Friday, 24 August 2007

Englands Disgrace

England August 2007 11 year old Rhys Jones lies dead, the victim of a teenage “hoodie” gunman.

We cannot imagine the awful suffering Rhys family and friends are going through, but we offer our heartfelt sympathies at their terrible loss.

Is it any surprise that record numbers of people are leaving the UK?

The causes?

DRUGS this country has fallen prey to drugs and drug dealers and the appalling ghetto culture they bring with them.

The UK’s tolerance of crime and alcohol abuse

The uncontrolled dilution of our nations culture through the uncontrolled importation of undesirable influences

The solutions?

Zero tolerance of crime

Build more prisons

Make prison a punishment rather than a comfortable resting place between offences e.g Hard labour sentences for all offenders

Apply the death penalty for all drug supply offences.

Make it a criminal offence to hide your face when NOT riding a motorcycle (yes that includes Muslim women) and ban the sale of hooded tops

Ban the sale of “Gangsta” music and bring back censorship of games, music, and if necessary TV.

Stop allowing religious groups to use their so called beliefs as an excuse to conduct themselves in a manner that is unlawful

Bann all forms of religious expression in schools as they have done in France

Give the police full powers to stop and search anyone they like anytime they like.

Let the police do their job properly

Repeal the human rights act

Control immigration and stop granting asylum

Teach respect, standards and common courtesy in our schools