Friday, 30 May 2008

Saving energy is important.......... but...............................

Energy efficiency is clearly not as important as keeping local bureaucrats busy by filling out the correct forms.
what a joke these small minded WANKERS are.

England's highest pub has been brought down to earth after a makeover it was given as part of a nationwide advertising campaign landed it in trouble with planning authorities.

Home improvement firm Everest recently returned to the Tan Hill Inn, which stands 1,732ft above sea level in the Yorkshire Dales, where it made its first television commercial 22 years ago.

It featured the late Ted Moult allowing a feather to flutter down inside double glazed windows to demonstrate their draft-proof qualities during extreme weather.

Now a new marketing drive has been launched with a modern makeover of the stone-built premises involving energy efficient windows and solar panels.

But not all viewers have been impressed by the changes, with planning officials realising that they had not authorised the work.

Homeowners have not needed permission to install alternative energy technologies such as solar panels since April 6, but this does not extend to commercial properties.

Tracy Daly, 42, landlady of the Tan Hill, said: "We thought all the paperwork would have been sorted out before Everest came in to do the work.

"I thought the council would have wanted us to do our bit for the climate but it seems they’re more interested in filling out the paperwork."

The advert shows Craig Doyle, a sports presenter, walking in as the finishing touches are being applied to a new set of windows.

For its part the pub received about £90,000’s worth of equipment, including the new windows, the solar water heating panels and a new boiler.

Ms Daly, who took over the pub three years ago, added: "When Everest asked us if they could use the pub again for their TV commercials, we thought it would be great publicity for us and we could get the extra improvements done at no cost to ourselves."

The panels will have to be removed unless the company can obtain retrospective permission from the local authority.

Tom Stirling, of Richmondshire District Council, said the solar panels need building regulation consent, planning permission and probably listed building consent as well.

"Obviously we’re not going to be draconian about this, so we hope to speak to the owners again shortly and help them complete the necessary paperwork," he added. (but they are of course going to be fucking dogmatic about it!!!)

Clearly Operation Trident will have to run for a very very very long time, Thank you whoever opened the gates.

After reading the following report on the Reuters website, it became crystal clear to us that violence is endemic amongst black communities all over the world.

Indeed it would appear to people who are perhaps unaware of any other possible
explanation that it is in fact "Instinctive Behaviour"

But at least we in the UK can now stop worrying that the tide of black on black crime in the UK is being seen as a product of white prejudice, racism and deprivation this clearly has nothing to do with it

Blacks Run South Africa all by themselves, and look how violent it is there
Nice Job Guys, Nice job.
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - I only realised how serious the attacks were when I saw a photograph of a man being burnt alive in a township east of Johannesburg.

Having worked as a photographer in South Africa for more than 10 years, I was no stranger to violence: I had seen angry people chanting slogans, blocking roads and destroying property.

But burning a man alive was evil and barbaric, a flashback to the worst violence under apartheid when opponents of the white minority government were shot and tortured by police and informers were "necklaced" with burning tyres.

That photograph of the burnt man was not mine, but in the following days I came face-to-face with this new brutality as attacks on immigrants spread across Johannesburg and to other cities.

In one informal settlement, I found a badly beaten man who had narrowly escaped being burnt. He was lying a few steps from a pile of partly burnt plastic and paper.

Residents said a mob tried to burn him but ran away when some of the locals approached.

In the worst violence since the end of apartheid 14 years ago, angry people stabbed, clubbed and burnt migrants from other parts of Africa, accusing them of taking jobs and fuelling South Africa's notoriously high levels of crime.

At least 50 African migrants were killed and up to 100,000 were forced to flee their homes. Thousands of immigrants from Mozambique and crisis-torn Zimbabwe returned home.

The outbreak started on May 11 in Johannesburg's Alexandra township -- across the city from Soweto where I was born -- before spreading through shantytowns and townships around the financial and industrial capital.

Then, the attacks spread down to Cape Town and east to the port city of Durban.

The explosion of deadly anger dealt a blow to the international image of a country that calls itself the "Rainbow Nation", making investors wonder just how stable Africa's biggest economy really was.

It surprised and disappointed me.


On May 18, I received a call from a colleague who told me foreigners were being chased and beaten in central Johannesburg.

This was just a day after I had returned from assignment in Malawi, where people are so humble, warm and happy to have a visitor from another country.

I grabbed my cameras and went to town.

When I arrived, I was amazed by the number of police who were driving around, searching and arresting suspects.

I thought the trouble would pass, but I was wrong.

Later that day, after I had finished filing my pictures, I was shocked to see photos taken from other areas, including that picture of a man being burnt alive.

I decided to go to Reiger Park, an informal settlement east of Johannesburg, and the place where the man was burnt.

When I got there, I saw hundreds of young men with sticks, knives, pangas (machetes) and spears, angrily shouting that they wanted all the foreigners out of South Africa.

I found the injured man who had nearly been burnt in front of a shack.

I kept shooting pictures but then some people from the mob told us they didn't want the media there. This happens most of the time when you try to take photographs in tense situations in South Africa. But this time, it looked serious.

They came up to us, threatening us and wielding their weapons. We could see the anger in their eyes.

We stopped taking pictures and only returned when we thought it was safe, sometimes going back in with the police.

But it was a difficult situation. The mob threw stones at the photographers and the police occasionally fired shots to disperse the crowd.

I've covered violence before but this was bad. I was disappointed that my countrymen had turned against their brothers and sisters from countries that had helped us during apartheid.

South Africa's government has been criticised for its slow reaction to the violence and for not addressing the poverty that is widely blamed for the bloodshed.

Last Sunday, President Thabo Mbeki called the wave of attacks a "disgrace", and said the government would act firmly to curb the bloodshed.

The Photo journalist who wrote this was.........................................................................................


Thursday, 29 May 2008

From the mouths of babes,

You can always rely upon children to tell it as it is.

We at the Smugboard have always known Gypsies are lying thieving low life scum, with the Romanian and Albanian varieties being the worst of the worst, closely followed by the misnamed Irish "travellers".

But it has taken Italian School children to do what politico's in any Eurozone country will never do and tell the world "We do not like you or the way you behave so start behaving like civilised human beings or we will get tough with you"

The children, aged between 9 and 11 years old, are pupils at San Giuseppe Bosco, near a camp at Ponticelli that has been repeatedly attacked by Italian locals.

Locals first set fire to the camp two weeks ago in retaliation to stories that a gypsy girl had tried to steal a baby elsewhere in the city. Since then it has been repeatedly attacked, with more petrol bombs launched at its makeshift buildings.

Teachers at the school had set the children the task of explaining how they felt about the persecution of the gypsies. The response was an alarming series of drawings and essays, many of which supported the vigilante action.

“The gypsies steal children to transplant their organs,” wrote one child.

“We are not racist, but if they want to stay they have to stop stealing,” wrote another.

One crayon drawing showed burning buildings with a mob outside shouting “Fight, fight!” and “Get out of here, Roma!”

The attacks and essays come against a backdrop of growing intolerance to immigrants, fuelled by hard-line partners in the new government of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

A report by Amnesty International yesterday warned that Italy was now “dangerous” for illegal immigrants. (good the "WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE" message might start to get across !!!)

Mariano Coppola, the headmaster, blamed the parents of the children for their attitudes, and claimed that many of the children had actually participated in the attacks on the Ponticelli camp.

“Their teachers were working with them to help them understand what really happened, and to clearly show them that these violent acts should not be repeated,” he said.

“But in their families, or on the streets, these kids are learning a very different lesson,” he added. “Some of these children were fully involved and have told stories about taking part in the raids, and have firmly defended their position afterwards,” he said.

La Repubblica newspaper reported that one child called Francesco wrote: “The people who live in Ponticelli may have gone over the top, but perhaps they were right because they have been left alone for too long to deal with the problems from the Roma.”

Another student, Giuseppe, wrote: This was the right thing to do. The gypsies wouldn’t go when asked nicely so we had to get tough with them”(We cannot see the problem with this approach!)

In its report, Amnesty said it was particularly concerned about a new law which will deal hefty prison sentences to illegal immigrants. (JUST TYPICAL OF THE ARSE LICKING COMMIES)

“Amnesty International is extremely alarmed both by the contents and haste of these measures... and by the climate of discrimination which preceded them,” Miss Carboni, the head of Amnesty in Italy.

Mr Berlusconi’s government has also drawn up plans for 10 new “Centres of Temporary Permanence” in which to hold immigrants until repatriation. (SENSIBLE MOVE)

Italy’s statistics agency, ISTAT, fanned the fires of anti-immigrant feeling yesterday by releasing numbers showing that immigrants are responsible for more than a third of the murders committed last year.

ISTAT said foreigners had committed 70 per cent of all petty theft, 39 per cent of the sexual offences and 36 per cent of the murders.

The damning figures confirmed the opinion of almost half the country that immigrants are “dishonest”. However, ISTAT also noted that many of the crimes committed by foreigners were against other foreigners.

The fact is Gypsies are a fucking pain in the arse everywhere they arrive, so here is a picture showing the cunts as you as you know them best PONCING!!!!!!