Thursday, 20 November 2008

You gave it to the Goddam Banks now gives us our fair share

These are of course the words the CEO's of Ford GM and Crysler would have like to have used when they flew their private jets to Washington to demand their fair share of free public money.

And lets not forget they don't want the money for their benefit NO it is for the good of America! (Yeah Right)

before you read the rest of this it is worth knowing a few facts:
World No1 sucessful Car Maker Toyota CEO earns $1Million None of the CEO's of the failing Ford, GM or Crysler earns less than $8million

For the good of America, the auto titans argued to Congress, their businesses must be saved...while holding the gun of jobs at our backs.

GM even put out a YouTube video about the potential job losses (which stock analyst Henry Blodget rightly called "propaganda terrorism") saying that between the Big Three, there are:

239,000 employees
775,000 retirees and surviving spouses dependent on pensions and benefits 610,000 workers employed by suppliers 740,000 employees at 14,000 dealerships One of every 10 jobs-13 million people-are reliant on the US auto industry, the video claimed, and if all of the Big Three's US operations ceased in 2009, nearly 3 million US jobs would be lost, with a huge blow to the economy.

"We can loan $25 billion now...or lose $156 billion later. What will WE do?" it concluded.

It's Not About the Jobs That's right America: It's your problem. Just like the banks and insurance companies and everybody else we've been bailing out because they're "too big to let fail."

After the roughly $2 trillion already committed to stemming the credit crisis, an additional $25 billion in public money for the automakers (on top of the $25 billion loan program created by Congress in September to help them develop more fuel-efficient vehicles) seems almost trivial.

But it isn't.

Not only is it a moral hazard to reward unprofitable business practices, it's fundamentally wrong and anti-capitalistic.

It wasn't about the jobs when the automakers sent so much of their manufacturing overseas; that was about the bottom line.

It wasn't about the jobs when they built, and then destroyed, the EV-1 electric car program.

It wasn't about the jobs when they made decades of shoddy vehicles consumers shunned in favor of better products from foreign manufacturers.

It's only about the jobs when it costs them. For over 50 years, the Big Three have fought anything that was good for the public but which might cost them some profits, like installing $25 catalytic converters to reduce emissions, adding mandatory seatbelts, or making a serious investment in cleaner, next-generation vehicles. Then they're willing to spend millions to fight it.

They have staunchly opposed fuel efficiency standards for decades, and ignored the impending threat of peak oil even as oil prices drove them out of business. General Motors began dismantling urban mass transit in the US in 1922, and has disrupted countless attempts at public transit ever since.

GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz even had the gall to call global warming a "a total crock of sh*t."

(For a painfully detailed history on the Big Three's shenanigans, check out Taken for a Ride by Jack Doyle, and the 1996 documentary film of the same name by Jim Klein.)

Even as the automakers created those all-important jobs while building their businesses, they also committed the entire country to an unsustainable infrastructure of far-flung suburbs and endless roads.
We're about to pay an enormous price for that.

As it turns out, what has been good for GM is not good for the country in the long term.

Here is our simple guide to how to vote on Strictly Come Dancing


This is our simple to follow how to vote on Strictly Come Dancing,

Young Marketable Scrubber Stay Balding old Wrinkly GO

Given the fact the owners of “Strictly Come Dancing” sole purpose for the show is for them to make huge sums of money by ensuring that only a young marketable candidate wins.

They have now made it crystal clear that they will no longer tolerate the public ruining there plans by voting for people THEY feel should win! by changing the rules for the next series.

They have also done a deal with John Sargent to leave the show immediately, and for anyone who thinks he may just have done the decent thing! You do not actually think he went of his own accord do you?

He is a “TV personality, publicity is his oxygen he would have got more work from this, than the last 20 years he did NOT jump he was pushed.

So why bother putting cash in the show owner’s pockets by bothering to vote?

If you do must be very very stupid! The only thing your vote can archive is to put cash the hands of people who have rigged a show in favor of THEIR chosen winner!"

Get these cynical wankers OUT of TV now

After we had written this piece we saw this which just PROVES how cynical the whole fucking thing is.

The political correspondent has a contract to give after-dinner speeches and show off his dance skills on a cruise that includes a trip through the Panama Canal.

The trip begins six days after his last appearance on the BBC1 talent show, on Saturday night, and has prompted speculation he quit because he had expected to be voted out by viewers before the holiday started.

Sergeant, 64, has denied there is any connection between the trip and his decision to leave the programme, whose final episode will be broadcast on the Saturday before Christmas.

"I do have a contract with a cruise liner to take me through the Panama Canal in a couple of weeks, but that didn't have anything to do with it," he insisted.

He will appear on the P&O vessel Oceana, which is scheduled to visit nine countries in 14 days. A spokesman for P&O said: "No doubt John will give some tango tips."

Judges on the show have criticised the public for keeping Sergeant on the show, saying that what started as a "joke" vote for the worst performer was no longer funny.

In a statement, Sergeant said: "I am sorry to say I have decided to leave Strictly Come Dancing.

"It was always my intention to have fun on the show and I was hoping to stay in as long as possible. The trouble is that there is now a real danger that I might win the competition. Even for me that would be a joke too far.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Damien Hirst: 'My work's been overpriced'

Damien Hirst has admitted that some of his work has been "overpriced". (We would say ALL his work but we don't want to split hairs)

Damien Hirst: Beautiful Inside My Head Forever
Pill popping glory: Beautiful Inside My Head Forever Photo: SOTHEBY'S

The world's biggest-earning artist also welcomed the downturn that has hit auction rooms in recent weeks, describing it as "quite good" that prices were receding. (well as a multi millionaire, he can afford to say that cant he!!)

In September a ground-breaking sale of his new works fetched £111million at Sotheby's, with the top lot The Golden Calf selling for more than £10m alone.

But the 43-year-old multi-millionaire said that one painting of four skulls, that failed to sell in New York last week, was priced too high.

Beautiful Artemis Thor Neptune Odin Delusional Sapphic Inspirational Hypnosis Painting, had been estimated to sell for up to £2m.

But Hirst told The Independent the painting "was overpriced" adding: "It was bought from me less than a year ago at half the price." (in other words he has the prick, because "art" dealers are making too much out of his work)

He said that the fall in prices at auction was "quite good ... because it became unreal". (No Damon you are fucking unreal)

"You start to think you are touched by God. (See told you so!) I have always thought that art is worth what the next guy is prepared to pay."
That was part of his reason for wanting to bring more than 200 new works straight to Sotheby's rather than selling them at fixed prices through galleries.

He went on to say that he would be likely to sell his works at lower prices in the future to reflect the economic climate.

"If I want to sell new work, I'll price it lower," he said. (That is the best way to get back at those profiteering art dealers isn't it lovey)

"If people have got less money, you can either just shut your door and say, 'Screw everybody' or I can wait until everyone can afford my work or price it cheaper." (Please do us all a favor and STOP)

A Muslim admitting they are trying to kill us? there just has to be a BUT somewhere

An NHS doctor who crashed into Glasgow Airport in a car packed with gas canisters says he told the police officers who arrested him that he was a terrorist.

Abdulla and Asha terror trial

The moment the truck crashed into Glasgow Airport

Iraqi Bilal Abdulla, 29, said he told Scottish police just minutes after his arrest that he was a terrorist.

WAIT FOR IT!!! ............................................................................................................................................

BUT, he was not part of a conspiracy to kill or injure anyone.

I knew we could rely upon a filthy Muslim to have an excuse for murdering non believers. But this has to be the least well thought through one I have ever heard.

Presumably he was only taking a vehicle into the terminal to drop off one of hundreds of "disabled " relatives on a tax payer subsidized flight to wogistan to visit their Islamic approved chiropractor so that they did not have to over exert themselves.

When the vehicle unexpectedly exploded.


Sunday, 16 November 2008

They just keep reverting to type dont they!

Aside from actually believing that wearing ridiculous clothes and drinking Crystal Champagne,gives them some kind of "class"

It also a given that the "Biggest and Baddest" of the UK nigger community cannot even be trusted to behave at their very own urban "music?" awards.

Which had to be abandoned amid scenes of stabbing fighting and guns being drawn at the O2 in south London last night.

So apart from turning vast areas of South London into crime ridden third world shit holes, what have these stroppy ludicrously dressed muppets contributed to the UK?