13. Increase the tax on alcohol
15. Give our Police FULL stop and search powers (Like the old SUS laws)
16. Rescind the Human Rights Act NOW
17. Quit the EU NOW
18. Reinstate corporal punishment in schools and the home NOW
19. For offenders who simply do not respond to our system. We should set up off shore penal colonies like the French "Devils Island" and ship the truly antisocial off there to fend for themselves and good riddance.
20. Set very tight quotas for imigration and start passenger profiling at all ports stations and airports NOW (this should help us in not bringing in more criminals from abroad)
21. VOTE LABOUR OUT forever.

The money is there to fund all this (Circus Labour gave a bank £50 billion of our money unsecured so we know it is there) it just needs the political will.

NOT TRUE say UK Muslims!

Brit mosques 'worse than Iraq'

Of course UK muslims are saying this is completely untrue! but then what do we honestly expect, They have achieved untouchability in the UK.

THE Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq has claimed mosques in Blackburn are more extreme than in his own country.
Dr Barham Salih’s comments have sparked outrage among British Muslim leaders.
Shadow culture minister Tobias Ellwood revealed the comments Dr Salih had made to him at a dinner party in Baghdad.
The Tory MP claimed the Iraqi said: “I am not surprised that you British are facing so many problems with extremists after what I saw in those mosques in Blackburn.
"What I saw would not be allowed here in Iraq - it would be illegal.”

Mr Ellwood made the claims in the House of Commons during debate about terrorism.
He said: “My eyebrows raise when you have a very senior Iraqi leader make comments like that.

“I do not believe these comments can be dismissed out of hand. I was absolutely shocked. He went inside the mosques, and said literature he saw would be illegal. He was quite clear.
“The comments are only directed at a very small proportion of mosques in the UK - the vast majority of Muslims wouldn’t want to be labelled.”

Dr Salih visited Blackburn, Lancs., as a guest of the town’s MP Jack Straw in 2005.
Salim Mulla, chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said Dr Salih was positive about what he had seen in the town when they spoke during his visit.
He said: “We are going out of our way to bring the community together. Nobody is working harder than us at breaking down barriers.
“For Dr Salih to make these sort of comments is not very helpful at all.
“I don’t know where he’s coming from. He was very co-operative when he visited, and took lots of photographs.

“How many incidents have we had in Blackburn? He is talking a load of rubbish.”

Monday, 21 January 2008

'We want to offer sharia law to Britain'

Dr Suhaib Hasan who is a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain on issues of sharia law, says there is great misunderstanding of the issue in the West.

"Whenever people associate the word 'sharia' with Muslims, they think it is flogging and stoning to death and cutting off the hand," he says with a smile.

He makes the distinction between the aspects of law that sharia covers: worship, penal law, and personal law. Muslim leaders in Britain are interested only in integrating personal law, he says.

This man is a fool, firstly "Integrating" is clearly the last thing on the minds of anyone demanding sharia law to the UK.

The UK has and has had it's own justice system for hundreds of years and will continue to do so for many hundreds of years to come, so we do not need (or want) sharia law in the UK.

This is clearly the first steps to setting up a seperate system of justice for those in the UK that have no intention of ever becoming fully integrated UK citizens, it is only for those who want to like a life style that is only compatible with an islamic state and the last time I looked the UK was not an Islamic state.

Our answer to these devisive morons is INTEGRATE if you cannot do that then GO AWAY and live in a country that does give you what you claim to want.

However I suspect you whant a good deal more from the UK than it to recoginise a violent and mysognistic system of so called justice called sharia law.

Everything changes but you!

Here is a classic example why we never get anything fixed by politicians (especially those of the divisive and divided “Circus Labour” party)

Of course we all know the reality of walking about alone at night and dont do it, but it seems those we pay huge sums to lead us, DO NOT HAVE A FUCKING CLUE!

Quote 1

Jacqui Smith “Circus Labour” Home Secretary (the most awful in living memory)

Jacqui Smith suffered a barrage of criticism yesterday after admitting she would not feel safe walking the streets after dark.

Quote 2

Diane Abbot “Circus Labour” bloody nuisance just worried bout her seat!

Diane Abbott, the Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, said: "Jacqui is quite wrong to suggest that Hackney is a no-go area for women after dark.

"She is feeding a culture of fear which is bad for our many bars, restaurants, art galleries and other entertainment venues.

"Comments like hers make women unnecessarily fearful. Jackie needs to get to know inner-city London.