Friday, 17 July 2009

Smith finaly admits what we told you MONTHS ago, she was simply not qualified for the role of Home Secretary

Smith admits total lack of ability

Jacqui Smith

We told you all on the day she was given the job she was clueless and now Smith herself confirms our view.

Jacqui Smith feared "she was not up to being home secretary" and is now bleating on that "she had not been given any training for the role"

Smith actually admits

"I had never run a major organisation" before accepting the job in 2007 and how shit is Browns judgement, to appoint someone so clearly inadequate as Home Secretary!

Thats rich then why did this feckless bint puts herself up for election in the first place? No doubt she needed to show what an empowered Woman she is or some other Socialist clap trap.

The fact is Smith is a typical Liebour ponce she took our money THEN tells us its not her fault she FAILED! shame she did not consider that before sticking her nose in the trough!

Like we said from day one

We would love to see her try to park a car!

Good riddence to bad rubbish