Thursday, 5 June 2008

Muslim Virgin Obsession strikes France

Muslim males sexual insecurity has been brought to the fore yet again in France where a man tried to have his marriage annuled on the grounds that she was not a Virgin at the time of marriage! Has prompted
prompted the French justice ministry to ask for an appeal against the ruling.

What a wanker, many women are not virgins at the time of marriage but of course Muslim wives are seen as property and apparently Muslim males are very concerned that their prospective brides do not have a yardstick by which to judge their no doubt pathetic bedroom performances!!!!! Still as usual with the chaos Muslims cause the west someone else is picking up the legal bill, they really are a bloody nuisance.

Swagering Bro's tell Brown Knife crime is just fashion

Acording to "Little-tastic" a British street gang member

"killing someone is seen as a status symbol and said the recent spate of knife murders is just "fashion" "The more stuff you do the more respect you command". (what fucking planet do these leg dragging morons inhabit!)

another ex gang worker says

"What I would say to Gordon and to the Government is that you need to take a look at the people you're taking your advice from," he told Sky News.

"They're telling you to do things, and you're taking it as the right thing to do.

"But they have not dealt with this problem. They've allowed this problem to fester like a bad cancer." (You will notice no word on the hard bit, how to actually solve the problem!)

It seems you gain respect from these halfwit cretins by doing bad things. OK we at the Smugboard are up for that. Here are some proposals.

1. Death Penalty or 25 years proper hard labour with NO remission possible for killings.

2. 3 years hard labour with NO remission possible for carrying any offensive wepon

That should earn the more law abiding amongst us plenty of "respect" from the street cretins.

Black on Black but it's still all our fault!

Firstly we would like to say we are very sorry that a young girl has lost her life.

But we are also getting mightily pissed off that yet another group of people who came to our country uninvited, now feel justified in attacking our Police service for not protecting them from the actions of people in their own community.

The Police have made it very clear they were NOT given enough cooperation or information to persue the pervert in question, yet according to the strident Eritrean community and their supporters "this is not good enough"

We say put your own house in order before you start attacking the country that took you in when you were in the shit!

for a start what kind people think it is OK for a 21 year old to even make a pass at a 15 year old? It may be what goes on in Eritrea but these people have to learn how to conduct themselves in the UK or go home.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Yet more instinctive Violence by African's

Why is our unelected and of course unelectable Scotts PM big brave Gordon Brown not doing something about this brutal treatment of innocent farmers, who's only crime has been to make the farming system in Zimbabwe actually work?

A white farming couple was assaulted, whipped and shot at after they were given two minutes to leave their property in Zimbabwe.

William Rogers and wife Annette, who were assaulted and kicked out of their farm in Zimbabwe

William Rogers and his wife, Annette, were threatened by three Robert Mugabe supporters, who told them: "We are like hungry lions."

Dozens of Zimbabwe's last white farmers have suffered similar ordeals since Mr Mugabe lost the presidential election's first round in March.

After defying the two-minute warning to leave, Mr and Mrs Rogers took refuge in their home on Chigwell farm. A gang of a dozen men soon gathered outside.

"They started smashing windows and the front door was smashed open," said Mr Rogers. One of the men produced a gun and opened fire. "He fired a shot directly at us which went just over my head and close to my wife's head," said Mr Rogers. "He obviously intended to kill us."

The couple retreated upstairs and listened, terrified, as the gang began heaping together a fire in their living room, using the wreckage of their back door.

"We thought we would be burnt alive, which is when I said that we would come out," said Mr Rogers. He grabbed a shotgun and led his wife downstairs. The ringleader ordered him to hand over his weapon. Men seized Mrs Rogers and grabbed her by the throat. (Sounds genuine so far)

Then the mob set upon both the farmer and his wife with sticks and pipes. "They dragged my wife outside and they were trying to strangle her," said Mr Rogers. "She managed to bite the hand of the man who was grabbing her round the throat.

"He started to beat her. At one time, there were at least four men beating and kicking her." (Typical of the breed)

Bruised and bleeding, the couple were tied up and hurled into the back of a pickup. Finally, at least five hours after the first calls for help, the local police responded. Four armed officers freed Mr and Mrs Rogers, who were taken to Harare, the capital, for emergency treatment. They are now recovering.

"Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime", (Tony Bliar to the 1992 Labour Party Conference)

We all knew it was bollocks then, and Circus Labour have proved us right today!

Here is an account of the present day reality of Circus Labour getting "tough" with criminals.

No wonder kids are killing each other in ever increasing numbers they cant wait to get inside "You get free Sky TV, phone and PC an dey pay ya innit"!

Tens of thousands of prisoners are opting not to apply for early release amid allegations that Britain's prisons are now so comfortable that they are effectively "expensive bed and breakfasts".

The figures were released on Tuesday by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, who also disclosed that dozens of people have been caught trying to break into prisons over the past few years.

The news was seized upon by the Conservatives who described the mismanagement of prisons by Labour as "ludicrous".
Shadow ministers claim that the figures provide the first hard evidence that prisons are now so "cushy" that people would rather stay in prison than be free.

The latest figures show that 37,000 inmates eligible to be released early declined to apply for the perk between 1999 and 2006.

Between 2003 and 2008, 42 individuals were detected attempting to break into prisons. The number of prison break-ins has increased from five in 2003-04 to 19 over the past year. Most were people breaking into open prisons.

Nick Herbert, the shadow justice secretary, said: "Labour's mismanagement of prisons is descending from tragedy to farce. How secure are our jails if criminals can break into them? Whether these are offenders trying to return to jail, as prison officers have alleged, or dealers trying to traffic drugs, it is ludicrous that supposedly secure establishments can be breached in this way."

On Wednesday, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) will call on ministers to improve prison rehabilitation programmes – with the help of the private sector if necessary.

In a speech at a CBI conference on criminal justice today, Dr Neil Bentley, the confederation's director of public services, will say that if prison is meant to be about rehabilitation as well as punishment, then re-offending rates show the "colossal failure" of existing criminal justice policies.

"Punishment must go hand-in-hand with rehabilitation, otherwise taxpayers, including business will keep paying for an endless merry-go-round of crime – custody – court, with prison just used as a hugely expensive bed and breakfast facility that keeps criminals out of circulation," Dr Bentley is due to tell delegates.
Glyn Travis, the assistant general secretary of the Prison Officers' Association, said: "It tells me there's something wrong in society when people are breaking into prisons to bring in drugs, but the prisoners are quite happy to stay inside."
Inmates at a top security prison recently told Mr Straw that conditions there were like a "holiday camp".
"Prisoners receive a wage for being in prison, they receive a bed, a TV in all cells, Sky television in most areas for recreational use, free telephones, breakfast in bed on many occasions, cash bonuses for good behaviour," said Mr Travis. "And prison staff are forced to deal with them in such a subservient way. It's ridiculous."
A spokesman for Mr Straw said that prisoners may choose not to apply for early release as they believe they are unlikely to pass the risk ass-essments. Others may be un-able to provide an address to which they will be released.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Oh please let us in!

The cry beloved by those who want the "in through the backdoor" immigration fiddle known as the HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme) reinstated,

This discredited scheme allowed thousands and thousands of people (and their dependants!!) that had no right whatsoever to reside in the UK to enter and remain on the most spurious of reasons.

But acording to supporters of the HSMP........

The new points-based immigration system will not be enough to ensure sufficient numbers of high-skilled workers come to Britain, while a hostile atmosphere will deter others, according to a report.

The Work Foundation, a not-for profit organisation, warned that Britain could lose out to other countries and face a shortage of "knowledge workers" in the future -- those involved in the IT, healthcare, science and technology fields -- unless the government acts.

We have many able people in the UK we do NOT need any more external labour, what we need is the political will to stop depending on foreigners for the quick fix business claims is essential!

Of course the government needs to act but NOT in the manner these self interested people want.

The government of the UK need to give our education and social security systems a 100% reform, they need to make parents responsible for their children, they need to remove the benefits only lifestyle option.

And they need to offer proper financial incentives to business to train young people in skills they require.

Lets face it this whole shambles has proved business in the UK prefers to import a quick fix rather than invest in training UK personnel and the government run schemes are nothing more than a mechanism for massaging unemployment figures.

HIP HOP is dangerous OFFICIAL

Well some clown called "Tricky" has come clean on the violent effect HIP HOP seems to have on our "yoot"
Whilst we are not sure it is the only reason (See our post on SA) HIP HOP does have a detrimental effect on society. But just listen to some of the nonsense this apologist clown comes out with!

By the way the picture is of a HIP HOP star who goes under the name of "Nigger" how very original, what a bright lad he must be.

Music star Tricky has hit out at hip hop for fuelling gun and knife crime, saying some parts of the UK are now worse than the once notorious Bronx area of New York.
The Mercury Prize-nominated trip hop musician and singer, who is based in Bristol, told Uncut magazine: "I love hip hop.
"But it has to take some responsibility for the gun culture we've got over here. We're getting super-violent. (No shit Sherlock)

"You can walk around the Bronx for days on end and nobody bothers you.(Er are you sure try it if your white and you might want to modify that!)

"In England, you can say the wrong thing in a pub and, before you know it, you've got a bottle over your head or a bullet in your brain. English people have got quicker tempers."

The interview with Tricky, real name Adrian Thaws, was published as the family of Rob Knox, the latest teenage victim of gun or knife crime, made an emotional statement about his life.
In the interview, the 40-year-old musician also blames modern-day wardrobes for today's violence. (what!)
The musician, singer and producer said: "What have they got to get them through hard times? We had punk rock and ska and bands that made you feel you could do anything.
"We were into clothes in a big way. Anything to take our minds off the stress. (what stress, this is just nonsense, many young people lead productive lives and are under much more stress than someone who hangs about all day)
"They don't have to think about getting dressed. They get the baseball cap and trainers on, that's all it is. (They cant think, the fucking slack jawed, indolent mouth breathers are normally too stoned)
"But they've got nothing to take the pressure off. (Yet more nonsense)
That's maybe why they're more violent than we were. That and the fact they have access to serious artillery. (So does every Swiss home with a male in it but they don't run around behaving like rampant tribesmen, these people are programmed to be violent)
"We used to throw stones at each other. Now they shoot bullets at each other. Hip-hop has got a lot to do with that."(At last something we agree upon)

Levy finaly tells the truth!

Lord Levy, the Labour Party's former chief fundraiser, has admitted that the rich could increase their chances of obtaining a peerage by donating money to political parties. (No Shit Sherlock!)

He initially dodged the question, (We bet he did) put to him by interviewer John Harris at the Hay Festival in Powys.

But when pressed by a member of the audience, Lord Levy said: "Do I think it's true? Look at the facts. They will tell you what's going on. Of course it's true. That's self-evident."(Ah at Last)

Lord Levy was arrested and questioned by officers from the Metropolitan Police twice during the so-called "loans for peerages" investigation in 2006 and 2007. (have you heard the one about the Jew and the terrorist leader?)

Dont say you were not warned, The Olympics WILL bankrupt London

We do not want to hear too much moaning about the herculean waste of money the 2012 Olympic games have been.

We are telling you all right now it will be much much cheaper to bail out NOW, this folly will NOT cost less than £15 Billion (just you wait
and see) and will benefit who exactly?

Well lets see, the "great and the good" will have a nice event to take wives and girlfriends to, Other international leaders "simply must attend"

The mates of IOC members in construction will do rather nicely, as will the IOC members themselves in back handers.

The International Hotel Chains & international airlines all have "friends"on the IOC commitee and will do very well indeed. The global TV networks will make millions in advertising revenue, drinks manufacturers,

The sports equipment manufactures sweat shops in the far east will be so flat out so they will need to start capturing more child slave labour now to cope with future demand.

In short the big players will make a fortune, so will all on the IOC commitee.

As for the rest of us? the message is clear to see
"Go Fuck Yourselves" you are NOT part of the "bigger picture"

The Olympic games is one of the worlds great con tricks designed to make international business millions a one eyed ferret can see, it has fuck all to do with sport. Its all about making money.

Just Remember this post in 2013, when some wanker MP tells you that "now you need to start paying for the "fabulous Olympics" we gave you!

That's the one you couldn't get tickets for, because the fat cats and the touts all had their snouts in the trough long before you got a chance to ask how much the tickets cost!

Athens' deserted Games sites a warning to London Olympics
By Malcolm Moore in Athens
Last Updated: 12:15AM BST 02/06/2008
The buildings constructed in Athens for the Olympic Games four years ago are fly blown, closed to the public and covered in graffiti, a forewarning of the possible aftermath of the London Games in 2012.

Of the 22 venues in the city, 21 are in a state of disrepair and under guard to prevent vandalism but the local dog population seem to be enjoying the peace and quite they are afforded in the locked up facilities.

Athens spent more than £9 billion on staging the Olympics, slightly less than the current estimate for the London games.

The hangover from the games was tremendous. Greece was left with a national budget deficit of 6.1 per cent, more than twice the maximum allowed under European Union rules. (you can of course bend any fucking rule you like in the EU, just as long as someone gets a free jolly or a nice little back hander!)

The infrastructure, which was installed in such haste, has proven to be far too extravagant for the city. It is difficult to imagine there was ever much local interest in continuing to use the baseball, kayaking, fencing and handball facilities down the coast at Hellenikon.

A few miles outside the city centre, the sprawling Faliron complex that once hosted the beach volleyball and taekwondo competitions is deserted and a lone security guard has not been able to deter youths from spraying the walls with slogans.

Inside one of the buildings, puddles of water are dotted across the marble floor.

The baseball stadium was briefly used for football matches, until the organisers realised that the shape of the baseball diamond resulted in all the television cameras standing at the corner flag.

Elsewhere at Hellenikon, piles of rubbish are mounting behind heavily padlocked gates and electrical cables hang loose from the walls. On one bridge, every light fitting has been wrenched out, while crumbling concrete is ubiquitous, a sign of the speed at which the complex was built.

At Marathon, where Matthew Pinsent won his fourth Olympic rowing gold medal, the wood has rotted and weeds have blanketed every inch of pavement.
"We are carrying out maintenance," shrugged the caretaker. (Nice one Stav)
The only open venue is the former badminton stadium, which has been transformed into a theatre, which has hosted Swan Lake on Ice and Jesus Christ Super Star.

Many Athenians were unhappy at the huge sums involved in building the Olympic venues. However, national pride has mostly overwhelmed any residual anger or resentment.
"We always wanted the Olympics to come to Athens, and we felt that the Olympics belonged here so we were able to bear the costs," said George Georgakopoulos, a commentator at Kathimerini, a Greek newspaper.

Athenians note that while the venues remain closed, the resurfacing of the roads and the upgrading of the metro system have made the city hugely more habitable.
"Of course mistakes have been made, but we are on the right track now," said Konstantinos Matalas, the president of Hellenic Olympic Properties, the company which the government has formed to find buyers for the venues.
Mr Matalas said several of the venues have now been leased out, and that he had designs for all of them. (looking at the graffiti all over them, so have most of the locals)
A spokesman for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, said: "Our Games will be truly sustainable in that we are only building facilities that can be used after the Games.

It seems Italy still loves a Facist

Zimbabwean President (SIC) Robert Mugabe flew into Rome for a global food summit on Sunday,

The Mugabe visit to Italy shows up the so called European Union for the crooked, toothless, shambles it really is.

As Mugabe is apparently subject to an order banning him from travelling to or within EU member states, how come he is in Italy; we hear you ask?

Simple as the FAO summit is taking place under a United Nations umbrella, the Rome meeting is open to him, surely the fact he is driving his own nation to the brink of destruction and given the kind of company he keeps, we cannot help thinking it would make sense to ban him from any gathering of civilised nations until he behaves properly.

However the EU’s bark is clearly much worse than its toothless bite. And Italy has shown its self to be less than proud of its independence as a nation state.