Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Guantanamo Brit To Sue Security Services

Updated: 02:16, Wednesday September 12, 2007
A man who was held in Guantanamo Bay is to launch legal action for damages against MI5 and MI6.

Tarek Dergoul, 29, claims the agencies knew he was being tortured while in US custody, it has been claimed.

This next passage is the key part of the article,
This little shit clearly had knowledge that was of benefit to our security services in the fight against Islamic terrorists.
And now he wants to sue us for finding out! in any other country in the world this case would not be heard, he would be told to fuck off, just as we should be doing.
Guess who will be picking up the bill? UK taxpayers, what a joke.

Mr Dergoul also accuses British agents of benefiting from intelligence gathered from his alleged mistreatment and wants the court to ban them from using similar tactics in the future.

If the High Court rules in his favour, it could prevent both the security and special intelligence services from interrogating British nationals who are being held and tortured abroad.

Mr Dergoul, who is a British citizen, claims British agents repeatedly questioned him when he was held both at the Cuba camp and in Afghanistan and were therefore complicit in his treatment.

The Guardian says he will be represented in the case by Rabinder Singh QC.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: "The Government is aware of Mr Dergoul's accusations."

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The UK finally wins something in Europe

The UK will be allowed to keep its system of Imperial measures, on the face of it, this looks like a victory hard one by our selfless leaders.

The reality is of course very different.

It is actually just a case of enforcement and poor intelligence Quotiant.

  1. The French are of course subject to the same EU rules and regulations as the rest of us yet they have been continuing to sell Bananas by the Livre (A Pound) without being prosecuted by over zealous homosexual local authority officials

  2. The smoking in public places ban is in effect in France as it is in the UK. Yet this year on holiday I sat inside many a Café surrounded by no smoking signs and many happy smokers puffing away to their hearts content! One particular café was directly opposite the local Police station! Yet no sign of any prosecutions taking place!

  3. It is apparently illegal in all European member states to sell cheese in anything other than a fully refrigerated sales booth, didn’t seem to bother the local policeman who was stocking up with his from a stall made of two barrels and a plank in France!

  4. In the UK we have allowed Funding Cuts Political Correctness and Human Rights to affect our lives and educational system to the point we are producing a race of peaked cap wearing, leg dragging, slack jawed indolent mouth breathers, who are only capable of communicating in a kind of anglocaribasiat patois, So the chances of them ever being capable of understanding a metric system of measurement is as likely as a politician telling the truth.
The fact is everyone else in Europe simply ignors EU rules that affect their traditional way of life, The UK's politico's are so busy trying to pander to every Imigrants way of life, they have forgotten what the traditions of british life are! CUNTS every one of them.
I wonder if those who have had their lives and livelyhoods riuned by the queers from the local councils the "Metric Matyrs" will no have the right to compensation? Oh, I forgot they are tax payers who work hard or in some cases used to so NO FUCKING CHANCE the moneys all been spent on the loacal Mosque.