Thursday, 15 November 2007

About time too!

LONDON (Reuters) - A court ruled on Thursday that radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri could be extradited to the United States to face terrorism charges including trying to set up an al Qaeda training camp in Oregon.

And whilst we are about it, lets make him take his sponging wife with him, at his own expense, then lets make sure we dont let either of them back into the UK to fill young minds with anti western poison EVER AGAIN.

A Seminal moment for the web & and the entertainment industry

Prince ask the Sherif to clean up lawless fan sites:


In a move regarded by many industry pundits as somewhat self defeating, Prince has demanded that a number of fan websites stop using his image.

His aggressive approach, enforced on his behalf by Web Sheriff, seems to be a side-effect of a new business model in which sight of the artist in live performance constitutes the principal revenue stream and recorded music is effectively just an advertisement. His most recent album was given away with The Mail on Sunday.

His ingenious reinvention of what it means to be a pop musician in the 21st century hasn’t, however, prevented web commentators from having a good deal of fun at his expense. The celebrated, and frequently scatological, website B3ta has issued a challenge to Prince in the form of a competition for contributors to create the funniest and rudest image of the star. Some are just droll, like Sine'O'the Times, above. Others are a reminder that the Internet can be a fierce and relentless antagonist.

Predictably, Web Sheriff has issued takedown notices to several B3ta users already, exciting much debate on the jurisdiction of the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which has been invoked in the cease-and-desist notifications.

Labour bends further to the will of Islam. AGAIN!

With the imposition of his 'Fortress Britain" campaign upon the British public our unelected Prime Minister is not only doing the terrorist’s job for them, by insisting on this kind of passive action against the agents of Islam in the UK, he is encouraging them in the Islamicist’s aim, which is to take control of the UK and make it an Islamic state.

As for this “There is also to be a huge "hearts and minds" drive aimed at diverting young Muslims away from the influence of fanatics”

Gordon Brown and his asylum of fools, clearly do not understand the Muslim psyche Muslims are Muslims first and foremost they have little on no sence of statehood and take their lead from the leaders of their Mosque NOT leaders of a political system they neither recognise or want any part of.

The mosques of the UK will be happy places tonight, the preachers of hate and their followers have just received another welcome shot in the arm courtesy of our unelected Prime Minister and his inept cabinet.

Remember the whole purpose of terrorism, is to disrupt daily life to the point where it is easier to concede to the demands of those dictating terms, than to continue fighting against it,

it would seem Islam is winning the battle for Britan……..

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

"thou shalt not get found out"

The 11th commandment, and the directors of "Southern Water" seem to have be caught breaking it, now there's a supprise!!!!!!

LONDON (Reuters) - Ofwat plans to fine the new owners of Southern Water 20 million pounds after the water company deliberately misreported information more than two years ago.

"The magnitude of this fine reflects the magnitude of the offence -- deliberately misleading the regulator," said Ofwat Chief Executive Regina Finn.

"Southern Water's shareholders will bear the entire cost of this fine," she added. "It will not be passed on to its customers." (Sure they wont, should we belive a company that illegaly hyped up it's prices to play fair on this judgment!!!!!)

A group of infrastructure funds led by JPMorgan Chase & Co last month agreed to buy Southern Water from Royal Bank of Scotland for about 1.3 billion pounds.

JPMorgan partnered with Australia's Challenger Infrastructure Fund and other funds to buy the company, which provides water to more than 2 million people in southern England.

"The company benefited directly from this misreporting at the last two price reviews, meaning Southern was able to increase its prices by more than it should have done," said Finn. "Customers received higher than necessary bills because of the company's deception."

Southern Water admitted the offence and said customers who had been affected had been reimbursed.

(Reporting by Pete Harrison; Editing by Rory Channing)

Of course they have evidence of a planned attack so..........

Six years!!!!! after the rest of of the western world got a wakeup call that the west is under a serious threat from Islam in the form of the criminal attacks upon the world trade centre in New York USA.

The UK's unelected Prime Minister, has warned that terrorists could attack the UK “anywhere and from any place”, as he prepares to unveil the results of two major security reviews today.

He even now accepts, what WE have known for over thirty years, that we are at threat from certain communities in the UK.

“It is a battle we will have to fight street by street, community by community and year by year. But standing together, resolute and calm, we can win it.” ("resolute and calm" Absolute bollocks, apeasment achieved nothing in the 1930's, and will have the same effect now, we need to cut this cancer out of the UK, it is foreign to this nation, we do not want it,indeed we never did want it get rid of it)

Home Office minister Admiral Lord West has completed an inquiry into security at crowded locations across Britain. He is expected to ask sports grounds, shopping centres, cinemas, theatres and other “at risk” venues to improve security, including employing specially-trained door staff.

Of course anyone other than a politician will see the following flaws in this piece of pointless posturing:

A: Most security is contracted out to private firms, who pay the lowest wage they can legally get away with, (whilst charging the tax payer top dollar of course)

B: The people most likely to accept low paid work are the least likely to have a good traceable record (many are immigrants) and many of these are likely to be sympathetic to those wishing to kill us.

C: This is nothing more than politicians covering their own arses,they clearly have has warning of an iminenet threat, but havent got the backbone to upset the UK Muslim community at present, so they go through this bizarre we are looking after you routine!!! so when we do get blown up enmass they can say we did everything we could be expected to do in the circumstances, (In factpoliticians will do almost anything, rather than actually getting to grips with the problem at source . So where is the source of our threat? Dare we suggest the preachers of hatered, who all seem to be safely ensconsed within the Mosques and Muslim communities of the UK.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

God had his tongue cut off in the Bible

Once again the dangers of the extreme christian beleifs being imported to the UK via Africa are tragicaly exposed.
This pair of freaks need executing, But we want to know how come it went unnoticed by teachers, yet was spotted by a 13 yr old boy? could it be Teachers are scared of being branded racist's?

A father of two boys put safety pins through their tongues and lips and slit their mouths with scalpel blades, a court has heard.

The Nigerian-born man, who cannot be named to protect the identities of his children, would also put clothes pegs on their lips and tongues.

On one occasion he is alleged to have pressed a child's tongue with pliers until it bled and swelled, Bradford Crown Court was told.

He would stitch up the wounds with a medical kit and is said to have told the boys he inflicted the injuries because God had his tongue cut off in the Bible.

Caroline Wigin, prosecuting, said the boys' mother would watch, or turn a blind eye, as their father carried out the abuse at their home in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

The siblings' injuries were discovered in February 2005 when a friend of the older boy - now aged 13 but who was about nine at the time - spotted his bruises during a PE lesson.

Miss Wigin said the boy then admitted his father beat him five to six times a week.

The younger brother, now 11 but aged between seven and eight at the time, told the school his father had cut his fingers by swinging a pole at him the day before.

The father is charged with unlawful wounding and cruelty between September 2003 and February 2005.

The mother is accused of cruelty during the same period. Both deny the charges.

Home Secretary a liar?

Well we could see it all along, the hapless bint, fat Gordon (our unelected Prime minister) foisted upon us as Home Secretary, appears to be as dishonest as she is hopeless.

Lets look at the facts:

Illegal immigrants are caught yet not deported; instead they are given jobs in sensitive areas with one of them was guarding the Prime Minister's car. Six were working for the Metropolitan Police. Others were employed at airports, ports and government buildings

The Government admits it does not actually know how many immigrants we have in the UK

The Home Secretary actually knew about 5,000 illegal immigrants working in Whitehall back in July but only now she has bee embarrassed by leaked emails revealing fears of negative media coverage, has she had acted to sort out the problem.

Ms Smith said the Home Office was taking "robust action" but appeared to blame employers for the scale of the problem.

"Employers are expected to assure themselves that their employees have permission to work in the UK," she said. "That is what the law requires of them."

What do the employers have to say about it, The Security Industry Authority admitted checking if applicants for jobs had a criminal record, but not if they were in the country illegally.

Mr Davis, who has already seen off three Home Secretaries - David Blunkett, Charles Clarke and John Reid, said Gordon Brown had promised to be more open and honest about problems when he became Prime Minister.

"Faced with one of your first tests, why weren't you frank and candid about 5,000 illegal workers licensed to work in sensitive security posts in this country?" he demanded.

"You've admitted you were first told in July but instructed officials that the matter was not ready for public announcement.

"The response of the Home Office so far has been blunder, panic and cover-up."

As we have unfortunately had to say on several occasions in the past “ we would just love to see her try and park a car” Nice one Gordon no wonder you didn’t want a real election…