Saturday, 8 December 2007

Summit of Equal's? Bollocks!

Portuguese PM Jose Socrates called the first meeting of EU and African leaders for seven years a "summit of equals"
What a load of bullshit!

The UK is a net contributor to the "Conmen Market" so we are best described as a "Putter Iner" the African nations are all corrupt "Taker Outers" as they all depend on huge sums of foreign aid just to survive, yet our leaders are too scared to say "no more if you dont use it for the good of your people instead of hiding it for your own use in Switzerland".

The majority of EU states phoney economies are proped up by the huge sums paid in the the prosperous UK economy thus making them
"Taker Outers" .

How dare this Portuguese loser claim the UK the main is "equal" to this bunch of
"Taker Outers" , we are the only "Putter Iner" contributing anything to the pot! They would all love to be OUR equals but are too corrupt to even come close.

A basic maths lesson 2 taking out does NOT equal 1 putting in WANKERS

Friday, 7 December 2007

Good for them oh fuck they blew it

Teenage girls are not as easily swayed by the bad behaviour of celebrities as is sometimes thought, a survey has revealed.

The majority of teenagers questioned for Sugar magazine and drugs information service Frank condemned stars like Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan as "stupid".

Only 5% of the 1,700 11 to 18-year-olds questioned believed stars' excessive lifestyles were cool, while more than 80% said the stars looked stupid and needed help. Hurrah

But, despite their dismissal of the celebrities' behaviour,teenagers still "felt under pressure" (Bollocks they want to take them) to take drugs, with 13% saying they had tried them. See I told you they blew it!

UK gets tough with Mugabe

Gordon Brown the UK’s unelected Prime Minister finally gets tough with Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe, So how does Gordon decide to show what the UK thinks of this madman’s destruction of Zimbabwe? He gives up his place on a gravy train junket, now that is what we call really getting tough! Can these people not see the UK is being made a laughing stock?

I bet Mugabe is pleased as punch, nice free junket and no annoying unelected Jock carping on at him.

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is boycotting an EU-Africa summit in Lisbon because it is being attended by Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe.

Mr Brown has said he will not sit at the same table as Mr Mugabe, because of his human rights record

The utterly spineless Portuguese lawyer Jose Manuel Barroso, the current European Commission President has a different view:

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso attacked the move saying leaders should be prepared to meet people of whom they do not approve.

The African dictators (sorry) delegates clearly approve of Mr Mugabe’s government’s esoteric style of rule and made the following stand to ensure this paragon of virtue was present.

Mr Mugabe faces a travel ban in Europe but he was allowed to attend the summit after African leaders threatened to stay away if he was not invited.

But what is the purpose of the "Summit" anyway?

The official reason:

The two-day Lisbon summit will include the launch of a new partnership between the EU and Africa to tackle issues such as development, good governance, peace, security, migration, energy and climate change.

The truth:

In reality is it is about giving the wogs an opportunity to parade about in a nice western cut suit and pretend to be international leaders, thus lending some legitimacy to their almost wholly illegitimate premierships, at the same time they will be lobbying all and sundry about increasing the amount of foreign aid they ponce off us!!!!!

A source close to Gordon claimed the PM had said, "If only Zimbabwe had oil instead of a few white farmer's, then we could really get tough with them"!!!!!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

We know what we want ,we just cant add up how much it costs!!!!

Children up and down the country are fine-tuning their Christmas lists, looking to add to a record net worth of gadgets and gizmos in their bedrooms. Research says the average child in Britain now owns £1,720 worth of goods in their bedroom - 7% up on last year.

Wow dude fantastic news! We are creating a UK generation of “Spoiled Brats” who just like their American contemporaries, know the desirability and cool factor of every Gadget, Toy, Celebrity and junk food item on the planet yet according to recent reports on literacy they would struggle to read a review or work out the price of any of them!!!

UK secondary school students have slipped down an international league table of reading and maths standards. Based on test results in 2006, the UK has lost its top 10 positions for both subjects it held seven years ago.

NOW... will you belive their

fannys go sideways?

Chinese Woman with back to front feet

Monday, 3 December 2007

UK Indian women 'aborting girls'

Well well well the BBC has finally caught up with what is "common knowledge" that Indians will kill female children so as to have the chance of producing a (More highly valued) male child, Just goes to show how caring these wonderful people are and how lucky the UK is to have so many of them living here.

A study suggests Indian women in the UK are aborting unborn daughters so they can have more boys, the BBC's Asian Network has learned.

The Oxford University study suggests 1,500 girls are "missing" from the birth statistics in England and Wales from 1990 to 2005

One British woman, who spoke to the BBC anonymously, said she had an abortion after a doctor in India found she was to have a fourth daughter.

"Unfortunately it was another girl. My husband and I thought the burden would probably be too much and the pressure when I got back home. So we decided to terminate," she said.

In Indian culture, the preference for boys over girls is well known.

Getting rid of baby girls is a practice that is so widespread in some parts of India that it has skewed dramatically the ratio of males to females.

Female foeticide, as it is known, has been illegal in India since the early 1980s.

It is also illegal to offer scans to find out the sex of a baby - but the law is regularly flouted and many UK women make the trip to India where obtaining a scan purely for purpose of sexing an unborn child is easy if you have the correct amount of money, Ah the hypocratic Oath at its worst!!!!.

Once again this illustrates the dangers of allowing alien cultures to be imported, only for them to potentially upset the population balance of the UK, OH GREAT!!!!!

OH goody the crims have signed up

Considering how much the USA apart from China the biggest consumers of energy on the planet! owes the UN in unpaid dues, and how many votes any US party would lose if they as much as suggested that their citizens should reign in their energy use further than they have already. I am frankly surprised that anyone is remotely surprised they have not yet signed up, personally I will be surprised if they ever do, makes the whole thing a bit pointless doesent it!

BALI, Indonesia (Reuters) - Australia raised hopes of global action to fight climate change on Monday by agreeing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, isolating the United States at U.N.-led talks in Bali as the only rich nation not in the pact

Time to cut the Imigrant dead wood loose

It would seem "Circus Labour" those stalwart defenders of the rights of the Foolish the Feckless and the Feral whoship up at our ports and demand entry & imediate financial support should now end their love affair with these foreigners who have contributed NOTHING to this nations success, refuse them entry and start making sure our own nationals are better cared for.

LONDON (Reuters) - Tens of thousands more children in Britain are living below the poverty line, a report found on Monday, as MPs questioned Gordon Brown's commitment to eradicating child poverty.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation said one in three children live in poverty and that little progress has been made in the past three years. It recommended increasing public sector pay

Yet more "Circus Labour" Ponces Caught Out

A former mayor and his wife have been jailed for 15 months and eight months respectively for falsely claiming almost £50,000 in benefits.

John Walker, 57, the former mayor of Sefton, and his wife Catie, 43, were found guilty of conspiracy to defraud.

The court heard that the "Circus Labour" councillor stated on forms submitted between 1999 and 2004 that he suffered from the muscle condition fibromyalgia, ME and had severe disabilities which meant he needed round-the-clock care from his wife.

He listed "heavy night sweats" and swollen hands, arms and legs as effects of the illnesses and said walking long distances caused extreme pain and discomfort.

At the same time she was working as a taxi driver and the former mayor was claiming expenses in his council role.

The pair were caught out when fraud inspectors filmed Walker as mayor attending lengthy civic functions and making political speeches.

This pair of theives clearly took the "circus Labour" mantra of "Dont do as we do, Do as we tell you" a little too much to heart!!!

Islam 1 - Britain 0 again!

When faced with the fact that one of our citizens, that has been misguidedly been working to improve the lives of those forgotten by their own government yet has been imprisoned on trumped up charges of “Insulting Islam” by a Backward, Barbaric, Misogynist & Xenophobic Islamic but of course “Oil Rich” state; What does our unelected PM do? he sends two Muslims (No one else will be listened to) to beg for leniency.

The UK should of course, have been letting the Sudan know in no uncertain terms what will happen if they do not instantly release her unharmed and what will happen if they ever dare to take similar action against a UK citizen in the future. The peers on this ocassion were sucessful in getting this feeble minded woman released, so what do we then allow this feeble minded woman to do?

Answer: We allow her to make the following grovelling statement.

"I have been in Sudan for only four months but I have enjoyed myself immensely. I have encountered nothing but kindness and generosity from the Sudanese people," she said, in a statement read by British Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, one of the peers who met Bashir.

"I have great respect for the Islamic religion and would not knowingly offend anyone. I am sorry if I caused any distress."

This is exactly why Islamicist’s see the UK as the perfect host within which to grow their extremist culture, Why they have already won the battle for Britain, and why we have so many extremists here. They know we are a soft touch, with weak leaders who care more about offending Islam than defending us from the enemy within.

Banksy now vandalising the middle east

Well we shall so how fucking “Elusive” he is when the Israeli security forces find him defacing something they do not want ficked with! and hopefully blow the vandal wanker away,

Oi Wanksy this NOT Islington they don’t take your kind of shit well down there I do hope he gets an extended chance to “decorate” a cell in one of their delightful prisons, what a cock this block is!

His own PR agency (No shit the peoples painter has employed his own) no doubt released this to Reuters

BETHLEHEM, West Bank (Reuters) - Graffiti artist Banksy is trying to bring cheer and boost tourism in Bethlehem this Christmas with a series of subversive murals in the town revered as Jesus' birthplace.

The elusive street artist has painted six provocative new images -- including a dove of peace strapped with a bulletproof vest and a young girl with pigtails frisking an Israeli soldier -- on buildings around the West Bank town.

Our nation faces no greater challenge

Than the fact that apparently our National anthem 'could be considered anti-Scots'

Of course it is!!! When it was written it was the ENGLISH national anthem there was no concept of “Greater Britain” at that time, and the Scotts where as they are now, a race of Overweight, Red Headed Pain's in the Arse. With too much to say that no one wants to hear!

Our message to this once great nations “Unelected Prime Minister” Leave the National Anthem alone, Leave the Union Flag alone, concentrate or the real issues that affect us, such as protecting our nation from enemies within, who wish to impose their way of life and wider socio-political & so called spiritual systems upon us, by force if they deem it necessary.

Great Britain was only created when we bought the totally conquered nations of Scotland Eire Cornwall Oh and nearly forgot them Wales, under the military and financial protective umbrella of ENGLAND!

Here is the view of “Circus Labour’s” ringmasters appointed idiot.

Lord Goldsmith, the former attorney general now leading a citizenship review for Gordon Brown, has suggested, The national anthem is not inclusive and should perhaps be changed, well here it is in all its glory . I cannot see a thing wrong with it CAN YOU?

1. God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen

2. O Lord our God arise
Scatter her enemies
And make them fall
Confound their politics
Frustrate their knavish tricks
On Thee our hopes we fix
God save us all

3. Thy choicest gifts in store
On her be pleased to pour
Long may she reign
May she defend our laws
And ever give us cause
To sing with heart and voice
God save the Queen

4. Not in this land alone
But be God's mercies known
From shore to shore
Lord make the nations see
That men should brothers be
And form one family
The wide world over

5. From every latent foe
From the assassins blow
God save the Queen
O'er her thine arm extend
For Britain's sake defend
Our mother, prince, and friend
God save the Queen

6. Lord grant that Marshal Wade
May by thy mighty aid
Victory bring
May he sedition hush
And like a torrent rush
Rebellious Scots to crush
God save the King