Thursday, 23 October 2008

At Last!! Someone else has seen through Labour's smoke and mirrors

The Government's efforts to tackle violent crime have been criticised by an influential group of MPs.

Knife crime

Government is guilty of poor distribution of funding, claim MPs

The Public Accounts Committee has accused the Home Office of being slow in ensuring all police forces and crime reduction partnerships have the support they need to reduce gun and knife crime.

The Committee said the Home Office was guilty of poor distribution of funding and described the increase in the number of 15 to 17-year-olds carrying knives between 1998 and 2006 as "worrying".

The report also claimed there were twice as many crimes involving firearms over the same period.

The MPs said funding for Crime Reduction Partnerships - which include police, local councils and residents' groups - was "often one-off and short-term".

They found nearly half of the partnerships did not have enough resources to analyse how much violent crime there was in their areas.

Committee chairman, Edward Leigh said the Home Office and the police needed to tackle the root causes of why youngsters carried knives.

He added: "They need to know a lot more about why youths join gangs and how they can be diverted from membership.

"This whole subject of violent crime is bedevilled by a continuing lack of reliable data on the effectiveness of interventions."

Sky News spoke to one street gang in Manchester, who described why they felt the need to carry weapons: "When you've got a tool in your pocket you feel safer, and more powerful than anyone out there... knives are the easiest thing to pick up.

"You can walk in your kitchen get your mum's big kitchen knife and just walk out. Who's going to know you've got it? You can just throw it away after."

Although overall crime has fallen in recent years, a spate of high-profile knife and gun related attacks has fuelled public concerns over violent crime.

The Home Secretary said the Government was committed to tackling serious and violent crime and action was already underway to address the Public Accounts Committee's concerns.

And to make matter s worse we get some air head "Shock Star" tart posing with a knife as it makes her look more sexy and hard!!

Anti-knife campaigners are furious after a picture emerged of chart-topping singer Katy Perry posing with a three-inch blade. Katy Perry poses with knife

The picture shows Perry posing with a three-inch blade

The 23-year-old Californian singer, whose smash hit record I Kissed A Girl reached number one in 20 countries, is seen posing with the weapon in a publicity shot for her first album.

The photograph, which is easily accessible online, has angered the families of those affected by knife crime, who are concerned the star will set a bad example to teenagers who idolise her.

Richard Taylor, the dad of stab victim Damilola Taylor, told The Sun: "This woman's behaviour is unacceptable.

"She must be out of her mind to pose for a picture like this. There is nothing glamorous about knives - they wreck families."

He added: "Any youngsters seeing her will think it is okay to carry a blade."

Reports suggest the knife was given to Perry to make her look "more sexy" and give her a "harder edge" in promotional shots for her debut album, One Of The Boys.

As long as money is seen as more important than lives we shall be burdened with this imported foreign sickness know as knife crime.

yet more proof the UK justice system no longer works!

Courts across the country are owed more than £500m in unpaid fines!

The number of fines not being paid is rising every year

The latest figures, from the Ministry of Justice, show the amount is growing year on year as magistrates countinue to pile fines on top of fines.

In March 2006 the total owed to the courts was just over £474m - that figure rose to more than £486m in 2007 and, in March this year, increased again to just over £500m.

The figures, which are broken down area by area, show that some regions such as West Yorkshire and Leicestershire, are clawing back the monies they owe, but some are still falling further behind.

In London, for example, courts were owed little over £111m in March 2007 while in March 2008 they were owed more than £117m.

Nick Herbert, shadow justice secretary, said unless all fines are paid, there was no hope of recouping the massive amount of money owed.

He said: "If one in 20 fines goes unpaid, the Government has no hope of recouping the half a billion pounds of unpaid fines still outstanding.

"Thousands of offenders will get away unpunished." (Nothing new there)

The Ministry of Justice say the figures show the total debt owed and include fines which are being collected by installments as well as outstanding monies from previous months/years.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: "The Government takes the issue of fine enforcement very seriously and HM Courts Service is working to ensure clamping down on fine-dodgers is a continued priority nationwide. (As there are owed £500Million we can assume this is total bollocks)

"To ensure we tackle this issue the Government has introduced new enforcement sanctions in the Courts Act 2003, made it easier for people to pay fines and is encouraging the use of new technology such as text message reminders for those who go into default and the creation of teams pro actively chasing outstanding fines. (With £500 Million still owing they are clearly not up to the job)

"We are having success with reductions in the amount outstanding in a number of places across the country, including South Wales, Leicestershire and Devon and Cornwall.

"These improvements are the result of modern, efficient working practices and the implementation of the Courts Act 2003."

A spokesman for Victims Support, added: "An issue that runs alongside this and is perhaps of more importance to the victim is one of unpaid court orders.

"There is a problem when courts impose court orders on people when they are not paid, or paid in dribs and drabs and serve as nothing but an unwelcome reminder of the crime.

"Really, more suitable punishments than fines or court orders should be looked at."

On that point we agree 100%, The solution is SIMPLE build more prisons, This will certainly in the case of Circus Labour, who's gross mismanagement of the legal Justice Police and Prison system in the UK has resulted in them failing to even build those facility's required just to keep up with current demand. But what we need are special debt'ers prisons

Then place all those fined in them, once they have paid up they will get released, they will only be there for as long as it takes them to arrange for payment.

There simply is NO point in fining someone who cannot or will not pay, in such cases only a custodial sentance is the only suitable punishment.

ANY non UK citizens that come before the courts should be expelled at once to whence they came. There is absolutely no point in burdening the tax payer with people who come here and then fail to obey our laws, and none of this we cant send them back their lives may be in danger nonsense, they decided to reject our hospitality and mercy so off they go to what ever fate awaits them and good riddance we say.

Monday, 20 October 2008

The ultimate face of hypocrisy, Gordon Brown the UK's unelected Scott's Prime Minister

This is the face of the man who's party has placed more tax's on the British people than any other government in history, and the man who's party has presided over the largest increase in fuel tax ever seen in the United Kingdom.

And this is the fool who stood back and allowed the fat cats of the banking industry in the UK suckle so much money from the tit of its system that it effectively went bankrupt!

Yet HE calls upon others to make cuts as; he is "Worried about a recession" oh no not for the British people you understand, but for his party after all they HAVE to call an election soon!

gordon brown

Cut your petrol prices or face an inquiry, Brown tells fuel giants

(Oh yes Gordon is so good at talking tough, shame he NEVER backs it up with anything like tough action!)

The Prime Minister demanded more garages follow the lead of Asda, which has slashed pump prices

Petrol prices must fall or firms could face an inquiry, Gordon Brown said last night.

He accused retailers of being quick to charge more when oil prices rise, but of dragging their heels now they are falling. (Circus Labour can never be accused of dragging their heels when it comes to increasing fuel duty to waste on their favorite F'ing special cases :The Foreign, The Ferrel, The Feckless, The Foolish, The Failed:)

Mr Brown demanded that more garages follow the lead of BP, Asda and Morrisons, which have slashed pump prices to less than £1 a litre. The price of a barrel of oil fell from $150 to $71 yesterday, a 14-month low, as fears of recession hit demand.

But Mr Brown said this had not yet been passed on and added that, while the average price is £1.07 a litre, some areas were seeing 'unacceptable' variations of up to £1.20.

'The public know that when oil prices go up, it is reflected very quickly in the pump price,' he said.

'What we want to know is that when oil prices come down, that is also reflected in the pump price.

Be a man just for once Gordon Cut Fuel tax and kick start the economy.