Friday, 7 March 2008

Rearrange these to make a well known phrase...

up carpet covered swept the under be will and ,

Greedy hypocritical fuckers all of them!

At least two peers are on a stolen list obtained by the authorities of suspected tax evaders with secret bank accounts in Liechtenstein, it has emerged.

Reports that as many as 40 members of the House of Lords appear on the dossier, which was controversially bought from a banking whistleblower, have been dismissed as wildly inflated.

But The Daily Telegraph has learned that a small number of peers are included on the list of Britons with secret bank accounts in the tiny European tax haven of Liechtenstein.


The whistleblower, a former worker at the LGT bank, was paid £100,000 for the names by HM Customs and Revenue, having already sold a similar list of German clients to the authorities there for as much as £3.5 million.

Liechtenstein has long been used by millionaires seeking to evade taxes because of its tight banking secrecy. Although it is expensive to open an account there, it is possible to stash millions away from the authorities without anyone knowing.

The late newspaper mogul Robert Maxwell is among those who hid his crooked dealings in Liechtenstein, along with Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator, and the drugs baron Pablo Escobar.

The presence of even one peer in the dossier would be a severe embarrassment, as the House of Lords votes on tax laws among other legislation. A spokesman for the TaxPayers' Alliance said: "It is obviously wrong if someone is voting on the taxes the rest of us have to pay, but then not obeying the law themselves.

"It is crucially important that our politicians have to pay the same tax as anyone else - that is the only way they can appreciate the severe burden of taxation and the damaging impact it is having on ordinary people's lives."

The whistleblower, data expert Heinrich Kieber, who swiped computer discs containing the names of 1,250 LGT clients, is now thought to be living in Australia under an assumed name.

The bank is one of Liechtenstein's largest, with more than £50 billion in deposits. HMRC has defended its payment for the stolen list, and now hopes to recover millions of pounds of unpaid taxes.

Revenue and Customs chairman Dave Hartnett said: "Most people under investigation have substantial amounts to pay, with at least £100 million tax at risk in the UK.

"Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs is determined to protect the UK's tax base from evasion and in doing so we will use all our statutory powers. It should now be clear to everyone that there is no safe hiding place for the proceeds of tax evasion.

"Those who have hidden income and gains should now make a prompt and complete disclosure."

The principality of Liechtenstein relies on its banking industry, but has been criticised for enabling fraudsters to hide and launder cash.

It refuses to share banking information with the rest of Europe, leading to pressure from many within the EU to come into line. Although the population is just 35,100, Liechtenstein has 75,000 registered businesses.

One of the richest nations in the world, its native language is German and it is an absolute monarchy under head of state Prince Hans-Adam who has the power to sack the government.

Up to 10 countries are now investigating citizens suspected of avoided taxes by using banks and companies based in the Liechtenstein capital of Vaduz.

The prince has complained that the crackdown is unfair and will damage the economy of his tiny country.

Next week, the Lords debate a private members bill which would block any peer from sitting in the House who did not pay taxes in the UK.

So you would be wise to remember these greedy bastards favorite mantra when watching them make decisions that affect your future "Don't do as I do, Do as I tell you"

the answer to our quiz? "covered up and swept under the carpet" OF COURSE!!!!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Clinton even more crazy than we thought.............

Hillary Clinton, triumphant after winning the big states of Ohio and Texas last night, hinted today that she might be prepared to share the Democratic presidential ticket with her rival Barack Obama.

Oh really! well we say the mid west moral majority and the east cost Jews would rather be castrated than have a black in the white house!
In short, no matter what minge muncher Hillary says, it aint going to happen, not while we still have a hole to shit out of.

That will be the religeon of peace again!

Some 23 girls are still missing from a city's schools after extensive efforts to locate them, a minister has disclosed.

It is feared that the children in Bradford have been pressured into forced marriages. The Government also has concerns about 14 further areas which are suspected of having high rates of so-called "honour violence".

Children's Minister Kevin Brennan said officials were inquiring into the number of under-16s missing from school rolls in those areas.

He told the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, which is investigating forced marriages, that Bradford City Council had lost track of 205 youngsters last year.

Further inquiries had established the whereabouts of 172 - leaving 23 unaccounted for.

Hodge does as she is told, pukers up and kisses arse

It is of NO surprise to the Smugboard that Margaret Hodge was once again kissing the arses of the so called multicultural MINORITY! in her constituency. Guess where the party office is?

Less than 500 yards from ............... Barking Mosque, the real "power base" of that part of East London

People do not forget we have the mayoral elections comming along soon, so Hodge must keep in good with her local MAJORITY. Cynical nasty divisive treacherous Circus Labour shows its true colours.

The culture minister, Margaret Hodge, is facing a chorus of criticism from across the political spectrum after attacking the Proms for not being multicultural enough.

Many normal British people view the flag waving and patriotism of the Last Night of the Proms as one of the greatest expressions of Britishness and a high point of the cultural calendar.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Labour funding Muslim Extremists

It comes as no supprise to the Smugboard that Labour has been funding extreme Mulims groups in the UK to the tune of thousands of pounds all courtesy of the UK Tax Payer most of whom see Islam as a threat to our national security.

Muslim extremists should be banned from handing out literature and prevented from sitting on public bodies, David Cameron has said.

The Conservative leader has also accused ministers and councils of allowing fanatics to benefit from public grants to Muslim bodies.

"The Government has allowed hundreds of thousands of pounds to local authorities to improve community cohesion, but there are worrying signs that ministers have taken their eye off the ball," he said.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Nice Bloke

A man beheaded his nephew, aged just fifteen months, in front of his mother in a crowded Saudi Arabian supermarket, a newspaper in the country has reported.

According to Arab News, the "well-built" 25-year-old man, of Syrian nationality, picked up a large knife from a nearby store and decapitated the infant following a family argument at around 9:30am on Sunday.

The incident, which took place in the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket in Jeddah, on the Red Sea coast of the country, has shocked the deeply conservative nation.

It is believed the row involved his sister and his brother-in-law. "The murderer was in a dispute with the boy’s mother and her husband. He chopped off the boy's head in front of the mother to get back at her," the English-language daily paper quoted a police officer as saying, on condition of anonymity.

The mother was taken to hospital after she and an onlooker both fainted at the scene.

"It happened so quickly. Before people could intervene, the man had cut more than half-way through the child’s neck," Abu Muhammad, an eyewitness, told Arab News.

Police sealed off the supermarket while forensic teams assessed the scene and gathered evidence. It reopened for business later that same day, around 1:15pm.

Murder is punishable by death in the Islamic country, and the sentence is usually carried out by beheading.

Arabs, they are are all far too excitable & stark staring bonkers

At last something good comes our of Somalia

Let us not forget one of the London bombers was a Somali let s get these fucking rats out of the UK now

The US has launched an air strike aimed at a terrorist suspect in Somalia.

Three missiles hit a town held by Islamic extremists early on Monday, destroying a home and seriously injuring eight people, according to local police.

The building was a regular haunt of terror suspects, according to a Pentagon official who confirmed the attack

The official said the military was targeting an al-Qa'eda suspect but could not confirm whether the operation had been a success.

Last year American forces shelled suspected terrorist bases in Somalia and launched air strikes which killed a key al-Qa'eda leader.


Sounds Great.... But

£200,000.00 WOW big deal that equates to exactly ................................................................................ 5.7 new police officers across the whole of Scotland!!!! wooohoo I bet the gangs are crapping themselves THAT is of course if they are planning some real direct action.

But if as we suspect its a new "Initiative" it will equate to an undisclosed number of "consultants" talking and distributing material to god knows who!

wake up People its a con!
Major crackdown on gang violence

The campaign is aimed at cracking down on public order problems
Violence, football hooliganism and public order will be tackled in a major crackdown on gangs.

The campaign, headed by the Violence Reduction Unit, will see police working with gang members and others to combat the problems of violence.

It is part of the Safer Scotland anti-violence campaign and follows on from work carried out to reduce incidents involving knives.

The Scottish Government has pledged £200,000 for this latest phase.

Det Ch Insp Andy McKay, Safer Scotland co-ordinator, said: "This form of violence is prevalent across Scotland and can be fuelled by everything from geographical location and place of residence to football.

"It adds to the feelings of social division and fragmentation in certain areas and it can tear the heart out of a community. It will not be tolerated.

"We are committed to tackling these issues and making our streets safer for everyone. No-one should feel afraid to walk down their own road at night."

Tough enforcement

The money will be used by each police force to help fund programmes aimed at changing attitudes and behaviour.

These include schemes to educate aggressive young men to become less violent, reducing the number of people carrying weapons and preventing young people drinking alcohol.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said: "We need to do more to make sure our young people don't get caught up in gangs and the cycle of drink, drugs, deprivation and crime that it leads to.

"That's why we're investing money seized from criminals to give young people more opportunities through our CashBack for Communities scheme, and providing a pot of £200,000 for forces and their partners to deliver workshops for known gang members.

"Combined with our tough enforcement efforts I believe this can make a real difference - helping to stop people joining gangs and offering a way out to those who are already involved."

They cant con all the people all of the time.

MPs were under huge pressure to support a referendum on the new EU treaty after the biggest test of public opinion on the issue so far showed almost 90 per cent of voters want a ballot.

More than 133,000 of the 152,000 people who responded in a series of mini-referendums backed a national vote on the Lisbon Treaty, which would transfer more of Britain's sovereignty to Brussels.

The results intensify the pressure on Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs - particularly those with slender majorities - to defy the leadership of their parties and back a Tory bid to secure a referendum in a Commons vote this week.

It is about time this bunch of self serving crooks in the palace of Westminster that refer to themselves as the "Government" and "Opposition" (What a joke) are OUR servants NOT our masters and they MUST represent OUR wishes.

We want a referendum on the EU and we want it now,

I love going to Europe I like their customs and way of life, I like and respect the way the French stand up to Religious fanatics and do not force their tax payers to fund a lifestyle for those who will not work

But I don't want to be part of a federal Europe, some time soon we shall get a government that will take care of the English over and above all others (the Welsh and Scotts now have their own assembly's)


Gree Dee Pig has "mucked it all up!

Well good old Gree Dee Pig heas really pissed on the bonfire of those MP's ripping off the British tax payer, and we can see exactly how above board it all is (NOT) by the numbers of the ponces who cant wait to to bail out before the papers expose them.

More than 50 MPs have laid off members of their staff after the Derek Conway expenses scandal, it emerged yesterday.

The researchers being dismissed by MPs are largely thought to be family members and the mass exodus suggests that many MPs are unwilling to publicly defend or justify their employment.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Muslims attack Police in France... again & again & again.............

Apparently It's all the fault of the police !!! By the way Grigny is full of guess who ................. North African Muslims, I bet the French are chuffed to little mintballs they gave them French passports!

Just wait till they find out the handouts are better and our government kisses their arses in the UK

PARIS (Reuters) - Four French police officers were hurt in a shooting in a Parisian suburb on Sunday, the Interior Ministry said.PARIS (Reuters) - Four French police officers were hurt in a shooting in a Parisian suburb on Sunday, the Interior Ministry said.

The police officers had been called to Grigny, south of Paris, after two people vandalised a baker's shop. On arrival they were confronted by about 30 people, of whom several were armed, the ministry said in a statement

Cant live with us, Cant live with each other.

According to many Muslims in the UK it is the west and our "degenerate culture" that is the cause of problems for Muslims the world over.
What a suprise to find they seem to be causing a lot of their own problems!

The west need to WAKE UP these people are trouble wherever they are!!!! So much for their muslim "brothers" and "sisters"

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - At least 39 people were killed and scores more injured when a suicide bomber attacked a traditional tribal meeting in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday, officials said.

Pakistan is in the middle of a wave of violence blamed on al Qaeda-linked militants based in tribal lands on the Afghan border and there have been three suicide attacks in as many days.

Over 500 people have been killed in militant related violence this year alone.