Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Conservative Party losing ground

Today's London Times carries an article showing that David Cameron’s Torys are not doing terribly well against Labour in the marginal areas of the UK.

Quite why anyone would feel that the fact David Cameron is losing the battle with Gormless Brown is headline news, is frankly amusing.

It merely reinforces the point that the conservative party have selected a leader so weak, that the only thing the political commentators can find to write about him is that he is not doing terribly well against the current criminally inept incumbent!

This all leads me to the conclusion that the Conservatives have no intention of winning the next election, as they know the next parliament will be a poisoned chalice and wish to wait until they can come back at a totally destroyed nation with a true right wing agenda.

At least I hope that is their strategy if not I can only assume they are finished as a credible political body.