Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Murders in Mumbai are apparently all our fault

I was reading a piece in a newspaper about the murder of innocent people by Islamic terrorists in Mumbai and saw this "comment".

"I think this is the result of Americans and British government policies. If you are gonna invade other countries, especially Muslim countries for no reason except hatred, you will be avenged. Millions of Muslims been killed by Indian troops in Kashmir and by America in IRAQ and Afghanistan, no one takes notices. But only 200 or 300 people are killed you create a hype. Ok, tell me one thing, each day American troops kill hundreds of people in IRAQ, for what ??? I do not conclude the Mumbai massacre as right or wrong, but the result will always be like what happened in Mumbai."

Once again the Muslim "Victim Mentality" is very much to the fore and exaggeration is at the usual level, this is typical of any Muslim in the world, the Muhllas brainwash them in every mosque every day of the year.

The fact is Islam's brainwashing of its subjects to rise up against the western oppressors the Kafirs will cause the third world war sensible people the whole world over can see it coming, yet the politicians instead of taking a firm line in which a few of them will lose their "political heads" now. are happier keeping their heads by procrastinating and posturing that Muslims are not a threat to the west, only for the rest of us to lose our real heads in an inevitable future global possibly nuclear conflict with Islam

Monday, 8 December 2008

This Muslim "Wanker" kills two because he argued with his wife

A Muslim, who killed two people in a car crash, had been masturbating moments before he caused the fatal accident, a court was told on Monday.

Imran Hussain, 32, who was twice over the legal alcohol limit, was pleasuring himself and driving at speeds of up to 120 mph when he ploughed into the back of a Fiat Punto carrying a family who were heading for a trip to the United States.

The smash killed Gary Proctor, 47, and his 16-year-old son James.

Manchester Crown Court heard that motorists who came to Hussain's aid afterwards saw that his penis was partially exposed, the Press Association reported.

"At the least it must have been a symptom you were not giving your full attention to driving," said Judge Andrew Blake.

The court was told that Hussain had rowed with his wife hours before the crash in August, and had gone out drinking with friends as well as visiting a lap-dancing club.

CCTV footage caught him staggering to the counter at a petrol station where he threatened to kill the cashier.

In the moments before the crash, other motorists reported to police their concerns after seeing his powerful 4x4 Audi Q7 car swerving across lanes of the M62 motorway.

The fatal accident occurred when he veered from the outside lane of the motorway into the Proctors' car.

Prosecutor Andrew Nuttall said police had examined his mobile phone and discovered that he had called an escort agency less than 30 minutes before the smash but it had been closed.

Christian Downard, one of those who had alerted police, went with two friends to Hussain's aid. He saw that Hussain's semi-erect penis was out of his trousers.

"His attempts to contact the agency and the finding of him with an erect penis out of his trousers indicates that he was sexually excited and clearly handling his penis whilst he was driving and at the time of the collision," Nuttall said.

Catherine Proctor, 44, the victims' wife and mother who was in the car at the time, said the family had been heading to the airport to go on a holiday to New York and Florida.

"No words or sentence will ever describe the devastation that we feel," she said in a statement. "No one should ever go through the nightmare I have suffered over the last four months."

Hussain, from Bradford, was jailed for eight years after admitting two counts of causing death by dangerous driving and one charge of driving with excess alcohol. He made no apology to the family

He was also banned from driving for 15 years.

What a scumbag