Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Circus Labour Shit on our finest allies, Yet make plane hijackers welcome

Gordon Brown our unelected Scotts prime minister and every one of his criminal cronies in the Place of Westminster should resign NOW.
How can they allow Afghans for who hijacked a plane to get to the UK to remain.

yet we send home those who have contributed to our freedom it is an utter disgrace.

Retired Gurkhas Hand Back Medals

Updated:11:01, Wednesday March 19, 2008
Dozens of Gurkha soldiers are handing back their medals as part of a campaign for justice and fair treatment.
Symbolic gesture in pensions dispute

Organisers say those involved feel they have no other choice but to take the action.

Retired Gurkha Major Dhanbar Ghale said that the men were only asking to be treated fairly.

"Many face been thrown out of the country they fought for - is that really fair?"

Gurkhas - soldiers from Nepal - have been part of the British Army for almost 200 years.

Currently only those that retired after 1997 have the right to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the country.

This means many who have served more than 25 years in the British Army and seen active combat do not have the right to settle in the UK.

Pension rights for years of service before 1997 are also dramatically lower than for service after that time.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg spoke at the protest in Parliament Square ahead of Prime Minister's Questions when he will raise the issue.

He told Sky News: "The treatment of these brave men is a national disgrace, and the government should be ashamed."

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

At last some progress

At last we are making some progress in the WAR on the: feckless, slack jawed, leg dragging, mouth breathing, patois grunting, hoodie wearing, dole spending, Cider drinking, puff smoking , dragon chasing, violent, mongrel youth of the UK

Well done the judge who dealt with this disgusting little slag, we would have preferred a life sentance but we cant have it all.

A 15-YEAR-OLD girl who used a mobile phone to film a man being beaten to death in a “cruel and revolting” attack was locked up today in what is believed to be the first case of its kind.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, sobbed (oh those big bull Dykes will love her little sweet meat) as she was sentenced to a two-year detention and training order at Leeds Crown Court for her part in the manslaughter of Gavin Waterhouse in September last year.

Judge James Stewart QC said the courts had to make an example of youths like her in order to try to make changes in society.

The girl pleaded guilty to manslaughter as an aider and abettor at a hearing last month after admitting she had filmed two teenage youths kicking and punching Mr Waterhouse in an unprovoked attack behind a supermarket in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the conviction was thought to be the first of its kind in England and Wales.

A spokeswoman said at the time: “As far as I am aware, this is the first time a suspect in England and Wales has been successfully prosecuted for aiding and abetting murder or manslaughter, for the filming of an inaptly called ‘happy slapping’ incident.”

Sentencing the girl, Judge Stewart said: “I’ve received a most moving letter from your mother about the way you were brought up and the short-comings of modern society.

“But it is only by making an example of youths like you that the court can do its best to try and change things.”

Mr Waterhouse, 29, was attacked by Mark Masters, 19, of Parkwood Rise, Keighley, and Sean Thompson, 17, of Parkside Terrace, Cullingworth, Bradford, who both pleaded guilty to manslaughter at an earlier hearing.

Another grateful Somali refugee NOT!!

When will the UK learn Somalis are NOTHING but trouble?

Yet another SOMALIAN refugee was given six life sentences yesterday for repeatedly beating and raping a barmaid.

Hassan Abdi, 22, kept her prisoner for two and a half hours, warning her: “If you tell, I am going to come for you.”

Inner London Crown Court heard Abdi has previous convictions for indecent assault and one of robbery but was allowed to stay in Britain. He was finally recommended for deportation after a judge told him: “It is as bad a case of rape as can be imagined.”

His victim, 24, was returning home from work when Abdi pounced in Walworth, southeast London, late on January 8.
He took her at knifepoint to a nearby building and raped her several times.

Thomas Wilkins, prosecuting, said she had gone from “outgoing and confident” to somebody who suffers panic attacks.

Kick them all out, they are a fucking nuisance every single one of them, and they breed like flies.

Where there's Macca theres a Brass!!

Heather in Happier Days!!!!!

Heather Mills was a well paid hooker who participated in orgies and had gay and straight sex, according to sworn statements from two people who worked with her and revealed information verified by Britain’s News of the World. Mills didn’t just sell her body once or twice to pay the electric bill - she worked as a prostitute for years:
In an investigation spanning Europe and the Middle East we have tracked down the former high-class hooker who partnered her for an orgy in London’s Dorchester Hotel—and later became convinced that Heather’s bisexual games weren’t just an act for her kinky clients.

In sworn affidavits we have evidence from the private secretary who paid Heather for pleasuring his billionaire master.

And we have testimony from Denise Hewitt, the ex-wife of the heir to the Berkeley Homes empire, that she joined Heather for lesbian games and group sex when they were both London prostitutes.

We can identify the madam who booked many of Heather’s rich and famous clients for a 20 per cent fee.

And we reveal that Heather’s vice trade wasn’t simply a moment of madness in her life. It went on for years.

Her secret sex games with international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi took place in Spain’s Marbella and at the Lanesborough, Hilton, Dorchester and Grosvenor House hotels in London’s Mayfair.

She was paid amounts totalling £2,000 in sterling plus another 8,000 US dollars—currently about £4,400. But this was just a fraction of a secret fortune she amassed.

Heather earned a further £1,000 for a foursome with two other escort girls and an Arab prince at the Dorchester on London’s Park Lane.

A former escort girl named Petrina Montrose, who joined Heather for the Dorchester hotel orgy, told the News of the World: “Heather was a familiar face in our business.

“I worked with her when we were both hired for a party thrown by an Arab prince at the Dorchester.”

The 37-year-old, who now lives in Essex, said that she and Heather had been booked by a girl named Ros Ashley who also modelled swimwear under the single professional name ‘Ashley’.

Petrina continued: “It was a really lavish affair. There was a buffet of Lebanese food and Ashley was already there with a group of about six working girls, including Heather.

“The prince was tall and greasy and I wanted to leave but I knew that to get my money I’d have to have sex with anyone in the room who picked me. Still, Heather was bubbling over with enthusiasm.

“All the girls separated and, after a while, a blonde girl opened the prince’s bedroom door and beckoned me in. The prince was lying naked on the bed with his legs apart.

“The blonde girl lay on the bed between his legs, then I saw that Heather was already in there too. She was naked on the bed, kneeling next to the prince’s midriff. I took off my clothes and joined everyone on the bed. I knelt facing Heather and we performed oral sex on the prince. Then all four of us played together on the bed before the blonde girl who called me in had full sex with him.

“When we’d finished, Heather made no attempt to put her clothes on. Instead she started parading naked around the room, trying to impress the prince even more. At the end, Ashley paid us £1,000 each.”

Heather’s sex trade is also detailed by Abdul Khoury, who was Adnan Khashoggi’s private secretary from 1977 until last year.

Mr Khoury, who now lives in the Lebanon, has a great memory for detail. In precise language he told us: “I was responsible for organising all Mr Khashoggi’s arrangements, including meetings, travel and his social diary.

“One of my duties was to look after Mr Khashoggi’s guests, which would include looking after vice girls who were invited to see him. One was Heather Mills, who I know had sex with him on a number of occasions in return for money.…

“Sometimes Mr Khashoggi would make comments to me about the girls he paid to have sex with him.

“In Heather’s case I remember his remark that she had soft skin. And she was very athletic in bed. Mr Khashoggi was always very pleased with Heather’s performance.”

But Joanna wasn’t. It later became clear to those in Khashoggi’s circle of women that when all three of them were in the bedroom Heather had ‘tried it on’ with Joanna and suggested lesbian sex—and that it was much more than a performance for the arms dealer’s benefit.

Petrina Montrose recalled: “I was told that Heather has come on to a girl in a threesome and that the girl was upset. It’s completely out of order for one prostitute to make a lesbian approach to another unless it’s been discussed beforehand.

“But Heather seemed as interested in the sexual side of things—even lesbian sex—as well making money.”

Typical Gypsy Liar, Good on The Indians

The India authorities should be congratulated for considering banning the feckless waster Fiona McKennon from their country.

They at least, realise this poisonous liar contributes little of use or value to anyone.

Unfortunately we do not see the UK authorities having the courage to deal with this feckless wastrel masquerading as a parent. she should be locked up upon her return and have they key thrown away!!

Fiona MacKeown - who is currently living at her home in Goa - has accused state officials, police and drug lords of being involved in a cover-up over her daughter's death.

"We are writing to the home and external affairs ministry to not issue her a visa again to come to India. Her entry into India should be banned," Goa home minister Ravi Naik said.

"We will request the federal government to make sure that she (MacKeown) does not get entry to India again."

MacKeown has always claimed she left her daughter in the care of responsible people and denied negligence WOT A WHOPPER!"!!!!!!

Miss MacKeown has always denied negligence in leaving her 15-year-old daughter to fend for herself with people she hardly knew and without money or a mobile phone.
he has always maintained that her daughter had been left in the care of Mr Lobo, a 25-year-old tour guide and his aunt at their home in Siolim, while she travelled in neighbouring states with her boyfriend and six other children.
"On one of Scarlett's trips from Anjuna to visit the family, she let slip something about a room key," Miss MacKeown said. "I said, 'What do you mean, room key?' She said she'd had a row with Julio's aunt, and had to move to a guest house."

She accused the Indian police of trying to portray her delightful daughter as druggie tart. Well it seems they were right her diary shows that's exactly what she was!

Despite her mother Fiona MacKeown's claims that Scarlett never took drugs, the diary shows that at a farewell party in Devon the girl, who signs herself ''Scaz", was "drunk, stoned and was trippin' on mushies" (hallucinogenic 'magic' mushrooms).

In an entry one week before Scarlett and her family left England to go to India, last November, she wrote:

"Went to see a mates a last time and then I'm off to India for six months. I'm getting excited. I went to a party last night, got drunk, stoned and was trippin on mushies.

After the rest of her family abandoned her leave to tour other parts of India, Scarlett appears to be embracing the wilder side of Goa:

"At the full moon party I met this guy, Julio. I was pretty messed up, like I had taken a pill and drunk a lot of vodka. I don't remember that much but it took like two weeks b4 me and Julio were hangin out regularly."

By her penultimate entry Scarlett seems distressed and says she wants to go home:

"I think [Julio] is just using me, he says he loves me but I don't think so. He treats me like I'm only with him 4 his money or sex. I want to go home, but I'm stuk"