Friday, 2 May 2008

Election Nightmare For Gordon Brown = Great News for Britain

This unelected Scott's fool has lead Circus Labour to their worst defeat in 40 years. We can hardly find the words to express the deep and profound joy this news brings us.

The Conservatives are the biggest gainers with 140 new seats and significant wins around the country including Bury, Southampton and Harlow.

If the figures were to be reflected in a general election, the Tories would win a Commons majority of more than 150.

Local Government Secretary Hazel Blears (CRETIN) said that national trends could not be extrapolated with any confidence from local results.

But she told Sky News: "What we hear tonight we will, of course, take extremely seriously."

Oh that is comforting! What a fucking idiot that woman is the only things they will be worrying about is the fact they are going to get outed at the next general election, and how much more public money can they waste on trying to convince the public that Islam is "Not a threat to the security of the UK" rather than take effective action against it at its source the Mosques.

We suggest she Brown and the rest of Circus Labours criminally negligent ministers do not just "take it extremely seriously"

We suggest they FUCK OFF right now and save the country further financial, national and international loss and embarrassment.

Just GO all of you NOW you are destroying our nation.

The Definitive definition of Political Correctness

This superb definition was sent in to us by one of our readers.
Thanks Geoff

"Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

Monday, 28 April 2008

Why do we have so many arrogant rude people in the UK?

The following report misses the real reasons why cretins like to one pictured here have been allowed to behave as they see fit.

So why do we have to put up with worthless scum making the lives of decent people a misery?

A lack of discipline and fear of effective punishment cretins like that to the left, know they will never have to suffer for their antisocial behaviour

It is now unfashionable to smack children, and schools can no longer administer corporal punishment so they turn into little savages who all apparently "know my rights"

The socialists have created a society where everyone rights bar the victims are protected completely, and obese parents are more interested in what is happening in big brother, cheap fags and booze than offering their puff smoking mouth breathing offspring.

Spare the rod and spoil the child was true in my day and is as true today as it was then!.

LONDON (Reuters) - Britons are ruder than they were a decade ago, according to a survey on Monday that showed almost three-quarters of people think manners should be taught at school.

A third believe bad manners are the catalyst for much of the anti-social behaviour in Britain, the ITV poll found.

Experts interviewed by the network blamed a lack of respect for authority.

More than 90 percent of respondents believe parents are failing to ensure their children learn proper manners and that bad behaviour of celebrities and footballers are setting a poor example for impressionable youngsters.

Spitting and swearing were the most offensive behaviours, it found, while queue-jumping and not saying "please" or "thank you" were other main gripes.

Almost 75 percent of the 3,000 people surveyed believed manners should be taught at school. (you see what we mean let someone else take responsibility! No.... you had them you raise them!)

"I suppose it's part of the breakdown in society -- the fact that we stopped having respect for figures in authority partly because those in authority didn't command it," etiquette coach Diana Mather told the "Tonight Show with Trevor McDonald," which commissioned the survey.

The head of the Campaign for Courtesy, broadcaster Esther Rantzen, said a lack of discipline was also to blame.

"I think my generation has a lot answer for because I think the youth culture in the 60s and early 70s threw out every rule book and thought it was really clever to use four letter words," she told the programme, which airs later on Monday.

"But I think things should go back, not to the old deference, not to grovelling, not to any of that but just to feeling respect, because I think that would make everyone's life more pleasant."

Tony Blair admits he stitched up the British Public

So phoney Tony Bliar has finally admitted what we, the mugs who pay these cretins salaries have known all along. He left us in the hands of an incompetent fool.

Gordon Brown has dismissed as “gossip” reports that Tony Blair had predicted he will never be able to beat David Cameron in a general election.

Failed in Politics, Failed Bulimic, still drawing his pay cheques yet Prescott is NOT happy!

John Prescott, Britain's least successful bulimic, is beginning his fight back!

Mandrake hears that the former deputy prime minister has discreetly deployed Alan Schofield, his former special adviser who left him to work for the public relations company Bell Pottinger, to finesse his public image.

"Alan has been fielding a few calls from journalists and doing what he can to try to rebuild John's image," whispers my man in Whitehall.

"John was very upset that when he admitted he'd had bulimia in his memoirs … there was not a greater outpouring of public sympathy."

What a pompous fat cunt this failure is!

The fact is the public saw his alleged "confession" for what is was yet more hot air designed to assist Labours election aims.

Ahh the religeon of peace spreading its own brand of goodwill again !!!

What a lovely peaceful people Muslims are! We are so pleased we have plenty of them here in England NOT!

A British man who was attacked after converting to Christianity from Islam was told by police to "move to another place", it has emerged.

Nissar Hussein, 43, from Bradford, West Yorkshire converted from Islam to Christianity with his wife, Qubra, in 1996.

A report by Christian Solidarity Worldwide, quoted in the Times, says he was subjected to a number of attacks and, after being told that his house would be burnt down if he did not return to Islam, alerted the police.

However, the report says Mr Hussein was told that such threats were rarely carried out and that he should “stop being a crusader and move to another place”.

A few days later an unoccupied property next door to Mr Hussein's house was set on fire.

The report, titled No Place to Call Home, claims that apostates from Islam are subject to “gross and wide-ranging human rights abuses”.

“When identities are precarious, their enforcement will take an aggressive form.”