Friday, 29 February 2008

Stopped in his tracks by a frog

What a complete WAZZOCK, fair play to the Frogs at least THEY can spot a freeloader when they see one.

Which is exactly what this clown and his cronies are. The twat wanted a free trip to India and figured this would be the best way to get it,

How stupid did he think we all are? Well at least the Frog's saw right through him

mark boyle
Courtesy The Daily Telegraph

Man who aimed to walk to India forced to quit

By Sarah Marcus
Last Updated: 12:44pm GMT 29/02/2008

A British man who aimed to walk from Bristol to Gandhi's birthplace in Porbander, India without spending any money has been forced to give up at Calais.

Mark Boyle, 28, who began his trip with only t-shirt, sandals and a bandage four weeks ago, hoped that strangers along the way would provide him with food and places to stay.

He is a member of the Freeconomy movement, which believes in a " moneyless society in which no money changes and there is no duality between giving and receiving", and would like to see money disappear altogether.

After reaching Calais Mr Boyle made the decision to quit his trip because as he could not speak French, people thought he was an asylum seeker or a freeloader and would not give him food or board.

The 28-year-old kept an online diary of his adventure, where in one of his final entries he wrote: "…they had also seen us as just a bunch of freeloading backpackers, which is the complete opposite of what the pilgrimage is about".

In his online diary Boyle said that he received two free dinners at Glastonbury

Mr Boyle, who was joined at Dover by two companions, apologised to his supporters and said that he was unable to find words to express his disappointment at having to quit.

But he also revealed that his dream is still alive. He now plans to learn French while walking round the British coast in preparation for a renewed assault on his passage to India next year.
mark boyle
He has vowed to attempt the epic walk again

He said: "Whilst walking in the UK, I intend to learn French and to hit the continent again as soon as we feel we are ready."

Why do all these silly cunts want to go to India?

Do they think they will be tolerated doing nothing and living on what they get given there? (Maybe if you are a recognised Indian holy man,but a lazy tosser who has given himself a trendy Gaelic name not on your nelly mate)

Well mate we have news for you, more people starve to death on the streets of India every day than anywhere else in the world, and the Indian trders LOVE CASH so what would the Freeconomy movement have in common with Indian society? Answer FUCK ALL

Unlimited Mobile Internet ? not while you have a hole to s**t out of.

PC Pro: a normally sensible web site has apparently started to be "leaned on" by the Mobile Network Providers, nothing else would allow them to print this, without a demand for misleading claims by the network providers to be stopped.

In recent months there have been several cases of people running up extremely large bills by using mobile phone data packages as mobile broadband connections.

In January a Vodafone customer was served with a bill for £27,000, after having downloaded "20 or 30" television shows over his mobile data package, believing that it included unlimited data.

"The thing with any broadband is that you really need to read the terms and conditions and know what you're signing up for. It's just a case of knowing what you're going to be using," explains Mcardle.

WRONG Mcardel! why should we have to check the very very small print mobile networks love so much, to see if they are going to rip us off? That is total bollocks.

What NEEDS to happen is for the advertising standards authority to stamp on the mobile networks and STOP THEM from making deliberately misleading statements such as "Unlimited Mobile Internet" Its like advertising"Alcohol Free Beer" you later discover the beer contains 1.5% Alcohol

But when you check you find the company has "small print" stating *note "alcohol free" refers to products containing less than 2% alcohol, its gobbledegook!! you and I would never get away with it.

Yet the powerful mobile networks seem to be governed by a completely different set of rules to the rest of UK business.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Blind Faith

Some Christians claim there is a lack of "missing link" fossils, halfway between two major groups of creatures.They say this proves Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is a fallacy and that God created each living species from nothing!

These will be the same people who sit on beaches telling the sea to go back, and admire the Kings new clothes!
You are fucking barking the lot of you!

Look out Gree Dee Pig, the Police want a word

Better late than never I suppose

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has demanded to know why the case of disgraced MP Derek Conway has not been referred to Scotland Yard.

We the tax payer would be delighted to know why too!

Islam the religion of Peace shows it true colours yet again

We at the Smugboard would love to know exactly why Muslims seem to love violence so much?

Seven teenagers have been convicted of brutally battering a schoolboy almost to death with a claw hammer.

Henry Webster, 16, from Wiltshire, was left fighting for life after being hit in scenes compared by the prosecution to a "Quentin Tarantino film"

Four teenagers - Wasif Khan, 18, Amjad Qazi, 19, and two boys, 15 and 16, were found guilty of carrying out the attack by a jury on 14 February.

Previously reporting restrictions were on the trial were imposed by the judge.

Nazrul Amin, 19, and two other youngsters aged 15 and 16 admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm before proceedings began at Bristol Crown Court.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Anyone want to be the first..........

to guess, exactly who this is likely to "Outrage" post your guess as a comment!

Compulsory sex education lessons could be introduced in primary schools, the schools minister said yesterday.

Jim Knight confirmed that the Government was reviewing its rules on the age at which children were given sex and relationship education - as well as the content of classes.

You cant polish a turd

Levi Bellfield a gypsy traveller father of 11! has shown himself to be a bullying vicious arrogant waste of skin.

He constantly winked at the parents of one of the victims finally telling them to "Fuck of you Fucking Parasites" when the jury was out, he then refused to attend his sentencing hearing as he felt he was getting "bad press" The bastard should have been dragged back there by his bollocks.

Bellfield is exactly the kind of freak of nature the death penalty was designed for, he can never be reformed, he will never show any remorse, he will never cooperate with the police on the other crimes he is suspected of committing.

So why waste our time and money keeping this turd breathing? lets kill him and flush him away and make our air that bit sweeter to breath.

Stand by for Blasting!

This is a good idea BUT the militant fundamentalist Muslims in the UK will not like this at all, I almost feel a bombing in the offing !!!!!!

Muslim leaders write 'harmony' letter to Jews
By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent
Last Updated: 7:39am GMT 26/02/2008

An international group of Muslim leaders have sent a letter to the world's Jewish community appealing for better relationships between the faiths.

The unprecedented letter, which is being seen as a significant gesture of reconciliation, said: "Many Jews and Muslims today stand apart from each other due to feelings of anger, which in some parts of the world, translate into violence.

"It is our contention that we are faced today not with 'a clash of civilizations' but with 'a clash of ill-informed misunderstandings'."


Signatories of the letter include Professor Akbar Ahmed, a former High Commissioner of Pakistan to Great Britain, who also signed a similar statement earlier this year from Muslim scholars to Christian leaders around the world.

The new letter said: "Deep-seated stereotypes and prejudices have resulted in a distancing of the communities and even a dehumanizing of the 'Other'. We urgently need to address this situation. We must strive towards turning ignorance into knowledge, intolerance into understanding, and pain into courage and sensitivity for the 'Other'."

It added: "There is more in common between our religions and peoples than is known to each of us. It is precisely due to the urgent need to address such political problems as well as acknowledge our shared values that the establishment of an inter-religious dialogue between Jews and Muslims in our time is extremely important.

"Failure to do so will be a missed opportunity. Memories of positive historical encounters will dim and the current problems will lead to an increasing rift and more common misunderstandings between us."

One signatory, Sheikh Michael Mumisa, a Cambridge University lecturer, said the letter was the first in modern times sent to the Jewish community with the backing of scholars and Muslim leaders.

"The message in this letter conveys to the Jewish community a genuine desire for mutual respect, for dialogue and deeper understanding," he said.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Comming to a council estate near you soon

Circus Labours newest supporters, Like em? you should, your going to be paying for them!

Stud Pavel proudly shows off the 63 children he and his 4 sisters have brought into the world together.

I cannot wait to get to England and claim my free houses and TV's he said, the EU is great "I love it" Do English boys fuck their sisters too? he asked.

He is begining to belive his own bullshit

Gordon Brown has backed Michael Martin, the Speaker of the Commons, who is under pressure over his use of expenses, describing him as “a very, very good Speaker."

That ............... dear Gordon is what all politicians are............... good speakers, and nothing much else yourself included.

Never have so few people, with so little talent, been awarded so much praise.

For fucks sake, Its Oscars time again, and if you’re some poor attention-seeking overpaid actor living in luxury in the Hollywood hills, your life just isn’t complete without a stupid little statue and a chance to spout crap come speech-time.

Paltro's Greatest Performance to date?

So give them a round of applause and pity those poor sods who didn’t get a prize but did get a multi-million dollar pay-check for doing two weeks work last year.

Enjoy the Smugboards photo coverage

Some Hollywood wankers enjoy the backstage excitement

An Oscar

Someone bought a snowman as a guest


Finally Hollywood's Real Money Men make their grand entrance

Scandal Over Speaker 'Is A Witch-Hunt'

Well we would say a Greedeey's Bitch Hunt!!!!!

The speaker of the house of commons has been found out in as much as his wife spent £4,000.00 of the tax payers money on taxi fares to go….. shopping!!!

So even at a generous £40 per trip, that equates to 100 tax payer funded shopping trips that’s twice a week for a year!!!

Last week it was revealed the Speaker had used air miles earned on official business to pay for flights for family members.

Old "GreeDee Pig" is on a sticky wicket

Muslims take down YouTube

Apparently YouTube is offensive to Muslims (Perhaps somebody could tell us exactly what isn’t offensive to Muslims? Simply not being a Muslim seems to offend them)

Most normal westerners will find the sight of a Female suicide bomber revelling in her final moments before committing mass murder in the name of Islam pretty offensive. but apparently there are no calls in any Islamic state to ban those sites that glorify mass murder!!!!

So what does Pakistan (the nation home to more Muslim terrorists than any other part of the world, that is apart from the Islamic republic of Englandistan of course) do? It shuts YouTube down globally!

Well there’s a good example of Muslim tolerance for you and a taste of what we can expect in the UK in the coming years.

Oi Muj, PISS OFF we like what what’s on You Tube leave it alone

We say once again:

All Muslims are welcome in the UK providing you work, are prepared to serve in our armed forces, swear an oath forgoing all other allegiances to anyone or anything bar British Crown and follow our way of life without constant complaint as to the lot of other Muslims around the globe.

The UK is a true democracy, if this is not too your liking try moving to an Islamic paradise like say Pakistan or Saudi Arabia but don’t come running back when you find out the truth about hard line Islamic society’s they will NOT tolerate your constant carping about the way you are treated! and they don’t pay out much in benefits!