Friday, 5 November 2010

So we can now count on the French to bail US out!

I think General Norman Schwartzkopf summed up the effectiveness and stalwartness of our new French "allies" in tough spot

“Going to war without the French is like going deer hunting without your accordion.”

BUT I have to say they do know how to treat a Muslim, so they cant be all bad.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Serbs riot over gay pride march in Belgrade

And too think that there are some that would claim the Serb people are uncivilised!

We disagree:
The Serbian people have proved that unlike the soft socialist wankers that make up the EU THEY are not prepared to submit to Muslim domination at any price and did something about it in Srebrenica!

You will not find many Muslim's whinging and complaining about Serbian Christian culture. advertisments, Christmas celebrations etc in Serbia these days! Oh no the treacherous fuckers keep their mouths firmly shut nowadays!

Now they show the rest of us right minded thinkers that THEY are not prepared to accept the Politically Correct view peddled by the wankers in the UK and EU that HOMOSEXUALITY is acceptable either.

Read on

Serbian riot police fought running battles with hundreds of far-right supporters who tried to disrupt a gay pride march in central Belgrade today.

The rioters also hurled Molotov cocktails at the headquarters of the ruling pro-Western Democratic Party, setting the garage of the building on fire.

Thousands of police officers sealed off the streets in the capital where the march took place, repeatedly clashing at several locations with rioters who were trying to burst through security cordons.

The protesters, chanting "death to homosexuals!" hurled bricks, stones, glass bottles and fireworks at riot police.

Hospital officials said a group of young men overnight attacked the headquarters of a women's human rights organisation, injuring one activist. The Women in Black organisation said the men were looking for gays.

We offer our support to these right thinking people and their struggle against the filthy benders and the treacherous Muslim.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Truth V Socialist wog loving spin

Above is a sign that tells the truth about Newham, on the right is is the BULLSHIT message that the muslim asian and coon Illegal immigrant loving socialist Newham council, put up at tax payers expense outside Stratford station!

*****Click on the pictures to enlarge*****

Friday, 25 June 2010

Obese women more likely to have unplanned pregnancies

Obesity, a growing issue

We recently saw a news article claiming that,A recent study showed that obese women under 30 years old are four times as likely to have an unplanned pregnancies! but typically it came to and gave no conclusion.

A survey included over 12,000 normal weight and obese men and women was observed in Paris to gather facts about their sex life and pregnancy and the results were surprising.
It was found that obese women were 4 times more likely than normal weight women to have unplanned pregnancies. Obese women had fewer sexual relations in a given year, despite the higher number of unplanned pregnancies with heavier women.
"We need to understand more about how obese people feel about their sex
lives, and what drives the observed behaviours and attitudes, one of the so called researchers! sic "Goldbeck-Wood" said.
The reason for the number of unplanned pregnancies in obese women are believed to involved a few different factors including low self esteem, fear of weight gain, and their doctor's fear of prescribing contraception for fear of cardiovascular events.
As usual it is left to the smugboard to come up with the answer

Firstly we need to point out there is absolutely NO mystery here and they could have saved themselves a fortune coming to us in the first place!
Its those damn Niggers again, we all know the only thing niggers do better than street crime is producing illegitimate half breeds and these fat cunts are encouraging them, to do "Dat jiggy in out ting" Niggers love so much

What happens is this, the fat cunts cant get a proper bloke SO they start to hang with the Niggers and we assure you those desperate fat cunt sluts will do pretty much anything to attract one.

And as we all know niggers WILL NOT wear a condom and as any tart stupid enough to have got within groping distance of the dirty fuckers, they DO NOT take NO for an answer especially off a low life piece of white trash!
So there you have it the TRUTH is Fat birds are more likely to get pregnant, because they are stupid enough hang out with fuck NIGGERS , and to back this up WE even give photo evidence!

In the VIP area of the local Mc Donalds "DeLuxe"
"Man im lovin it wid dis bitch, I dont even have to buy her a drink she want ma wood so bad",
"Mind you I gotta keep things cool she is one big bitch I couldn't afford to take her out to eat, she would eat the whole damn menu and come back for more!"

And on the dance floor at the "Slut and Mugger" a well known Nigger Social Club and Crack House.
Like these tittys Sambo? you can do ANYTHING you want to me! "You wanna do the jiggy in out ting" come on baby I know you love it!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Its NOT a vuvuzela its a...

BooBooZela and here are some soppy Boo Boo's playing them!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

"Wog World Cup" decends into violent chaos- Just like we said it would!

WOW The “Wog World Cup" is descending into the kind of crime ridden shambles we always knew it would be, But don't blame us for the bad news we warned you all enough times.

Firstly people are fed up with the noise of those poxy horn things but when anyone complains we are told “They are part of South Africa’s sporting heritage” and we should not expect them to change to suit us!

If only the smelly bastards would adopt that self same attitude when they ship up in the UK on the scrounge for a home cash and benefits and expect us to accept their disgusting practices..

But take heart apparently the stewards rioting at three separate stadia! over wages have merely been misled by a jealous rival company that did not pay enough bribe money!

(Whoops of course what we meant to say was,” by a jealous rival company that that did not bid enough”)

The point is whatever the reason the nasty violent cunts are back to doing one of the few things they are good at RIOTING!!!

And apparently all the thieving is being done by “foreign” criminals targeting the World cup (Yeah we believe you!)

At Cape Town's V and A Waterfront, a popular destination for tourists, one hotel said it was banning guests from taking strangers back to their room after two incidences of theft.

Both victims invited women back to their rooms, only to pass out once back there and come round to find they had been robbed. Laptops, credit cards and mobile phones were taken.

What will it take for people to accept the world cup should NEVER have been given to an African state they ALL crime ridden violent shit holes.

Alan Brazil of Talksport radio refused to get on the plane to SA with the rest of the Talksport team, on the grounds that he has a close friend who owns a security company working there and they are in a total "panic" as they cannot get enough decent security personnel to deal with the huge security problem they are expecting!

Monday, 14 June 2010

The sound of a Billion flies

The appalling droning noise that is spoiling the TV coverage of the 2010 World Cup from BooBoo land is NOT the sound of the Booboozela seen here being blown by the idiot BooBoo and his white trash whore.

Its actually the sound of the billions of flies attracted by the smelly bastards above and below.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Conservative Party losing ground

Today's London Times carries an article showing that David Cameron’s Torys are not doing terribly well against Labour in the marginal areas of the UK.

Quite why anyone would feel that the fact David Cameron is losing the battle with Gormless Brown is headline news, is frankly amusing.

It merely reinforces the point that the conservative party have selected a leader so weak, that the only thing the political commentators can find to write about him is that he is not doing terribly well against the current criminally inept incumbent!

This all leads me to the conclusion that the Conservatives have no intention of winning the next election, as they know the next parliament will be a poisoned chalice and wish to wait until they can come back at a totally destroyed nation with a true right wing agenda.

At least I hope that is their strategy if not I can only assume they are finished as a credible political body.

Monday, 18 January 2010

'Avatar' wins Golden Globe for best drama.... How the fuck did that happen?

Before we give you the only critique you will need to read about this appalling over hyped story of

“US baddies attempting to exploit and steal the natural resources of a colony of space niggers who don’t even know they’ve got them,

we explain why it won a “Golden Globe”

OK so if this film is as bad as the Smugboard claims, why did it win a “Golden Globe”?

“The people and multinationals who fund Hollywood demand a re

turn on their $500 million investment” simple as that.

In its favour the special effects in Avatar are stunning, so much so that, feeble minded people have started naming their children after the films characte

rs, this is more likely to be those who have half caste broods and feel a sudo African name is more appropriate and will look better on the benefits claim form than “Jordan” “Brittany” “Ryan” or “Callum”

So what is Avatar all about?

The Plot:

US big business has stripped the world of all its resources so it is casting its net wider into space for new sources of who knows what!

Enter this massive US space prospecting or mining company (It is never made clear) that seems to have been equipped by the US military and appear have enough hardware and technology to overthrow their clients but we are not supposed to notice that!

They realise Alien worlds are likely new sources of “resource” and in true good ole US style decided that sneaking in and trying to con the owners out of the goods is the best way to approach the problem, this is achieved by using a machine which can create clones of the local populous (Avatars Clever huh!!) who are controlled from pods by the US space

prospecting or mining company.

Of course those who are being used as Avatars have not been checked out before hand (Oh please!) and turn out to be the kind of treacherous Muppet's who will immediately go native! Which of course they do, leaving said US space prospecting or mining company with no course but to follow standard US policy and invade with massive military force to protect what is rightfully the property of the US! That being t

he Space Niggers “natural resources” named Unobtainium!

Thrown into this melt you have the “All American hero”, the US caring educator (ugly annoying bint from Alien), the amusing geeky tech sp

ecialist, the meglomanic US para military leader,

the sexy pilot who sees the path or right against wrong (attractive bird big knockers) the greedy mining ops boss, The wise old space nigger leader, the space nigger warrior who hates “All American hero” (he has spotted he is an alien banging the best looking Space Nigger in the tree) but he finally approves of “All American hero” (who incidentally tames the biggest baddest flying monster that in all their history no space nigger has never ever managed to tame!! and which is unsurprisingly hot rod red)

Finally we come to righteous daughter of Space Nigger leader who has to show “All American hero” the ropes, who of course falls out with said hero but of course finally goes over like a one legged old lady on a frosty morning (no doubt creating yet another half caste in the process)

Anyway the climax arrives where “All American hero” now leads the Space Niggers who seem to be set on Kill Kill Kill (no change there) in an all out defense of their tree (yep they live up a tree so no change there either!) with bows and arrows against what seems to be a force of such force they really couldn’t fail, but of course all the animals in the space jungle join in and give the US a good kicking for a change.

Avatar is a mixture of every American film you have ever seen (all the plots from American films are transferable because all Hollywood commissioning editors are about 16 years old! but this just takes the piss) we can prove this, see the story of Pocahontas below!

BUT it is World Cup year and all those big US multinationals do want you all to go to Africa and buy their drinks hotel rooms etc and they play a huge part in funding these films so they let the spades win this time!

Mix in the worst dialogue I have ever had the misfortune to sit through, and you have Avatar the most expensive, most over hyped, most poorly directed, most poorly acted, heap of SHIT EVER to crawl out of toilet known as Hollywood.