Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Why Pakistan must be banned from cricket.

Pakistan is a country full of violence and state funded terror training camps.

They provide a safe haven to people who actively encourage the radicalisation and recruitment of Muslims in the UK to fight AGAINST the UK!

Had this attack, (which carry's all the traditional hallmarks of Islam Cowardly and Random) been made in connection with an England football match we would have received a ban that would have run into decades!

Here are a few facts: Pakistan trained almost ALL the Taliban currently fighting our brave troops in Afghanistan in camps located in the north of Pakistan where the Pakistan government no matter what they say have absolutly NO control over the population only the Islamic ,

Pakistan ensured their religious brainwashing was supervised by extremist Wahhabi Mhullas specifically imported from Saudia Arabia as they are so anti western militant and extreme!

So exactly how, the Pakistani government can stand up and say we are doing all we can to prevent Islamic terrorism is of course nonsense!

Pakistan need banning for 20 years that might just make them think about joining the rest of the human race

BUT because its the Pakis all we hear is "we must support them" and "We should hold their test matches in the UK" This is WRONG allowing Pakistan to come to the UK now will allow free access to yet more Muslims who's only wish is to form up with those evil bastards already here to do us more harm.

We do not need or want Pakistanis in the UK they do NOT aspire to raise themselves to our level, they merely want to drag us down to their levels of hygiene behaviour and religion.

Trailor Trash Cinema AGAIN!

The film industry really are getting on out tits.
Not only do they feel the need to give out awards to people who do nothing else but play for a living!

We refer of course to their latest pile of dog shit "Bronson"
What on earth is the point of this tawdry tale? this man is NOT unfairly incarcerated, he is NO role model and he is not being treated unfairly,he is NOT a victim, so why this tawdry film? the answer? MONEY!

They know there is a shuffling grunting sub class here and in the USA country that will queue up to hand over their social payments to watch this kind of exploitative crap.

But instead of drawing a line in the sand ad saying "NO you cannot show this film" "sorry you have done your money perhaps you will think twice about your subject matter next time" our weak censors simply bow to the money men again.

Here are the FACTS about Charles Bronson (Not even his correct name!)

Bronson was initially jailed for seven years in 1974 for a bungled armed robbery, aged 21, during which he stole a mere £26.18. Contrary to popular belief, Bronson has never actually committed murder.

Bronson's sentence has been repeatedly extended for crimes committed within prison, which include wounding with intent, wounding, criminal damage, grievous bodily harm, false imprisonment, blackmail, and threatening to kill.

He has served 30 years of his 34 years in prison in solitary confinement due to a number of hostage situations, rooftop protests, repeated attacks on prison staff and on other inmates. His dangerous behaviour has meant that he has spent time in over 120 different prisons, including the infamous Broadmoor.

In 2000, Bronson received a discretionary life sentence (with a three year tariff) for a hostage-taking incident. His appeal against this sentence was denied in 2004.

Bronson was released on 30 October 1988 and spent 68 days as a free man, and then released again on 9 November 1992 and spent 53 days as a free man. He did, however, end up back behind bars before long on both occasions (first time he was arrested for robbery, the second time for conspiracy to rob.) Bronson has spent a total of only four months and nine days out of custody since 1974. Almost all of that time has been spent in solitary confinement.

In 1999 a special prison unit was set up for Bronson and two other violent prisoners from Woodhill (HM Prison), to reduce the risk they posed to staff and other prisoners.

He has not been allowed to mix with other prisoners since 1999.

Its all his own fault! don't waste your money watching this bollocks

Monday, 2 March 2009

Yet again the smug board is proved to be 100% CORRECT

This is that foul old stinker is Fiona MacKeown puffing on a hash or Crack pipe whilst on a tax payer funded holiday in the what she called the "Pikeys Paradise"

recent facts have come to light proving that our view on the whole matter was correct! (No Surprise to us!)

She DID abandon her daughter to a known drug dealer and NOT to a caring family group as she claimed!

She DID know Scarlett was heavily involved in the drug scene and was actively taking and dealing drugs

She DID stop people who were concerned for her childs welfare from intervening in her demise!

We hope this disgusting creature has to face some stiff questioning and a decent period in prison SOON.

Yet more African problems caused by.........................

AFRICANS who else!

This particular charmer is
president of Guinea-Bissau, Joao Bernardo Vieira who after "allegedly" having the army chief of staff General Tagme Na Waie assassinated by bomb. has now in turn been killed by those Tribesmen supporting Na Waie in the military.

All these third world shit holes operate with the same laughable tribal mud hut mentality they have for a thousand years!
Yet the WOGS always blame us Europeans for their problems!

Guinea-Bissau, is a shit hole thats entire economy is run by DRUGS.
In fact the only position any so called leader in this desolate crap hole is
ever going to achieve is that of No1 Drug Lord.

Anyway feel free to read the santised version below.

Gunfire and the sound of heavy weapons were heard echoing around the presidential palace and across the West African country's riverside capital early on Monday.

Guinea-Bissau, a former Portuguese colony, is a key conduit for South American cocaine smuggled into Britain and further political chaos after years of coups could allow an even greater surge in drugs shipments to Europe.

Guards said the president, a former military ruler who returned to power after elections in 2005, had been shot dead and that his body was lying in his quarters at the palace.

Diplomats and government officials in Bissau, the capital, could not immediately be reached for comment.

A military spokesman said the raid was carried out by soldiers loyal to General Tagme Na Waie, the army chief of staff and a long-time opponent of Mr Vieira, who was killed in a bomb at his headquarters late on Sunday.

"President Vieira was killed by the army as he tried to flee his house which was being attacked by a group of soldiers close to the chief of staff Tagme Na Waie, early this morning," said spokesman Zamora Induta.

Guinea Bissau, a tiny, poor nation of 1.6 million people on the West Africa's Atlantic Ocean coast, has been riven by years of coups and civil war.

With few functioning security structures and an easily corruptible civil service and police force, it has recently become a key conduit for South American cocaine being smuggled to Europe.

Regional analysts refer to it as a 'virtual narcostate'.

Mr Vieira, 69, had been president on and off for nearly 23 years. He was returned to power in 2005 elections, six years after the end of a civil war that had driven him from office. Gen Tagme served in the military junta which overthrew Mr Vieira in the 1990s.

Tensions between the military and the presidency have been simmering since Mr Vieira hired a 400-strong personal bodyguard to protect him after a rocket-propelled grenade attack on his residence in November last year.

This drove a wedge between him and the powerful military, who demanded that they were responsible for internal security.

"The country will start up now. This man had blocked any momentum in this small country," Mr Induta said, referring to Mr Vieira.

But the head of the West African regional economic grouping, Ecowas, said Mr Vieira's death was 'very serious'.

"It's not only the assassination of a president or a chief of staff, it's the assassination of democracy," said Mohamed Ibn Chambas of the Economic Community of West African States. (Dont make us laugh this bloke is a Muslim! and we know how big on democracy they are! Just show us ONE just ONE African democracy? the fact is Africans are not yet well enough developed to be allowed to work with the developed nations)