Friday, 26 October 2007

Nan says "It's art" so it cant possibly be porno..................................

Numbered editions of the Klara and Edda belly-dancing by Nan Goldin print in a 30″ x 40″ size from Goldin’s The Devil’s Playground are highly sought after by collectors and sell for thousands of dollars at high-end auction houses like Sotheby’s. (So folks, now you know why no one is being prosecuted over this nasty picture being made, owned or displayed)

The art markets desire to defend Goldin sickens us, and of course the "kings new clothes" spring to mind. Tracey Emmin says her unmade bed is art and shrieks "Idiot" at anyone who denys it what a bunch of fools they are that run the tate!

The "art set" denigrate anyone who "doesnt have the eye" but dont be supprised at this it is the oldest tool in the confidence tricksters book. These con men rely upon peoples vanity and desire to be "part of the in crowd"to seperate them from their money in the name of "art"

Though this seems a perfectly natural moment, the dark open hole of the girl’s vagina is harrowing, (who the fuck would take a picture like that in the first place?) our first thought is that she is about to be raped, or maybe is being raped already the "nasty amateur" porno style composition sure shows clear intent to exploit to me! So how can a porno shot be art worth thousands? Nan says it is, thats how.

and as long "nasty Nan" can rely upon mindless supporters like the cretin quoted below, she can continue to produce kiddie porn as long as she likes

"The Klara and Edda belly-dancing Nan Goldin photo has been exhibited numerous times at major art shows without any controversy. The photo shown here has been blurred slightly to avoid all the Nan Goldin haters out there who claim the Klara and Edda picture is child porn.

Sorry, but it really is art. It may not be your idea of art, but Nan Goldin is a highly respected photographer and artist"

If the self same image had been found on the hard drive of 50 year old guys PC (instead of being acredited to a "respected artist" who rest assured will litigate against any accuser) it would be rapidly condemed for being the the kiddie porn it clearly is and rightly so .
The Police have clearly been got at by the art market on this occasion shame on them.

As for the cretins argument that
it has been exhibited numerous times : Simply because others were taken in by the ART CONMEN and no one complained does not make it right it is still porn.

Please Sir Elton get rid of this nasty image you can afford it, and it will be one less example of a childs nakedness and inocence being exploited for the benefit of adults I wonder how much of the cash the two little girls ever saw!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

We really should be putting the judiciary on trial

96-year-old war veteran & Grandfather Mr Shah Chaudhury was peacefully minding his own business riding a tram in south London.

Stephen Gordon, 44 wanted to pass him.

Mr Chaudhury, a British citizen, was standing in the aisle of the tram because nobody would give up their seat for him. He was gripping a rail with both hands to steady himself when Gordon tried to squeeze by under his arms. In the process Gordon’s hat fell off, triggering the attack, a blow to the victim’s head causing serious injury which has resulted in the victim losing sight in one eye.

The only people who had enough balls to do anything? Two school children who were on the tram chased Gordon and later gave evidence against him,

I really hope the other passengers who sat back and let a frail old man stand and then be assaulted are proud of themselves!

Since this assault the poor mans health has deteriorated to such an extent and he now has to reside in a residential care home

and what sentence does this nasty piece of work receive? a three year supervision order.

We do not know who we are more disgusted with the cowards on the bus or the fool of a magistrate who decided that the vicious waste of skin & oxygen known as Stephen Gordon should not serve a custodial sentence.

Monday, 22 October 2007

At last someone who actualy understands the problem

But, this is the UK, and you can be 100% certain that some lefty wanker will start shrieking that their favoured special interest group is being ofended against!! of course you can be 200% certain they are white unemployed and wrong!

The reason we have such a high level of knife and gun crime in the UK now, is entirley due to "PC motivated activists" screaming that we are racist if we dare to mention the FACT that "black communities" have a higher than average amount of Knife and gun crime commited in their midst, hence we never actualy address the problem and remain living in the fairy tale utopia of PC thought where an inordinate amount of people seem to get shot and stabbed!

Anyway below is the press report

One of Britain's top black police officers is calling for more people from ethnic minorities to be stopped and searched.

Keith Jarrett, (Black Serving Police Officer) the president of the National Black Police Association, said the measure would help the fight against gun and knife crime.

The group had previously questioned the high proportion of black people who were stopped and searched by police.But Mr Jarrett now wants an increase in the policing strategy in black communities to combat inner city gun and knife crime.

In a speech at the group's annual conference in Bristol this week, he will call on Government and police officials to consider increasing stop-and-searches among black people.He believes this will help reduce the number of shootings that have claimed the lives of another two teenagers in the past week. The association, which represents thousands of officers from ethnic minorities, has previously questioned the high proportion of black people stopped and searched by police.

The Macpherson Report in February 1999 into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence condemned the use of stop-and-search.The tactic was blamed by many for precipitating the inner city race riots of the 1980s.But Mr Jarrett told The Observer: "From the return that I am getting from a lot of black people, they want to stop these killings, these knife crimes."And if it means their sons and daughters are going to be inconvenienced by being stopped by the police, so be it."

However Milena Buyum (Irritating, Patronising, White Racial Agitator), the co-ordinator of the National Assembly Against Racism, said the tactic disproportionately affected the black community. "It risks alienating black communities further, and is not a very effective way of catching people who are likely to commit offences," she said.

Who in their right mind wants more young people to die?