Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Evil Backward Cunts

It is alleged that the parents of a Pakistani girl who wanted a western lifestyle were so worried that she would bring shame on her family............they murdered her!

And that is exactly THAT kind of fucking evil backward peasant mind-set that shows what the UK can look forward too once the Muslims finally breed their way into the majority.

I have yet to see any of these exports from any of the third world Muslim shitholes step their standards UP to ours, NO they all want to recreate the kind of corrupt shit heap chaos they without fail to claim to want to leave behind!

Shut the doors on Pakistan and all the other festering Islamic shitholes and lets bomb the lot of them back to the 10th century they love so much.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


 FOOTBALL FANS in the central African state of Congo were hurling accusations of witchcraft at each other yesterday after a freak blast of lightning struck dead an entire team on the playing field while their opponents were left completely untouched.

Mr Yambo Di Sambo (pictured below) of the Congolese FA said "De team from the "Coon and Slappa" football & social club in JamboJambo. Were playing the "Dodajiggyinoutting" leisure centre side from Brazzaville when de lightening strike"

He went on to say "Ah tink it was definitely de the work of witches".

"So it is not surprising de fans decided to butcher each odder in de stands, you cannot be to careful when der are witches about"

Mr  Di Sambo categorically denied he had ANY connections with Witchcraft himself " Dis is a scandalous lie I will put a curse on anyone who spreads it"

Mr DiSambo later offered us £5 not to print his picture!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


More proof how STUPID Africans are! They actually let this go on their web site promoting their skills as bakers!

This christening cake FAIL is displayed on the promotional pages of an African run "Party Shop" in Depford south London. Would you let these morons make and decorate your cake?