Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Helicopters? fuck that, we need the multicultural vote.

"Look Gordon I can prove I never said no to more helicopters" "Yeah but we still might be in the shit" so just keep walking and dont show them your shitting yourself, anyway lets not worry about it now I can get that wanker Malloch-Brown to shut his big fat mouth, "Oh how" "Simple I know he fucks Rent Boys" Nice one Gord sorted!

I just happen to belive as a Scott there are far more deserving cases than English troops to spend the mugs that work money on, ETHNICS!

Just think of all those lovely multicultural votes rolling in in the future, you have to give it to Tony getting rid of the "British way of life " in favour of multiculturalism was a master stroke and great news for the Labour vote not to mention Cheri's Human Rights practice keeping all the Muslim terrorists from being deported yep they were winners all the way to the bank with that one.

Ahh yes Gordon if only ALL Labour voters could breed like these multicultural voters we have allowed into the UK just look how well the Africans and Muslims perform about 8 kids each now ALL potential Labour voters lovely we will soon be back in power!

Do you know Darling I overheard one of the Tories slagging off black people he said "The dirty cunts would fuck frogs if they stopped hopping long enough" That is just the kind of unfounded racist comment I would expect from a Tory Gordon completely unfounded.................................

Take a GOOD LONG HARD LOOK at these images

REMEMBER next time our troops arrive home in body bags these are the WASTERS Liebour are spending YOUR tax money on, rather than giving out troops the Helicopters and equipment they need to win the war on terror.