Friday, 18 April 2008

Junior Minister Pulls Back From Resignation

This is Angela Smith, you wont know who she is. Why? because she has never done anything!

But she has given "Gordon the Haggis" a rather nasty moment, by going all "Pre menstrual" and threatening to resign over the removal of the 10p tax rate (her constituency is clearly a less than wealthy one!) whilst our Unelected Scotts PM is away in the US kissing the yanks arse's and trying to convince them at least, that he knows what he is doing! We in the UK of course know the sad and sorry truth, he and his cronies are all total failures.

It seems Smith has recieved a massive bollocking by Geoff Hoon the Circus Labour's chief whip
"the last thing Gordon and the party need at present is the resignation no one has ever heard of" whilst he is on a high profile visit to the USA "So retract that silly statement right now and keep your mouth shut or you are finished in politics for ever sweetheart"

The net result is that Angela Smith will look even more stupid because she had been sending round emails criticising the Government and saying that she was going to resign!

We say that a stronger government would have been prepared to say farewell to her - but that's clearly not how Gordon Brown and the Chief Whip have seen it."

The confusion highlights unhappiness in the Labour backbenches at the abolition of the 10p tax rate.

Oh tough luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Pope tells US sales force "You have got to stop screwing our customers children"

Pope The CEO of "The Catholic Church Inc" the worlds number two religious brand, today addressed his US sales force with a strong message.

"Ya gotta stop fucking the kids, its killing the brand and costing us a fortune" and "we are already way behind those non beliving bastards Muslims in the business of grabbing new converts".

In 2007, six major dioceses, including California and Washington, filed for bankruptcy after paying $615 million to the victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.

Pope added "if you gotta fuck someone, go fuck a Muslim or a budist anything but a Catholic kid, we lose a minimum of three members each time you get caught" Mum dad and the kid we cannot afford the loses..

It seems many of the US sales force saw "kiddy fiddling" as a legitimate perk, Pope made his "lets all get back on message" trip to the US at a cost of some $6million all paid for by the various US sales divisions of "The Catholic Church Inc" to stem losses!

He further added "Its a good job those Africans keep sending in "Tribute" they may be starving but they never let us down at the collection plate" Helps make these little trips possible

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Home secretary Jaqui Smith's new anti terror measures

A part of her latest direction less thrashing about on "what to do about UK based Muslim terror groups"

Clueless Jaqui Smith has announced the Police are to receive funding for 300 counter-terrorism officers to help prevent the radicalisation of young people, Home Secretary Clueless said on Wednesday.

The officers will work with local schools, mosques, prisons and community organisations to identify those at risk of turning to violent extremism, she said in a series of media interviews

"In the long term we cannot arrest our way out of terrorism," she told Sky News

This is how the Smugboard sees this failing as indeed it will!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course we promise not to become terrorists officer!!!!!

This young lad is clearly "not on message" yet.

Neither are his mother & sisters

OK smith we will have to spell it out for you AGAIN!
Muslims will support terror in the UK until they have achieved their aim of a British Islamic State. They have been made well by the preachers in their mosques they only have until the middle eastern oil oil runs out! so they have to get the job done quickly.

Smith, If you "really" want to get rid of Islamic Terror in the UK ? Put a sustainable energy plan in place now, and remove our nation for the grip of the European human rights act.

Only then can you start work on removing each and every one of these lethal 5th columnist's from our nation without worrying about offending the Muslim Oil nations, for once their oil is gone they will see the civilised world will no longer tolerate the 10th century behaviour of Islam.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

In Britain....................................................

"Customer Service" is NOT a dirty word

But our survey of 100 shop staff found that "Customer" IS!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Rates Of Self-Harm In Prisons Soar.... GOOD we are pleased to hear it.

OK before the do gooders and excuse makers get into full swing in protest that criminals are being treated as such, . You know the kind of stuff "These people are self harming as a cry for help" These poor souls are addicts who's condition is not being treated" "These poor people are having to suffer overcrowding" all of it totally misguided.

The Facts

Thanks to the PC socialists we live in a society where no one is to blame for their crimes, where sexual perversions are to be understood and not commented upon, and where people want it and want it NOW.

So when they get caught committing crime it goes against what they have been lead to believe, and that is? it is always someone else's fault!

They then go to prison and that is not to their liking at all, fancy having to share a room! not having access to late night TV! (They do not miss the drugs they can get them by the bag full!!) having their access restricted (Up to a point!) What! No bootlegged booze and fags? so they make their disgust at being treated so poorly by self harming! It is pure spoiled petulance its as simple as that.

So do not give these cretins air time,
Prison life is already too soft, it should be bread, water & hard labour, no TV or laptops in the Cells and no mobile phones any time, No religious facilities (you gave up your human rights when you broke the law or infringed someone else's sonny)

Lets make prison conditions SO BAD NO ONE EVER WANTS TO GO BACK INSIDE and if a few self harm so what? they should not have been engaging in criminal activity should they. as the old saying goes DON'T DO THE CRIME IF YOU CANT DO THE TIME WANKER'S!.

Jamie Oliver caused the food industry problems? Nah they did it themselves

How amusing it was to read comments made by Melanie Swanwick who is responsible for providing school meals to 400 schools in Staffordshire bleating on about "how difficult Jamie Oliver has made it for school dinners suppliers to make a profit"

THAT my love is not the point! The point of Jamie Oliver's quite brilliant campaign was to stop greedy food suppliers from turning our young people into lethargic lard buckets, it is the food industry that has caused the problem NOT Jamie Oliver.

In the school dinners industry's collective rush, to under bid each other to get your hands on the (providing you are prepared to feed young people unsuitable foods) oh so lucrative school dinners contracts, you drove standards to such low levels that some one had to step in and stop you creating a complete generation of morbidly obese school leavers, and now the industry is crying about how you are now being forced to provide proper food (Which you replaced with this shit when you undercut the very efficient and nutritionally balanced schools kitchens system you replaced) are crying about it! TOUGH TITTY that is what your own greed has delivered.

If the school dinners industry where honest you would say the following.

"If you want us to be cheaper than the school cooks we replaced. Yet provide food of the same or better quality, we cannot do it and make a profit!"