Tuesday, 15 June 2010

"Wog World Cup" decends into violent chaos- Just like we said it would!

WOW The “Wog World Cup" is descending into the kind of crime ridden shambles we always knew it would be, But don't blame us for the bad news we warned you all enough times.

Firstly people are fed up with the noise of those poxy horn things but when anyone complains we are told “They are part of South Africa’s sporting heritage” and we should not expect them to change to suit us!

If only the smelly bastards would adopt that self same attitude when they ship up in the UK on the scrounge for a home cash and benefits and expect us to accept their disgusting practices..

But take heart apparently the stewards rioting at three separate stadia! over wages have merely been misled by a jealous rival company that did not pay enough bribe money!

(Whoops of course what we meant to say was,” by a jealous rival company that that did not bid enough”)

The point is whatever the reason the nasty violent cunts are back to doing one of the few things they are good at RIOTING!!!

And apparently all the thieving is being done by “foreign” criminals targeting the World cup (Yeah we believe you!)

At Cape Town's V and A Waterfront, a popular destination for tourists, one hotel said it was banning guests from taking strangers back to their room after two incidences of theft.

Both victims invited women back to their rooms, only to pass out once back there and come round to find they had been robbed. Laptops, credit cards and mobile phones were taken.

What will it take for people to accept the world cup should NEVER have been given to an African state they ALL crime ridden violent shit holes.

Alan Brazil of Talksport radio refused to get on the plane to SA with the rest of the Talksport team, on the grounds that he has a close friend who owns a security company working there and they are in a total "panic" as they cannot get enough decent security personnel to deal with the huge security problem they are expecting!

Monday, 14 June 2010

The sound of a Billion flies

The appalling droning noise that is spoiling the TV coverage of the 2010 World Cup from BooBoo land is NOT the sound of the Booboozela seen here being blown by the idiot BooBoo and his white trash whore.

Its actually the sound of the billions of flies attracted by the smelly bastards above and below.