Thursday, 4 June 2009

Curvy is NOT Cool.... It means you're FAT.

A number of so called "Female stars" are claiming that Curvy is cool and they love their curvy looks and big bums! They may well love the look but as we pay for the drinks and the dinners I feel we as men should have a say, Watch out chaps this is the start of the rot so a line must be drawn.

The ONLY reason we have any in the UK women of manageable proportions in our pubs clubs and bars, is the fact they are trying to emulate the size zero role models they are given by magazines and the press.

Release them from that one small burden they have to carry to get their free dinners and drinks and it will be all over.

The second the Vannsssa Feltz look is accepted by female "celebs" too lazy to put in the hours at the gym, and too greedy to turn down that extra portion of chocolate cake.

We shall be faced with an epidemic of women of such colossal proportions it would be a brave man that wants to risk a night in bed with one (You could get rolled on) and a rich man that can afford to feed one.

Nah Fat is Fat slim is cool.

She sees Brown for what he is!

And WE all KNOW exactly what she is!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Man without a Mandate

Gordon Brow the UK's one eyed, unelected Scott's Prime Minister demonstrates the one thing he is any good at.

This thick skinned clown is 'in power' but not 'in control', he has no mandate to govern from the British public and never has had! and given the actions of his "own people" Smith, Blears, Hewitt, Chaytorand and Watson to name but a few of the Rats leaving his sinking premiership he clearly has no mandate from his very own Liebour party either.

Do the UK a real service and Go NOW Brown and take you motley band of corrupt failures with you.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The best news of 2009

The badly upholstered sofa AKA Jacqui Smith is to 'resign' as Home Secretary.

Of course we all know very well the truth is she has been told to go, as she is such a liability to Liebour but typically Liebour rather then tell the truth are spinning it as usual.

This clueless bint should never have been offered, let alone accepted the role of Home secretary and her tenure as Home Secretary will be remembered only for her colossal incompetence.

We find it stunning that those who profess to "Have the best interest of the public" as their number one priority remain clinging to power, far beyond the point when it has become clear to anyone but a blind deaf cretin,
that they are so far out of their depth throwing them a life line of any kind is complete waste of time and effort. However we do understand it must be soooooo hard to give up the luxuries and porno so kindly provided by the tax payer!!

We told you she was clueless when she was appointed and yet again the Smugboard has been proven to be 100% CORRECT and yes we would still like to see Smith try and parallel park a car!

We say "Good Riddance" to expensive shoddy rubbish.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Emin "Idiot Sauvant"?

According to her "PR" material (And we quote)

"Tracy Emin is a kind of Susan Boyle of art, an "idiot savant" outsider who represents no one but herself. But that doesn't mean she isn't an interesting, even a good artist!" (We beg to differ)

This is of course only partially correct Emin IS without a doubt an "idiot savant" however her gifts lay not in Art, but in her undoubted gift as a confidence trickster.

Over the years Emin has placed before those, terrified of being ridiculed as blind or "unable to comprehend the deeper meaning of their art" by Emin and her ilk.

A shed, an unmade bed, Three neon lamps proclaiming "I Know" a list of names and various other piles of irrelevant rubbish, that could have been found and arranged by any alert three year old.

These are all presented as "Art" by Emin, however the skilled observer sees them for what they really are, a test designed by Emin to see just how far the "Gullibility" of those claiming to be "in tune with her art" can be stretched!

In short it is nothing more a Con Trick or if you prefer a Power Game of the same order as the "Kings new Clothes" the problem being public money is now being spent on exhibiting this tripe.

Everything about this aggressive trickster shouts "Go on I dare you to say its not art" those mice who inhabit the shadows of the art world will of course never utters as much a squeak against the queen of Con.

WE on the other hand make real art out of this nonsense, by "exposing its true meaning to the whole world".

Who is next for the nut house?

Gordon Brown (The unfortunate UK's unelected Scott's PM) feels sorry for the "Hairy Angel" the mad hairy Scott's bint used up by Simon Cowell and his greedy "Reality TV buddies" for yet another nice little earner on "Britain's got talent" (From what we have seen "oh no it fucking hasn't" would be far more appropriate) and shipped off to "The Priory"

Yet even when faced with the reality that his "Party" has debased this nation to the status of yet another third world shit hole, riddled with graft and one rule for the leaders and one rule for the mugs who pay their wages.

Brown "insists he has no intention of quitting Number 10"

Well we feel sorry for "US" the mug tax payer. and reading Browns intent above we think HE deserves to be in there with her he is clearly barking.

Eminem Thinks Sach Baron Cohen made him look stupid

Er...... Fact is its Eminem that makes Eminem look stupid!