Thursday, 1 November 2007

IRAN Some sence at last

We must bomb Iran, says US Republican guru

A senior foreign policy adviser to the Republican frontrunner Rudy Giuliani has urged that Iran be bombed using cruise missiles and "bunker busters" to set back Teheran’s nuclear programme by at least five years.

The tough message at a time of crisis between the United States and Iraq was delivered by Norman Podhoretz, one of the founders of neoconservatism, who has also imparted his stark advice personally to a receptive President George W. Bush.

"None of the alternatives to military action - negotiations, sanctions, provoking an internal insurrection - can possibly work," said Mr Podhoretz.

"They’re all ways of evading the terrible choice we have to make which is to either let them get the bomb or to bomb them."

We totaly agree, having seen what Islam is prepared to do with Aircraft in New Yourk,Hydrogen Peroxide and Chapatti flour on the London underground, and witnessed their total disregard for human life on busses in Israel, on Trains in Madrid, I hate to think what a state like IRAN (whose charming president has already stated his aim is to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth”) will choose to do to the “great Satan” and her allies bomb the fucks now, they hate us anyway so we lose nothing.

The rights and Wrongs of Sarah Kennedy Hic!

Sarah Kennedy, the BBC Radio 2 presenter, has been criticised by her own listeners for claiming that it is hard to see black people in the dark.

The controversial early morning disc jockey interrupted a discussion of road safety to say she had almost run over a black pedestrian because his dark clothes made him "invisible". What is wrong with that? Surely i am not the only person to remember the “wear white at night” campaigns of the 60's / 70’s?

"It's lucky he opened his mouth to yawn or do something and I saw him," she said on her show this morning. Unnecessary but possibly true

In 2000 Kennedy suggested that black people made good runners because they were used to being chased by lions, during an on-air discussion of genetics. Amusing, but unlikely to be true

And the 57-year-old raised eyebrows earlier this year by slurring words on her morning show and leaving sentences unfinished.

Listeners again flooded message boards after she offered to send "panties" to soldiers fighting in Afghanistan to cheer them up and spoke of Princess Diana's 'pink polka blot' dress.

The BBC insisted at the time that her unorthodox performance was the result of breathing difficulties. Ah, a possible explanation at last

Perhaps it's time to put the dear old soul out to pasture?

Justice Spanish Style

A brave Spanish mother who lost her husband and son in the mass murder committed (unsurprisingly) by Muslim terrorists in Madrid on March the 11th 2004 killing 191 and injuring hundreds more.

Has spoken out against Islam’s soldiers of evil, and we feel her words sum up them, and our feelings on them perfectly

"These terrorists are liars and cowards. If they hate the world or can't share it, why not just leave it without taking innocent people with them?

"They are assassins without scruples and they deserve the most severe punishment."

Two Moroccans, Jamal Zougam, 33, and Otman el Gnaoui, 32, were convicted of carrying out the attacks on four commuter trains. A Spaniard, Jose Emilio Suarez Trashorras, 30, was found guilty of supplying the explosives. The defendants laughed inside the courtroom’s bullet-proof glass chamber shortly before the verdicts sentencing them to 40,000 years in jail were delivered.

The sooner these retards learn “there are no virgins waiting for them in paradise” the better.

In the UK we must start telling the Mullahs we shall take the strongest action against any Mosque, Mullah or congregation using its sanctity to preach hatred against this country, its way of life and any of its citizens the sooner the better.

I will also say this once again to any UK muslim.

If You Do Not Like Our Way Of Life Leave, We Are Not Forcing You To Stay, Europe Is A Democracy, You Are Free To Leave And Live In An Islamic State Any Time You Wish your Mulim brothers and sisters will welcome you with open arms.

If You Wish To Stay You Are Welcome, But you must be Prepared To Adopt: Our Way of Life, Our Customs, Our Rules, Our Laws And Our Values, serve in our armed forces, and swear allegiance to our queen and country above all others.