Monday, 30 March 2009

Police have warned the fiancé of a rape victim to shut down a Facebook site he set up to catch the attacker in case it 'victimises' the criminal

The Police are in a sticky situation on this one!

They are more likely concerned that IF they ever catch this maniac, he will be dealt with leniently as he will be able to say "he has been victimised" and his human rights have been infringed, and he will then put in a counter claim and sue his victims fiancée!

BUT do not blame the Police they are trying to help it is the "Human Rights Act" that is to blame yet again! lets get it gone NOW

No doubt Cheri Blair will have already volunteered to represent him as we speak!

Shes a fiddler and he's a wanker

Is Smith a fit and proper person to hold office?

We already know Smith is useless, but it is becoming clearer by the day that she is not altogether "accurate" in what she tells us.

Illegal selection

Smith was selected to stand for election for Labour through an all-women shortlist. This method of selection was subsequently declared illegal in January 1996 as it breached sex discrimination laws. Despite the ruling she remained in place as the candidate for the following year's election

Expenses controversies

On 8 February 2009, the Mail on Sunday revealed that Smith had designated as her main residence a house owned by her sister in order to claim a parliamentary allowance for her constituency home, despite explicitly stating on her website that she "lives in Redditch with husband, Richard and sons James (13) and Michael (8). Smith has claimed more than £116,000 over six years from this arrangement, and additionally the policing cost is believed to be an additional £200,000 per annum.".

On 29 March 2009, it was revealed in the Sunday Express that Smith, in April 2008, had claimed expenses on an internet bill that contained two adult films, other pay per view films, and a premium television subscription package. Smith said it was a mistake, blaming her husband, and is going to re-pay the claim. (Oh nice attempt Smith)

(We would rather have a wank than face that as well mate)

Personal life

Smith married Richard J. Timney (born 1963 in Ealing, London) in October 1987 in Malvern, Worcestershire, and has two sons. She is a very keen supporter of Aston Villa whom she regularly enjoys watching in her spare time.

In December 2008, Timney was discovered to be behind a series of letters to newspapers praising the work of Smith, however he had failed to disclose that he was both her husband and in receipt of a £40,000 salary to manage her constituency office.