Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Anjem Choudary we have your marker sony

Anjem Choudary faces a number of major problems that will prevent him and his unholy rabble ever achieving their stated aim of seen the flag of allah flying over Whitehall. (Check out his bum boy trying to look intelligent in the picture!)

As with all late in life converts, Choudary has a total and unquestioning belief in the version of history taught him by those responsible for his “Brainwashing”. Their fanatical rhetoric has left him with a belief system that is based almost wholly on fictitious people events and deeds.

This works in favour of those who oppose him as he is unable to recognise the non believers strengths, his unwillingness to see Women as anything more than “A mans property” exposes a further flaw in his master plan as Females make up around 50% of the population and they will NOT be subjugated easily putting them in a tent and calling them sister will be no consolation either.

Certainly I know of NOT ONE Woman who is willing to give up their independence on the word of some Paki's imaginary friend.

But Choudary’s biggest mistake is, he forgets we don’t like Nazis in the UK (Or in Europe as a whole) and he and his posturing brainwashed cretin rabble would do well to check a real history book once in a while, to see what we did to the last “Nazi” and his friends who were going bend us all to "their" will and enslave us!

We wiped him, most of his followers and their values, off the face of the planet almost 70 years on we keep a lookout for any sight of a revival their vile Socio Political belief system and stamp on it.

So if Choudary wants to continue enjoying the freedom to follow his adopted religion I suggest he would do well to read his history the real one this time and we advise them to give up any idea of a claim on England and the rest of Britain we will not let them have it without a lot of Muslim blood shed.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Smith admits she has lost control on terror

BRITAIN is at an increased risk of attack from nuclear and dirty bombs, the Government today warns.

Clueless Home Secretary Jacqui Smith unveiled a document with the stark warning of the changing shape of terror threats.

It reveals: Changing technology and the theft and smuggling of CBRNE materials make this aspiration more realistic than it may have been.

The document outlines how terrorists have developed new types of explosives and new ways of using them Smith admitted: The terror threat against the UK remains at severe

Pakistan’s intelligence services are said to have passed information on to intelligence officials in the UK about militants now based in this country. Ms Smith said: We are concerned about the way the threat is evolving. We are concerned about these people travelling back and forth to Pakistan and training in Pakistan.

Smith has had a "brilliant idea" the stupid bint is suggesting

A Home Guard of 60,000 civilians including office workers, retailers and hotel staff across the country will be trained to respond to terrorist threats.

The strategy will involve enlisting the widest range of people and making other citizens more vigilant about the threat of an attack.

By 2011, Britain will be spending 3.5billion a year on counter-terrorism!! the sharp eyed amongst you will quickly realise, this sum is a good deal less than Labour spends assisting criminals and potential terrorists to settle in the UK then providing them with social benefits so they don't have to interrupt their Religious mission of destroying the west by having to work for a living.

Smith listen this is how you solve this whole problem once and for all.

1. Close all Mosques Immediately

2. Make Islam a proscribed system

3. Ban religious dress for everyone not just Muslims

4. Repatriate all Muslims and their family's immediately to whence they came from, those members born here can stay but will not be able to practise Islam and must swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen and denounce Islam (They wont, they will go!)

5. Make it illegal for anyone to cover their face in a public place.

6. Sequestrate ALL Muslim assets in the UK to pay for a new improved boarder force

7. Revoke the human rights act

IS this what Labour has learned in 10 years of protecting the UK (SIC!) the second Home Guard in 63 years, and this one will only get 3 hours training including the Coffee break!!!! the Muslims must be pissing themselves

Something is going on and Labour is behind it

As much as we do not like conspiracy theory's, it seems as though there is a conspiracy at the very highest level of Government to elevate the influence of Islam in the UK.

After 7/7 attacks Tony Blair promised

" We will expel trouble makers" So far LABOUR have FAILED to expel even one Islamic trouble maker from the UK.

"we will close down mosques that preach hate"

To date LABOUR have FAILED to close even one mosque in the UK despite evidence that many still preach hatered against the west.

"We shall close down extremist web sites"

To date LABOUR have FAILED to close ANY Islamic extremist websites, despite promising a crackdown" They have the powers they came in with the Terrorism Act 2006.

The Government is spending £90million trying to divert some of our own citizens (Muslims) from attacking us! Something is fucking wrong somewhere.

If it were the BNP attacking people verbally, Labour would take action so fast your would miss it if you blinked your eye, Yet Muslims attack us verbally and NOTHING ever seems to be done about it (Apart from giving THEM 24 hour Police protection that is) so one has to draw the conclusion someone some where actually WANTS Islam to become dominant dont they!